Blonde Bombshells are Back

09/19/2006 at 09:36 AM ET

The classic platinum blond screen siren is back in a big way this fall. Scarlett Johansson (left) plays up her pinup girl good looks (and sexy curves) with platinum curls and deep red lips in her movie, The Black Dahlia, which just opened last weekend. And Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani rock the old-school combo of pale skin, platinum locks and crimson lips on a daily basis. Red lipstick is one of the big emerging beauty trends, and the platinum hair is a nice counterpoint to all the brunettes popping up lately. Tell us: Is this a look you would try?

To Get the Look:

For a splurge, try Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Fire and Besame Pressed Powder, which has 40’s style packaging for that extra retro flair.

For a steal, try Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice, an authentic 50’s color, and Neutrogena Healthy Defense Powder compact.

Photo: LJP/Flynet Pictures; EPA

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erika on

when is natural beauty a bad thing? i think it is important to play up your natural beauty…i think the red lipstick is wayyyy too much…really distracting…and blonde hair…come on…there is enough blonde hair already! often times, less is wayyyy more…

Reality on

I think its great. I can’t see myself becoming a platinum blond (as I am brunette), but I think the retro look is great. Pencil skirts going just past the knee, sweater sets around feminine curves – the whole look is a great change from the nude lip, long straggly extensions and ultra skinny frame we have been seeing for the past several years.

good_lookin on

With my dark complextion, platinum hair and deep red lips would make me look more in the line of freak instead of chic. I’ll wait till there’s an “in style” for my skin tone :-/

J. on

Going along with the natural beauty comments, I think that if it fits your natural features then its great. It works for Scarlett, Christina and Gwen. I personally don’t think it would work for me, since I’ve always had pretty dark hair (except for some early experimentation). I actually love to play off the darkness of my hair and eyes and keep all other features neutral, ie. lips, skin etc.

jen on

sure i’ll try this look. give me a movie star’s hair/makeup stylists & resources and i’m good to go.
be realistic. where is the average person going to pull this look off at?

Greta Gore on

I’ve been rockin’ this look for 15 years! Please, all of you ‘trendy’ girls, don’t start bleaching your hair…leave this look to the real blonde bomshellsand pinup ladies!

Sharese Eddings on

I love this look, especially on Gwen and Scarlett. It’s a classic look and it’s making a fabulous comeback.

Norah on

Stars like Christina Aguliera are just trying to be the next Marylin Monroe. Which no one ever will be. It is nice on Scarlett and Gwen, but Christina Aguliera wears her hair like that EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now it looks ugly on Christina and played out. For women that are not celebs, as a normal person it looks wayyy just too much for an every day hair do.

Rebecca on

I agree with some of the comments above- are we really gonna give the guy a hard time for being a little too dressed up? C’mon! He looks fine. It’s better to be a little overdressed instead of sloppy!

Rebecca on

This look can get a little too fake, like Christina. Scarlett looks more natural. I could never pull it off with my black hair and olive complexion, but for those who can, go for it!

Deb on

I really don’t care for this look at all. It’s okay on Scarlett for a movie – but for the average person? Let’s get real. I’d rather a natural look – blonde, brunette – and a more natural complexion. It’s not natural for everyday. As for Christina – she needs a new look!

Joyce on

WOW! This look brings back the 50’s sophistication years of Marilyn Monroe style and way back when bombshell ladies. To copy cats at home, check in first with your prof. hairdresser prior to bleaching your hair.

Lexie on

I love the Bombshell look, christina agularia,marylin monroe,madonna,scarltett it tottaly fits them and its hip and trendy!

Marti on

Absolutely love this look – especially the platinum blonde hair. Love it! Love it! Love it! Its hot and sexy!

redhotchilligirl on

I absolutely love this look on scarlet! I can’t say the same for christina though. But that’s okay, she’s a great singer. A+++

c~ on

I think red lipstick is nice every once in a while, but it’s not something I think should be done all the time! It looses its punch if becomes an everyday occurrence. I agree that while this look is nice it is not realistic for day to day living, at least not for the normal people. I prefer brunette, and who said you had to have the platinum blonde hair to complete the Bombshell look? You can be a brunette, and still pull off the look.

Liz on

I love it! I think that it looks very classy and I’m glad to see that not all of Hollywood is revealing themselves so much!

EmO giRl on


Angelina on

IT WORKS FOR MAKE-BELIEVE. NOT A REAL LOOK FOR REAL WOMEN. GOOD FOR A MOVIE BUT COMES OFF TOO STRONG. Scarlett looks great though — one of the few young actresses I respect. Incidentally, this look is getting too old for Christina Aguilera. You can incorporate part of it, but don’t overdo it. Scarlett does it right, but Christina just looks over the top. Less is more.

marie on

i like it
anything she puts on looks good on her
cause she aint like hilary or lindsay
that have to be anerxic to look beautiful

Sassy on

So do most people think that died blond hair and a ton of makeup look classy? Geez.. I must have missed the fashion advice and I’m glad I stayed with natural beauty and makeup that enhances, and does not make me look just plain cheap. Classy always wins.

Shea on

I think Madonna’s cut is great, but the color makes her look 10 years older. Sorry Madge, honey makes you look yummier. Platinum makes you look like you are in need of senior citizen discounts.

Terra on

I really think that Gwen is the only woman I’ve ever really liked this look on. Platinum is just a fake color – how often do you really see it naturally? I can’t think of once. As for the red lipstick, it’s over the edge as well.

Christina, honey, your hair is played out. Miss Aguilera is of a hispanic descent – why isn’t she proud enough to show her natural beauty??? I loved her with dark (and natural) hair.

Leave the classic Marilyn Monroe look to Marilyn – she is the only one who deserves it!

aimr on

SO over scarlett johanssen!

Becca on

It is hard to pull of red lipstick without your teeth appearing yellow. I even have bleached teeth and it makes them look dull. tips?

Shantae on

Even though I’m a straight woman, Scarlett Johannson is beautiful.

Shantae on

Once again, I’m straight, but damn! Her and Angelina Jolie… WOW! lol Scarlett Johannson is beautiful and she just exudes sex appeal.

krystal on

I bleached my hair a few weeks ago. Not only did it look terrible it looked unhealthy. That what i think scarlet hair looks like, terible and unhealthy.

Sick of the BB's on

Blondes are overrated. What about all of the darker-haired ladies? Surely they are deserving of some of the “bombshell” status!

Natalie on

Scarlett should get in the works to star in a marilyn monroe movie. I think she can play the part.

Natalie on

Scarlett is a beautiful woman. She oozes with sex appeal. I think she looks great and she’s been pulling off the old Hollywood glam look on the red carpets and she pulls it off in a tremendous way. Now, like someone said, when Christina Aguilera wore this look once, she pulled it off, but now she just doesn’t look good in the look anymore, nows she walking around wearing the look everywhere she goes and she just looks fake, it’s not appealing to her anymore. I admire the Marilyn Monroe days, she was a breautiful lady and oozed sex appeal also. I love the pencil skirts and button down carnigans, that stlye is so cute. There seems to be a lot of new styles trying to come back, some from the 80’s and some from the 70’s. I like the red lips, some can pull the look off, and some can’t. I like to wear red lipstick and go the nude look with some lip gloss. I am a blonde (not a Platinum Blonde) and I love my hair. Some can pull off the Platinum Blonde look and some can’t. The main point is, be yourself, if you are a brunette you are just as beautiful. As long as you’re happy and confident, that’s all that matters. Make your own style and be happy. But anyways, women like Scarlett and Gwen can really pull off the old Hollywood glam and they do it beautifully.

catherine on

this blondish color looks good on some of the stars..such as scarlett johannson…but there are some stars that lok awful with usch blonde hair. (gwen stefani):(

Diandra on

This look is perfect. Now, not everyone can be blonde but you can still look classy and retro. Try an Audrey Hepburn hair style for those below who were complaning. The clothes are fantastic, it brings back he elegant type of women with a real body insteads of a starving prostitute look who is going bald. Now if the music style would change to a modern type jazz, and get rid of the rap and pop girls who can’t write their own music or sing for that matter.

Nanci on

It’s just way too unatural looking and not all that flattering at all on anyone. I love blonde, but something much more healthy and real that adds to the sex appeal instead of making them look deathly ill.

jessicajean on

i really don’t like the blonde bombshell look I think it is very ugly and I think they all need a tan and some color on those bodies

Rosa Carr on

I personally think Christina Aguilera looks and presents herself wonderfully. It looks great on her and would love to see her more in this blonde style look. As for Gwen, her natural eye color is not even green or blue, so go darker on your hair. Christina keep on doing what your doing. You represent both the golden girl with the voice of gold and the golden 40’s look accordingly. Hispanic women are not all brown eyed and dark hair.

dancindolly20 on

i totally disagree. i dislike the lok on scarlet and absolutely adore it on christina. shes absolutly beautiful, scarlets not even that pretty…

sarah on

i accidently got on this site buy just searching for madonna info. and im laughing my head off. have any of you got lifes??? if all you have to talk and worry about is the colour of celebs hair then well say no more…

karen on

I love this look, reminds me of the days when life was so classy. The platinum blonde is too high maintenance for me but the style is really pretty. If I was rich I would have a stylist that could do this for me, but in the real world I’m not talented enough to do it, nor do I have time.
Hollywood needs to make the “I don’t have time to do my hair” look popular, then I would be in style LOL

e on

I love the platinum blonde hair and ruby red lipstick. It takes us back to the days of Jean Harlow ( the original blonde bombshell), and of course Marylin Monreo. They dressed like movie stars than and looked classy and beautiful.

I myself, had platinum hair for a year and decided to go dark. I miss that look and am making an appointment with my stylist after christmas. I just felt like a goddess and in my eyes, I just think it’s beautiful.

And as for pulling it off, I wore it well. I always look like a star…I just take pride in making myself look beautiful, glamerous, and classy. I always recieve compliments.

It comes down to whether you could take the time to do it, or if you have the time. I am willing to spend the time, and can’t wait to have platinum hair again to go with my red lips I don so well.

ana on

hahah the person whos name is E. you speak words well,
as the brunette lovers are tired of fake blond hair, us blonde lovers are tired of people saying we look fake. well guess what all dyed colors look fake, not everyone wants a natural look, you might as well not wear makeup if you love the natural look, oh so alot.
if you have the time everyday, people can go platinum and wear red lips, why would you want to walk out the house and see everyone look the same natural with nude lips? Thats boring, to see on everybody!
GO PLATINUM BLONDES WITH RED LIPS, WE RULE. i rocked it since i was 15 now im 25. hasnt stopped. thank you. dont hate on something you because YOU dont want it. i dont hate on other colors i dont want.

Rae on

I believe that everyone has their own opinions on this. Just stick to what you like and what works for you and be yourself. I adore this, but i would never dye my hair blonde again. It’s a great look for those who can really pull it off. But I really would love to see something on brunette bombshells, hah because I think I could really pull that one off!

Scout on

I used to be a natural dark brunette with coppery hightlights (especially in summer). I have very fair skin and blue-green eyes. I now dye my hair to achieve what used to be my natural color. My true color is now gray. I’ve attempted to let my hair go its natural gray, but it makes me look and feel so old I don’t want to. It’s sort of a steely, salt and pepper gray which I hate. However, I think I could go platinum blonde and look good. Marilyn Monroe had dark hair and went platinum blonde. I am just as fair skinned as her, though I don’t look like her (I’ve been told I look like Elizabeth Taylor, especially eyes). I would leave my eyebrows dark like Monroe did. I think I’m going to go to a wig shop and try on a platinum blonde wig just to see what it looks like. Then I’ll definitely let a salon work gradually to get my hair platinum blonde.

christina on

i just want to say i love the look.. i am sick of eberyone bashing blondes.. you are all just jealous because you arent pretty enough to pull the bloonde bombshell look off!!! so quit hating

Donna on

For those of you who said you’d love to see more about brunette bombshells, just check out photos of Dita Von Teese. If that ain’t bombshell, I don’t know what is!

Jessica on

Yeah! I totally love this look on christina. But most of her hairstyles that she has like in her videos and performances are wigs. In real life her hair is very fine and very dry and does not have much of a curl. I wanted this look but I instead went the in a way differnt direction and got natural red hair with light blonde streaks but still got the long curl hairstyle christina has and it looks real nice.

Ambi on

I think a look like this would look (no offense ~ it is beautiful) like a joke were someone to wear it out in everyday life (grocery store, shopping, even office). I might be willing to try it for a formal event, because it seems very dramatic to me.

Abril on

Would I try this style? I just did! Today is my first day as a platinum blonde and I love it. Word to the wise, do not attempt to get this hair color from a box.

Fran on

I’m very happy to have found this website
your opinions are all very different

i have had platinum hair for about 2 years. its an extremely painfull process, bleaching your hair .To go platinum you have to dye you hair more than once or twice to get it that light. I have to admit, I often get sick and tired of having to re-do my haircolour every 3 weeks. It doesnt sound like much but you do end up dreading it because it burns your scalp!!
but why not spend a little time on your appearance?. It is worth the time if you like the colour.

I often see overweight, unkept, wrinkled old women with bleached white hair (with terrible roots) and often worry if that is what I’ll end up looking like.
It doesnt look tacky. Keep it well nourished and you can look amazing!. If you wear red lipstick and green or black clothing it looks stunning.

But you must remember that Marylin Monroe only looked as amazing as she did, because of extensive hair salon treatments, and she had a lot of money and plastic surgery.

If you are a city-person who has a fair few hours of your life free each 2-3 weeks to spend on yourself then go for this hair colour. But only if you like the striking, bold look.

The only time when platinum hair looks ridiculous, is when you have had a ridiculous spray tan and choose to wear red lipstick (Christina Aguilera). Oh dear. she really is a complete mess! Dont please ever try to copy HER style!

If you choose to go platinum, go for the white face with pink blusher on the apples of your cheeks. very very pale is in. At special occasions and weekends, whip out the red lipstick ;]

Kay on

I LOVE IT! My hair is usually pink, the pink hair dye I use bleaches my hair so when it fades it is REALLY blonde. and I’ve done it enough that my hair has turned almost platinum. I LOVE IT! I remember my mom telling me that our family doesn’t look good with blonde hair but boyyyy was she wrong! Don’t knock ’till you try it, ladies. :]

blondie on

I personally adore this look. It bring back the look of the days when women were women, not to mention complete ladies. I was born with extermly light blonde hair, and the complexion to match and my colour lasted right up to my teens, I hardly have to put a lot of colour into, but I do lightening it up every few months, to keep it looking a beautiful platinum. I love doing this look, the curly hair, which I already have, the red lips, and just eyeliner and mascara…personally I love it, there’s something very classic about it. But if you don’t have the pale skin and blonde hair already, don’t try it, chances are you won’t like it.

Drear on

Everyone should go with whatever suits their natural complexion if it’s sophistication they’re going for. Personally, I think Scarlett’s face is freakish but the style she’s chosen to suit her coloring is great. I’m naturally a dark olive with raven hair and dark brown eyes but the more Earthy associations people have with brown hair suits my personality better so I’m thinking of getting brown streaks. The rest of the World is welcome to go blond I don’t care, I’ll stick with darker shades when it comes to my hair!

Blondie on

Just recently I attended function sporting this look, and the compliments were never ending. I got my hair, which is chin length and blonde, styled in finger waves like in the 1930’s (thankfully this is my hair-dressers forte) Then I just evened out my pale complexion, then added liquid eyeliner and mascara and paired it with red lips. I really like this look; I find it suits people with pale skin and already light hair. For me it works. But I have to say, I also sometimes get jealous of the women I see with lovely olive skin and beautiful thick dark hair. Again, a beautiful look that I, being pale with light blonde thin curly hair, could never pull off. So I say, every woman should embrace her own look, no matter what it is and spend less time wishing they had, or criticizing someone else’s. Everyone is beautiful in the skin they were born with :)

Marina on

I think Blonde is nice, when it fits the person and does look like straw, however I’m very confused, by Sexy Curves. I’m thinking this is a typo or cut and paste error maybe. Scarlett has no curves, she even admits she looks like a boy.

Emmie on

i wish women with dark hair wouldnt complain so much! you have no idea how lucky you are to have gorgeous dark hair! i was blonde as a kid and now im in my teens it’s gone a horrible mousy brown colour which i need to keep dying blonde. dont get me wrong, i love being blonde and having this colour, but sometimes i wish i had a more exotic look! just sometimes tho ;)

Susan on

I have been a natural very blonde person most of my life and so I can carry this off well. I am going to have my light blonde hair done plat. but suggest only light haired people do this. Just for us blondes only!

honeylocs on

I love the look on Scarlett. She has the curvy,thicker body to pull it off, just like Marilyn Monroe. Christina Aguilera is too thin to look sexy with it. Gotta have the curves!

lala on

Its a beautiful look and you don’t have to wear it everyday. Sometimes it’s fun to play a little dress up on an anniversary date or just a girls night out. Life is spontaneous and fun so dress it up!! :)))

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