How Much Would You Pay for Jeans?

10/04/2006 at 09:00 PM ET

In the new issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch (The Ultimate Jeans Guide, on newstands now) you’ll find denim options for every style and budget, from $30 Old Navy flares to $850 limited-edition, handmade ones from Stitch’s. And what do you get for your money? The magazine breaks it down by fabric, wash, details, even the labor involved in making them. For the record, $850 buys you jeans that are handwashed in antique barrels, spun from exclusive Japanese fibers, and have buttons with black pearl centers (and they better make your butt look good.) If you found the perfect pair of jeans, how much would you pay for them? How much do you usually spend on a pair of jeans?

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For the $850 Stitch’s Jeans, click here for

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Erica on

I pay around 29 dollars for my perfect pair at NY and Company. The weststide bootcut. Fits my butt and no gaps. Perfect for latinas and any girl with actual curves!

Sam on

I spend around 200 bucks on true religions, seven for all mankinds, and citizens for humanity. However, I don’t buy a ton of pairs and I keep it simple. I also buy cheap jeans in bulk at gap or the limited!

Kate on

I think as long as you feel great in your jeans, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you pay for them! Not all inexpensive jeans are bad, and not all expensive jeans are good – that’s the beauty of it all, there’s something for everyone!

Personally for me, since the style of jeans changes almost every other season, I’d rather shell out less for more pairs of jeans and change up the styles a bit, rather than dump $850 all on one pair which may as well be unstylish in a couple of months.

jb on

I definitely would not spend more than $60 on a pair of jeans. The $850 pair don’t even look that exceptional.

coco on

in my case, my most expensive jeans costed me 60.00,, they fit pretty nice and they’re three years old, they are starting to fade and i would have to get rid of them soon, sob-sob!!
but iwill never pay 850 for apair of jeans, with that i can pay my car for two months

Tara on

I’m somewhere between the first two. $850 is kind of insane; maybe if I was a movie star! I love getting $30 jeans if they’re nice, but I’d spend a little more, too.

hart braka on

well, i only wear 7 jeans! they cost about any where from $162 – $ 200

i think they have compfortable fit!

Kerri on

I pay around $150 for my jeans. I love Joe’s Jeans because I have an athletic build and they fit great in the hips and the butt. Personally, I think it is worth spending a little more for jeans that you feel confident in.

shopdiary on

i’ve averaged $160+ on designer jeans. luckily we have sample sales here in l.a. and i’ve gotten good deals from them. i’ve also found paige, seven for all mankind and true religion in nordstrom rack for $70-90. so i like my designer jeans but i like them even more if i can get them at a fraction of retail.

Ashley on

I wear jeans a lot! Its like the main part of my wardrobe. I can dress it up one night when I go out or tone it down if I’m hanging around the house. I have my expensive jeans and then I have my care free jeans. I will spend whatever the price if I try on the perfect pair of jeans to fit me!

Niko on

I wear jeans every single day and I think it is mad insanity to pay a lot for them. When I am out with my friends, we all look good regardless of jean cost. My favorite jeans right now were purchased on the American Eagle Outfitters website for $19.50. I’d much rather make a contribution to animal shelters and food banks than donate $200.00 to jeans that look like what I already have in my closet.

Christine on

I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for jeans… my favourite pair cost me about $45, and they’ve lasted for three years and still look good. I just don’t see what the big deal is about super-expensive jeans…



Laurie R on

coco, why would have to get rid of your jeans? i have jeans that are several years old and i bet yours will still look great in 5 years! people pay a lot for that lived in look and if they get some holes in them, even better. look at the ones kate hudson has been wearing lately. i bet yours can look that great and you LIVED the wear and tear on them!

jen on

well fitting jeans are hard to come by for me, so if they fit great, they’re mine. the most i’ve paid is $300 for a pair of seven for all mankind. then $200 for true religion. i’ve found that the more they cost, the better they fit!

sparkle on

Jeans are my absolute favorite article of clothing! I don’t really think there is a limit to what I would spend to get a great pair. Besides, they last forever, you can wear them everyday, to anywhere and they are a real eye-catcher, especially my favorite 7 Jeans, and the Victoria Beckham Jeans by Rock & Republic.

Brittany Sierer on

I pay between $40-$60 on Silver Brand Jeans – I love these jeans because they offer a waist size and a length. I don’t have to walk around with high-waters just so they fit me in the waist!

Megan on

i wear lucky jeans pretty religiously… they are usually around $108 depending on the style… they fit great and best of all, they come in LENGTHS!

steph on

I have paid up to $200 for jeans. The more expensive they are the better the fit. This doesn’t mean I won’t by a $20 pair of jeans though. If they fit, and look nice, I buy them. I own 50 pairs of jeans b/c I do have an obsession. My favorite hands down are seven for all mankind. True religion, citizens and rock and republic come in at a close second.

Avery on

I used to be the queen of cheap jeans but never found any that fit right, until 2 years ago when I discovered “7 for All Mankind” – love them!! I think the most I have spent is about $180 – I typically find them on sale though. I am obsessed with them – love, love, love those jeans!

Serena on

I love Seven for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, but I outright refuse to spend upwards of $175 for a single pair of jeans. So I’ve found a number of discount sites online, not to mention Ebay, and I’ve never paid more than $90 for a brand new pair.

J. on

For regular everyday jeans, I have a hard time spending over $30. Although I have spent up to $50. I don’t think I would feel comfortable paying more than that. I would spend $850 on a pair of jeans if 1) I had that much money to spare, 2) I had a famous designer make them just for me, so they fit just right and I looked absolutely fabulous in them and 3) they were guaranteed to last FOREVER!!!

Renae on

29.50….If I was rich and famous, I guess 200+ would’nt be so bad but are jeans really worth that much?

Serika on

I normally get my jeans from Old Navy or Target. The most I have spent is 98 dollar pair of House of Dereon jeans but normally a 60 dollar pair of Express Jeans does it for me. And I have alot of junk in my trunk so as long as it makes my but look good I don’t really spend that much. But all that I named are very good. My favorite pair that I wear is my House of Dereon’s

Serika on

I spent 98 dollars on a House of Dereon pair of jeans and I love them. Normally though 60 is as high as I will go. I love the Express brand. Target also has nice strech jeans. I have junk so I need the stretch

Kasia on

I generally spend at least $200. I love 7’s and Rock and Republic. Citizens for Humanity are great too.

heather on

i just bought 3 pairs of rock and republic jeans..the most expensive being $400…it took me a bit to justify it, but once i put them on…i am never going back!!…the fit is amazing and the jean is so much softer than what i used to wear from old navy and gap!…it sounds crazy to go out and spend $1000 on jeans, but they feel so good that i live in them and will get my money out of them twice over!

christine on

For the past couple years, the most ive speant on jeans is about 15 dollars. I only buy jeans at plato’s closet, a second hand store. Id rather spend money on fun things, plus my ass looks good in anything!

Jenn on

The most I’ve spent on jeans is $60 and that was last month at The Limited. The Sexy Drew’s (I believe – sits low on waist, flare leg) are awesome!! And for $60, they make my butt look awesome!!!!

$850 for jeans? That’s outrageous!

Keytha on

The average American shopper cannot afford $850 for a pair of jeans! That’s a house payment! Personally, a one time only purchase that made me look great would not be over $100, but normally $30 to $50 is the range.

Tiffany on

Ridiculous! Those Stich’s hardly look their supposed retail worth… but even more surprising: no one has yet to mention the KING of denim (IMO) – DIESEL! I have over 30? pairs of designer jeans… the cheapest of them being these awesome DKNY skinny jeans I purchased for $50… my most expensive being the Victoria Beckham Rock and Republics and my Dolce&Gabbanas… but the FAVORITES being hands down all 10 pairs of Diesels… jeans are a LIFESTYLE… the more you pay, the more iconic your look becomes!

And it is all about the label and back pocket design… America is the jean capital of the world, REPRESENT, people!

Nish on

With all that is going on in the world we live in, I think it’s outlandish to pay $850 for a pair of jeans. We also tell ourselves that the more expensive the better fit, quality, etc; to justify paying that much. By the way, truly wealthy people, don’t even pay that much for jeans.

Caitlin from Memphis,TN on

I love Seven jeans…but i only have 2 pairs and I can only buy them on a rare occasion! Other than that its always BKE jeans from Buckle or Abercrombie jeans, there awesome~

Lisa on

I live in an area where expensive jeans ($100+) can not be found (such as Seven For All Mankind or True Religion). So I don’t know what exact size I am or how they fit.

Sometimes my local TJ Maxx gets a shipment of these jeans, but by the time I get there, they are all picked over.

The most expensive pair of jeans I own are my Gap dark wash bootleg ($54). I have a few Calvin Kleins that I love and bought at TJ Maxx (read = cheaper than retail).

If my jeans go out of style, I usually pack them up and save them. Because the styles always come around. So, yeah, I could see myself spending $120-150 for a pair of jeans if they fit right.

Cheapy on

Give me Levi’s anytime. The most I will spend for jeans is 35.00, and that is pushing it.! Shopping at Kohl’s is the best!

jill on

I have about 55 pair of $200-$400 jeans-(Rock & Republic, True Religion, SFAM, People’s Liberation, Joes, Citizens, Sass & Bide, Salt, etc) I always buy what ever I like and want and it happens to be more expensive. I own several pair of couture pants that are $900-$1500, and my shoes range from $300-$1000.00 on up/ purses are another story- my cheapest is the Louis Vuitton Fuschia Baggy PM or the Speedy 25 Cerises (Cherries)…both about $1050…it only goes up from there, Chanel, Dior Gaucho, Fendi Spy, Runway edition Louis Vuittons- I have personal shoppers thet pull the hottest newest stuff for me before it hits the public… I buy my 16 year old daughter the same brands too- we love clothes- and spare no expense…

Amber on

The most I would pay for a pair of jeans is about $80-90, but sometimes you can get really nice(cheap) pair of jeans at Walmart for like $12 and thats just great; money still needs to be in are banks and we all need to save for things so when theres a great price for a stylish outfit(even if it is not band name) it is still just as good as any of the designer(expensive/brand names) out there.

Jay on

Most of my jeans are in the $200-300 range. I was a skeptic for quite some time but after I tried on my first pair of designer jeans, I was hooked. I think that they really do make a huge difference. After years of wearing inexpensive jeans, I had pretty much given up on even wearing them because I just didn’t find them flattering. After I discorved 7 for All Mankind and Rock & Republic, I was hooked. They are expensive, yes, but I do think there is qutie a difference in the quality of $200+ jeans and that of $60 jeans. I am not convinced that the $850 jeans are any better than those in the $200-300 range.

Christina on

I’m a premium denim addict (over 25 pairs) and I think that how people want to spend their money is up to them. I personally spend on average $200+ on jeans (Paige and Hudson are my favorite.) I see a lot of people spend money on things that I consider junk, but to each their own. It was only in the last few years that I started buying premium denim. I see a big difference in how less expensive jeans fit. Bottom line: I work hard to afford the things I want and I don’t want to be told it’s right or wrong or feel judged for it.

Tara on

Pretty much all of my jeans are from Vanity. They cost anywhere between $19.99 and $29.99 on average. They come in 37″ inseam (which is great since I am tall) and they all fit GREAT! I used to buy jeans at the Gap and other places like that for twice the price and they wouldn’t fit right. I don’t know what I would do with out a Vanity in our mall!

marion frazier on

i’m a cheapo. never more that $30 and always old navy.

Sarah on

I love the irony of the cover story being about the Amish schoolhouse tragedy and then this story on the same website page “how much would you pay for jeans.” I just read a story about the tragedy, and we’re all sitting here talking about how much we’d pay for jeans. It really hit me that there’s more to life than a pair of jeans, whether or not you spend and arm and a leg to buy them.

lc on

Jeans, shoes, and jewels are the only items I will splurge on. I have several Diesel, Joe’s, James, J Brand, ACNE, Tsubi, Finns, Chloe, and the like. Jeans are a staple to everyones wardrobe and they should be bought just like other items: with quality in mind. As for $850, they better make me look hot, very hot.

Kathy on

No more than $50.00 bucks…and that is pushing it! Jeans are jeans!

laura on

i am 6′ tall and thin. it’s very hard for me to find jeans that are of a decient price and fit. since clothes designers think there are short fat girls walking the earth and there aren’t tall slender ones (like myself), i have to go to “tall girl” and spend 80-110 bucks on jeans. they fit good and look really cute but since i am cheap, it makes me cringe when i have to buy a pair of jeans cause of the price.

Lisa on

That’s funny you say this, Laura: “…since clothes designers think there are short fat girls walking the earth… ”

I tend to come across more pants and jeans for the tall, “slender” girls like you.

See…I am 5’2 and a size 7/8. Yeah, I’m short. Nope, not fat. The word “fat” is not exactly the *best* word for you to use here. No offense taken with me, tho. :-)

Sarah on

I have spent between $130-$200 on Citizens and Joe Jeans because these are the only pairs I have found that look good on and believe me I have looked. So now I just go with the tried and true!

mandy on

just looking for some advice….i’m am 5’10” and 160 lbs. what designer jeans can i indulge in?? it seems as though there are all way too tight in the thigh area. any help would rock!

ps- jill, what’s up with your spending speech? i could care less who buys you your designer duds……

Shasha on

For regular jeans anywhere from $20.00 (on sale) to $30.00 (Old Navy), and for a going out to dinner and events $60-150

Jami on

My fav’s right now are 2 pairs of skinny jeans I bought at, JCPenney online. They were a steal at $14.99 (down from $49.99) and they look better than my diesel jeans for $210. I wouldn’t buy the diesel jeans again cause I had buyer’s remorse for weeks about spending that much on myself.

lauren on

i think they are all dead ugly.!

Chelsea on

If I was lucky enough to find that pair of PERFECT jeans, the most I would pay would be $100. Yes – I DO live in jeans, but I also favor dresses and pants. I still need to afford life, so I probly wouldn’t go over that amount.

rusty on

you would have to be crazy to pay that much for denim,the least expensive jeans will last as long as the 850 jeans..come on people a designers name on denim PLEASE

Bianca on

Anyone who pays more than $100 for jeans have to be totally crazy and delusional. But I guess if you want to feel comfortable in a $250 pair of jeans, that’s OKay, but what’s the difference? I think paying $30 is a great way, besides, I’m not a celeb, I don’t get $5 million or $10 million dollars to sing or act. I have to focus on bigger things rather than spend high dollar amounts on clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I like to splurge, but I budget. If I’m paying $100 for jeans, I’m telling them they better fit my body when I’m bloated and everything. I can care least. I will not pay high dollar amounts just because a designer put a stamp on the jeans, and so I can go flash my jeans and say, “I got (so and so) jeans! I’m rich!”

Rachel on

I would spend around from $20-$40. I would really love to know what kind of material does the jeans that costs more than $40 are made out of.

Sama A.K on

I think all those jeans aren’t so nice, I mean..I would usually pay up to 300 dollars for jeans if they are good quality,my favorite jeans, the best jeans:
Hudson jeans
Seven jeans
Paper denim & cloth
Rock & Republic
True Religion
Tsubi Jeans
J Brand

jill on

OMG!!! I am such a cheap-skate! I am all about $20 on the Walmart brand blue jeans. I hate spending $50 at Aeropostle or American Eagle – I have, but I hate doing it.

Jen on

I’m obsessed with jeans and wear them almost everday. I’m petite so I’ve found the best fit for me are 7s, citizens, joe’s, juicy couture etc. BUT i never never buy things full price. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 80 bucks on jeans. Just be patient and wait for the great sales. As ever-changing fashion is, it typically goes full circle (from skinny jeans to wide leg to boot leg etc) so don’t worry too much about getting jeans once they come out at ridiculous full prices. Besides, straight leg jeans will always be in style!

Lori on

I think it’s fine to spend $200 on a pair of jeans if you really like them and will wear them. If you want a better fit/design and nicer fabric, sometimes it’s worth it to pay more. I really like Paige Premium jeans and True Religion. I only wish that for that price, designers would make jeans in petite length so I didn’t have to alter them. For anyone that is not into design or doesn’t really value a better fit, then Gap jeans are just as good.

Stacy on

I can’t believe noone has mentioned EBAY?!?!?!?! I love my Paper Denim and Cloth jeans but I would never spend retail on them (mostly cause I can’t afford it) I spent $40 on a pair of new with tags Citizens of Humanity jeans, which is lucky cause they made my butt look funny and I sold them at a profit, only to turn around and spend $50 on a pair of Paper Denim and Cloth jeans that are fabulous. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be fashionable. If I spent retail on all the stuff I have I would be living in a box on the street corner…. I am a fashion addict and the cheaper I can get a name brand the better.

Maru on

the only thing that i know is that what you need is to have a nice and strong butt so you don’t need to espend a lot of money in jeans..!!!!!

Casey on

I used to think that the cheaper the better $15 to $30 range on jeans………..then I worked in retail and I fell in love with SOME designer brands. I am 5’6 and about 130, with larger butt and thighs then most white girls and I LOVE Citizen and J Brand. Sevens aren’t that great for me and Joes are awsome too. I would never spend full price though since I have always used my discount. If I ever stopped working here I would probably spend full price on Citizen just because they fit me AMAZING! Everyone’s body is different and if Old Navy jeans fit me as great I would only buy them.

ryan on

Ok, jeans are really important to me because they are just so perfect and comfortable. The lowest I have ever spent on a pair of jeans is $99.99 at Abercrombie and Fitch, and the most expensive pair I’ve ever gotten was a pair of $5,632.99 in Bergdorf Goodman and they were Dolce and Gabbana. I even went on a shopping spree and dropped $23,000 at Neiman Marcus. Im just saying “SPLURGE.”– ALWAYS

meg on

Jeans are a great investment. If there something your going to wear everyday i think it makes sense to shell out more cash for a pair you looovvvve

Thrift_Shop_Queen on

I get all of my jeans at Goodwill for $.29 a pound.

chopsueyluey on

Glad to know I am not alone in buying jeans in bulk – whew! I’d spend whatever just as long as they looked great. A GREAT pair of jeans is worth not eating dinner for a few weeks or longer……$$

dawn blagborne on

i would pay any price for jeans as long as they look good
and fit great…

Melissa on

Paid $39 for my Blue Cults and $59 for Joes Jeans at Planet LuLu in their online store. I won’t pay more than $75 for my jeans. That’s beyond my budget. How can anyone justify $800 for jeans? I don’t know. Mg

hanna on

I prefer to stay around 65-75 range. However, I’m in the process of stepping up and buying a pair of SFAM.

Wendy on

Jeans are probably the one fashion item I would splurge on simply because they are a staple in my wardrobe and finding the perfect jean can be difficult so if I came across a great pair that were a bit pricey I probably wouldnt hesitate to buy them. Although most of the high end designer jeans are not made for women with curves and long legs so a lot of the time I find jeans that fit well at a lower price point.

Richie Rich on

At the highest 10,000. At the lowest 400.

jodie on

i love citizen of humanity they give fab butt!i pay between 145$ and 175$ for them and thank the jean fairy for them every time they grace my keister!i have a great vairety of jeans the cheapest being Hollister at 40$ and citizens at 175$ whatever looks good!!

Kensie on

omg … the cheapest pair of jeans that i have EVER bought was $189.99 at Abercrombie and Fitch. I usually buy True Religion, Roberto Cavalli, Seven for all mankind, Dior, Fendi, and many more … i have over 120 pairs of designer jeans and im only 14!!!. … the most expensive pair of jeans i have is worth … $12,000 … my dad got them for me and they have diamond pockets, all diamond

Hannah on

My jeans collection ranges from $30-$300. I have jeans from Seven for all Mankind, Marc by Marc Jacobs, James Cured by Seun, Earl, Juicy Couture and jeans from places like Gap, American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie. Its all about the fit for me i dont really care if the are considered cheap or designer. I love designer things dont get me wrong but being in style or looking stylish doesn’t mean wearing super expensive threads. Its all about the attitude you give while wearing it and having your clothes fir great and having a polished look. Im disgusted when i see people squeeze in to designer jeans that cleary are not made for their bodies just because it is some kind of status symbol. AND personally, I think its a little ridiculous that a 14 year old has a $12,000 pair of jeans, if she is even being honest, and is bragging about wearing Dior and Fendi.

Kensie on

yea im being honest … why would i lie about that!? that would be just a little immature

Kensie on

omg laura. … ok designer jeans wont fit short and fat girls .. they dont fit fat people …. im 5’8 and wear a 6/7 … yea tall… not fat … ur probably just jealous

margarita on

I also wear Rock and Republic, Deisel, BEBE, Sevens, however I have a hook where I get the jeans for more than half of what they charge at Nordstroms, or the retailers. The avarage I have paid for jeans is 60 dollars depending on the brand.

Krissy on

Most of my jeans are designer, but I have purchased them at over 50% off their retail value. If you’re looking for real bargains, try eBay or, Nordstram Rack or consignment stores. At I got a pair of Blue Cults for 5.99 (size 23, vapor wash) and a pair of Blue Cults for 6.99 (size 23, core wash), both were brand new and had free shipping! The best deal of my life – plus they fit perfectly and look great on my petite frame.

I got a pair of heavenly 7 for all Mankind’s at Nordstrom Rack for only $50, also size 23 and fit great – so flattering and like your old favorite pair of jeans.

I also have gotten great deals on eBay, like $10 pair of brand new with tags Yanuk Worker Classic jeans in Mineral, Kasil Studded Devoted jeans in Baltic Wash, and my favorite! Rock & Republic Crystal Roth jeans for $95.

When I don’t feel like searching for a bargain, I get the Mavi Molly jeans – they have short 30″ inseams, so I don’t have to hem them.

Krissy on

I would also like to add that why would anyone buy $1,000+ jeans. I myself love premium denim, and the jeans may last forever or may be super flattering, but it’s just plain dumb. And Jill…if you are so rich and a splurge-lover, then why are you here? I could care less about your so called 55 pairs of jeans and purses and crap.

me on

Who would spend $850 on a pair of jeans? They look the same as the other jeans to me. Typically, I spend about 40 dollars on a pair of jeans. The most I have spent is 60 dollars on a pair of distressed jeans. I would never spend even 189 dollars on a pair of jeans. I would not be able to tell which one was the most expensive if I just saw the jeans without the pricetags!!! My $40 jeans are just fine with me.

whitney on

Well for me the perfect jeans are hard to find! I’m 15 yrs old and 5″10. The only way i can get some great jeans is if I order them off line from for increased inseams. those run at about 40 bucks a pop. plus tax and s&h runs me about $145 for 3 pairs. and on top of that were not rich, and im still growing! sooner or later I’ll have to resort to making my own jeans, lol :-D

garufan on

I have a hard time finding the right jeans because it’s so hard to find my size. At the moment I am searching for more pairs since it’s winter here in Australia. I currently only own 2 pairs of jeans for winter – my Rusty and Jag pairs. *sad sad* It’s great to know that I’m not the only one struggling! As for $850 jeans? I don’t have that much to spend on my whole wardrobe! So no.. not for me, even if they did fit awesomely.

Rooth on

I will spend from $25 to 40$. I think jeans should not be that expensive. Just buy enough jeans so you can mix them with your other clothes. Why not!

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