Brad Pitt Needs Your Help! Got Any Diaper Rash Advice?

09/11/2006 at 02:00 PM ET

In the October issue of Esquire, Brad Pitt sounds off on issues close to his heart including architecture, music and. . . diaper rash? According to the new dad, “Shiloh’s got horrible diaper rash, poor thing. Same with Zahara when we picked her up in Ethiopa. . . We’ve tried everything — every cream, every salve, every natural product. We haven’t found the the magic ointment. Yet.” We feel bad for Brad and especially for poor little Shiloh, so we’d love your opinions on the best diaper rash treatments out there. Tell us: What diaper rash trick should Brad and Angelina know about? What products would you recommend to them?

UPDATE: Over 1000 readers have thoughtfully given great advice to Brad about how to cure diaper rash — read more about the response here.

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van on

The best stuff for diaper rash is butt paste you can get at the drug store or wall mart. It does not burn a baby’s bottom.

Tobi on

I swear by Baby’s Butt Paste and you can pick it up at Target. That worked better than any other medicine, including all the fancy prescriptions ones I got for my daughter from a derm.

April on

Butt Paste! Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! My Daughter gets bad-d-d-d-d rashes and it WORKS!!!!

erika on

ummmm hmmmm…too much information?

stacey on

bourdoux’s butt paste…absolutly is the #1. my daughter had an awful case of it after rodo virus…this cleared it up immediatly! walmart is where i got it…

Libby Hipps on

Sounds crazy but there is something you can get at the pet store for horses (for their hooves). I used it on my daughter (after trying many other things) from a recommendation and her severe diaper rash was gone within a few hours. The poor thing was bleeding severly and we were at our wits end but it worked like a charm. And I told you it sounded crazy!

Laurs on

Butt Paste. Send someone to WalMart to get it for you, Brad!

heather on

the only one is BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE. it is the #1 diaper rash ointment!!! get it!!!

lori varney on

first keep the diaper off the baby and let her butt get some air , if you need medacine go ahead and use it but air is the best cure !

Jen on

Boudreaux’s butt paste

tammi on

How about just some good old fashioned straight up corn starch. Yes, right out of the box from your kitchen cabinet. Nothing works better…dries it right up!!!

Carrie on

I would suggest keeping the diaper off for as long as you can and I would suggest triple paste. Good luck…

Libby C on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best!! Works like magin!! Its from a company in Covington, LA, a town in the New Orleans area.

Gina on

Corn Starch, my kids never had diaper rash after that! PUt a little on each time you change them. Keeps them drier.

Gail Diaz on

The best ointment for the baby’s bottom is Desatin, it has a cod liver oil base is all natural and will heal the baby’s bottom within a day.

cassidy on

Change her diaper often. Diaper rash thrives in a moist environment. Tell the nanny to get with it as far as dirty diapers are concerned.

Stephanie on

Butt Paste!!!!!!!!!!!! Works everytime!

karen on

I strongly reccomend that they use baking soda directly on the child and also in there bathing water, and as much as possible to try and leave the air get to the babies private parts and there butts, maybe just put a change pad and leave the baby air out.Also make sure that when you wash the baby all the soap is completely off and that during each diaper change use vaseline so nothing will be able to touch the irratated skin.Only use this after the rash is cured so no more will come. Good luck Brad and Angelina,I hope the rash goes away soon.

Angie on

Fresh air, cornstarch and a blow dryer on no-heat cool air.

Allie on

Butt Paste is what we use on our daughter during the day while she is at daycare. We also let her soak her bottom in a warm bath with a liberal amount of baking soda in it. That usually clears it up within two days.

Vivian on

………I guess butt paste everyone seems to think so, I dunno!!!

Mary on

I used Ammens powder with Desitin at the same time for my now grown three children and now for my grandkids and it works great. Good luck!!!

margaret on

Not that Mr. Pitt will actually read this…. To prevent future rash, stop using any commercial baby wipes for cleaning up stool. Use a clean washcloth and warm water. You can keep a thermos of warm water at the changing station. Let baby air dry for a few minutes before placing a new diaper on her.

Pee diapers don’t really require a wipe after – it gets sucked into the diaper quickly. Clean stool off skin immediately.

Once a rash exists, expose to air as much as posible. Apply diaper cream without perfumes or scents. Aveeno makes nice products.

Once it clears up, prevention is key (see first paragraph).

Margaret, mom of 2 (3 yr old girl, 3 week old boy) and RN

Lori on

Baking Soda baths. Let them sit in it for 10-15 mins next day it will be gone

kali richter on

My daughters get diaper rash very infrequently but when they do it is bad. Im sure that every case and baby is different but for my girls the best thing was baking soda baths (we just let them sit in a baby tub with baking soda for as long as we could) and then hold their little but to a fan and let it air dry. That seemed to be the most important part. We would then make a baking soda and water paste (pretty thick) and put it on the rash and then diaper them up. This works really well with my girls.

Tina on

Well hands down using the Lotrim AD for athletes foot. I know seems weird but one the kids love the way it feels on it cools and feels good to be applied on.
It is the same cream used by women with yeast infections it’s just called Monistat outer cream.
Ask any doctor and they will tell you it is a great diaper rash cream!!
After three kids mine would have it no other way. Have used Buttpaste and it does help but not the same.

Jody on

When my little girl (who is 2)got a bad diaper rash – my doctor recommend just using cold water and a paper towel to help soothe the rash and it worked. Also, I use still to this day .. DESTIN Overnight – the creamy version and my little one has not had a diaper rash since!!

Jamie on

The best stuff out there is Butt Paste. Also, I didn’t use baby wipes (they broke my daughter out) instead I used baby washclothes that I had gotten wet in warm water that had a little baby wash in it.

Michelle P on

AIR – fresh air….let her run naked…..let her nap with her little bum uncovered…..and sleep that way too if it’s too terrible….be sure and put plenty of things down under her in case she soils the bed or the carpet. But AIR is the best….need to get the moisture off their bums. And if you need to have a diaper on them, get a little fan and blow some cool air on there in between changings to keep the affected area cool and dry…’s a miracle worker that dry air.

suzie on

Lots of air and corn starch!!! It works in Louisiana and we have a very dry, humid climate. It’s worked on both of my babies!1

Rachel on

Plain corn starch you purchase at the grocery store. Works like a charm

DH on

My daughter is 10 months old and has had diaper rash once. That one diaper rash was terrible. She was very sensitive to all the over the counter diaper rash creams and doctor prescribed creams I tried so I took the advice of another mom who was waiting at the same time we were in the doctor’s office. We used corn flour and the diaper rash started to get better within the same day and cleared up entirely within 3 days.

karen on

I strongly reccomend that you use baking soda directly on the children and also while bathing the children.As much as possible try to let the air get to the girls privates and butts, it might be easy to do this by using a changing pad, so they don’t pee everywhere.One good way to hardly get a rash is during every diaper change use a little vaseline so that nothy will stick directly to the body. Godd luck Brad and Angelina, hopefully the girls get better soon.

kimberly on

Brad and Angie the best thing to use is corn starch it works i used it on my daughter. It wil go away in about one day.

Mom on

Ok several months ago my daughter had this horrible rash, enough to bring her to the doctor. Well here is a little concoction they worked up to help clear up her rash – work within 1 day!!!


Mix together to form a past a paste and apply to area.

Stephanie on

The only thing that works for my daughter is Budreaux’s Butt Paste. That works like a charm and for a really bad diaper rash I use antibiotic ointment and then put the butt paste over it.

Morgan on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste- it works on everything!

Angela on

When my son has a diaper rash, I don’t not use wipes to clean him, I clean him with just wet wash rag, blow dry his little bottom on cool and low, or take him out side in the sun for a few minutes without a diaper on. That usually clears it up. I hope this help:)

Stephanie on

Seriously…change her diapers all the time, and let the area air out a little. Aveeno diaper rash cream will keep the area from being affected more. Also, diaper rash can sometimes be caused by diet, so if Angelina is breast feeding, something she is eating might be affecting Shiloh…let’s not string her up though people…diaper rash can be a pain in the bootie(no pun intended) to clear up…good luck.

Pat Rosenthal on

Bag Balm (also known as “Udder Butter”) – works like magic!

Erin on

We used Hydrocortisone .5% with Aloe, cleared it right up. She never fussed when we put it on like she did with some diaper creams either. Butt paste never worked on her and from what the Dr. said any type of powder just turns into a paste when the diaper gets wet, and it holds moisture against the skin instead of creating a barrier, making diaper rash worse.

Kelly on

Johnson’s baby powder w/cornstarch. First off, be sure to change the diapers at least every 2 hours, and use a baby wipe to clean her up – even if she’s only wet. Apply the powder and that will help dry up any oozy rash she might have. You can never be too careful, those baby girls can get horrible rashes! Good luck!

karen on

i always used A & D ointment…worked really well for my baby!

Jackie on

Well from a mom of three, the best thing for diaper rash was always, isle paste. It’s thick but I swore by it!!

Amber on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and sun shine! As they play and sleep through out the day let them go without a diaper, lying on a towel, beside a window or outside. Keep their diaper area clean and dry. Then when you HAVE to put a diaper on place a think layer of butt paste on the red areas. Your baby will be thanking you!!!

Holly on

Cook some flour in a pan until it turns brown, let it cool & sprinkle it on. NOTHING works better.

kelly on

Try cornstartch…maybe an old wives tale but I swear it works…and change the little ones more often.

carolyn on

Make sure the rash isn’t yeast… bright red w/ small bumps.. if it is, he needs Nystatin to clear it up. Triple Paste, or Zinc Oxide works.

Sondra Mahoney-Muir on

In my point of view the best cream is BEPANTHEN 5%. I have used it on my daughter since she was born. We NEVER had anymore rash after that.

Robin on

Use burnt flour. Yes, flour. Put some regular flour in a baking pan and put it in the oven on 350. Bake it until it turn slightly brown. One of those home remedies that truly does work. Just use it like baby powder.

Shannon on

Bag balm. It’s used for chapped cow udders, and it works even better on chapped baby butt. Buy it in the green tin.

Jenn on

I am a mother of 4 and I have been there and done that!
There are two brands I have used and love.
1.The Butt Paste (WalMart)
2.Mr.Smiths Diaper Ointment(Babies R Us or CVS)
They might want to try changing soaps, laundry soaps,
lotions, creams even the formula or food. There can be a lot of reasons this rash will not go away. Believe me, I have been there and it is not fun. But try out those 2 creasm, they are awesome!

jenn on

I have three children and have found that canestin cream (yeast infection cream…yuk) works wonders, just apply a small amount to the infected area. Sounds weird but sometimes it is yeast that is causing the rash.(Make sure it is the external cream). Also going without a diaper for a bit helps. I have also found that not always using store bought wipes but just a face cloth with warm water to clean the area…..once the bottom is cleared don’t always wipe the area clean, this allows the bottom to get used to the urine. Of course I am only talking when the baby has pee’d not pooped.

Candace on

Brad, Angelina and People Magazine,

Burn Flour is a old remedy that works! Burning Flour in a pan and then sprinkling the burnt flour on the tush works wonderful! It will clear up bad diaper rash in a flash.


Janet on

Balmex works great!!

Elizabeth on

OK, in the slim chance that Pitt or someone else will benefit from this tip, here goes. For severe diaper rash, including broken, open spots on the bum, use Maalox mixed with Desitin. Get about a teaspoon of Maalox, smear it a bit on the baby’s bottom. Then smear a gob of Desitin on top of it. The thought behind it is reducing the acidic environment from the urine or loose stools. This was a tip from a neonatal nurse…worked like a charm.
Prevention is great, but my child could go from fine to waking from a nap with an angry rash in 2 hours.

Toni on

Flander’s Butt Cream will cure the rash every time.

Sophal on

Just plain fresh air. Whenever I would notice my son’s tush turning red, I would just pull off his diaper & let him run around naked. Just air them out…they enjoy it more.

Michelle Jackman on

I used zinc oxide on my boys and I changed them regularly. Do not use powder as they might be alergic to something in it. They were diaper rash free after that.

Joanne Zhu on

Please do give DYPROTEX a try! It is effective, clean and comes in individual sets of pads and tubs, which is handy for traveling parents.

It worked within the first day on our son when he was a baby and having severe cases of diaper rash. Then we used it on our baby daughter who rarely needed it because one application has always done the trick each time she has a diaper rash.

It used to be sold in supermarkets. When our daugher was born last year, we purchased a economy package via online drugstroe for free shipping and no tax.

Also, please consider switching formula. Persistent diaper rash also likely indicates slightly abnormal PH in the baby’s digestive products that may exceed his or her skin’s tolerance.


SV on

the best thing i ever used on my kids when they were little: utter balm. you can get it from a natural food store. also i found with my oldest& my middle child who got a rash all the time, was the diapers i was buying were causing the rash. maybe change to a different brand.

Tamara on

My third child had a instant reaction to walmart’s brand diaper. Diaper Rash and Blisters all over her butt. I took her to the doctor and he said just use diaper rash ointment and keep a diaper off so it can air out. When bathing until the worst part goes away don’t use soap on it it will irritate the rash and NO baby wipes(alcohol will sting it bad)use wet paper towels.

Jenn on

F.Y.I>>>>>>The diapers could be causing the rash also. They might need to try a different brand or go to clothes.
(Babies r’ Us)

Amanda on

One thing to remember is that our skin needs to breathe, especially when it’s covered all the time. Ever notice that when you take off a band-aid or a bandage, it heals a lot faster? Get a couple of those puppy pads that you lay around your house when you are training a young pet, lay her on them and just let her play for a while stark naked and put a little vaseline to relieve the dryness an itching. Also a baby bath full of baby oil is nice too.

Michelle on

Good ol’ fashion Vaseline. Possibly change the brand of diapers. That helps.

taya on

the best remedy i found for my son who suffers from ecsema as well as the odd diaper rash is LITTLE ONES FOR BABY BUMS…it is a spray bottle full of a wonder cure that sprays a light mist of treatmant onto the bum of babies. It eliminates wiping a thick cream over an already irritated bum!!!!!!

Renee on

Boudreaux Butt Paste..It was concoted by a pharm in Mandeville, Louisana. It works.

Carol on

Try Triple Paste, that’s what it’s called. It may be the same thing as Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, but without the fancy schmancy name. Pharmacy’s carry them.

Jackie on

If you would rather go a natural route… brown some all purpose flour in a cast-iron pan and apply it to her diapers, my daughter was allergic to absolutly everything and I found that this cleared it up with in a few diaper changes without costing any extra money or irritations.

Dana on

My daughter had severe diaper rash that would sometimes become very raw immediately, she’d even sometimes get really red on her face too. I started using natural aloe to sooth along with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and Corn Starch to create a barrier and keep it dry.

I was nursing at the time and noticed what I ate would sometimes affect her skin. I reduced my intake of spicy and acidic foods and noticed a big difference just from that as well.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste:

Lisa Gillum on

Bourdeaux Butt Paste from Wal-Mart or Rite-Aid it the greatest. I also put baking soda in my little girls bath water.

Joanna on

Defenitely use Tender Tush made by Young Living all natural products…..It can cure anything!!!

Lough97 on

The thing that I found for both boys and girls is to get rid of the babywipes for a while. A clean, warm, washrag and a blowdryer works the best.

kim on

First, make sure the rash isn’t actually a form of yeast infection, if the mother has been on antibiotics, it can cause yeast to grow out of control, also in the form of a persistant diaper rash, otherwise bag balm, in the green can is amazing!


Try cloth diapers for awhile, her skin is infected and it needs to have get some fresh air.

Patti on

The best stuff is lotramin AF (yes the fungal foot stuff) and always use Johnson & Johnson’s cornstarch powder at every changing.

Brenda on

I found that the best cream to use is Desitin Diaper cream. The thickness of the cream provides a cream barrier between the skin and the wetness of the diaper – Good Luck.

Keisha on

Good ol’ fashioned Vaseline. It keeps the wetness away and clears the rash.

Krista on

Stop using baby wipes and use warm wet paper towels or a cloth diaper. I always soak my Son in a warm bathtub with baking soda and then use Lotrimin I know that sounds scary but his Doctor reccomended it and it has worked everytime overnight especially when it turns to a yeast diaper rash.

Kristi Johnston on

The best thing for diaper rash is to make sure you dry off the entire area before you put the new diaper back on. I use a diaper cloth just for that purpose. You don’t need any type of cream or powder if you just keep the area dry. I have four kids and it has always worked.

Paula on

Soak in Aveeno oatmeal bath. They make a baby brand especially for diaper rash. Works great.

Jennifer on

First off, you have to understand what causes diaper rash. Not cleaning the babies bottem good after a BM. When baby has bm and then urinates, this causes a reaction to the skin. Diaper Rash. When changeing the baby after having a bm, you should clean really well with a wetone or what ever you choose, then clean again. after doing this you should’nt have a problem with diaper rash. But if it accidently does happen, desiten works great.

Amanda on

Try Lotramine AF. I thought my son had a bad case of diaper rash and it turned out to be caused by too much yeast and the diaper rash creams weren’t doing a thing. His pediatrician said to use the Lotramine and it was cleared up in a day!

Kira on

This may sound very wierd but my sons pediatrician told me to use this when my son ate a rasberry dole fruit juice bar. MAYLOX(??spelling), for heartburn/ acid intagestion I just poured it on his butt, he was 15 months at the time and they said I can give him a little as well so when he went to the bathroom in his diaper again it wouldn’t be as acidy.

Susan on

The preparation mentioned by Libby Hipps..she might be thinking of Bag Balm. It’s also used on cow udders. A lot of drugstores carry it. Works great!

kay on


Nichole on

A friend of mine’s daughter had terrible diaper rash and they tried everything. The only thing that help was switching the brand of diapers they used. has two diffrernt types of chlorine free and enviroment(somewhat) friendly diapers, Tushies Diapes and Seventh Generation Chorine Free Diapers. Hope everything works out.

Kristen on

Bordeaux’s Butt Paste!!!!!!!!!! It is the best thing ever for diaper rashes, I always have it on hand!!!! I buy 5 tubes at a time, I powder and put butt paste on my daughter’s bottom after every diaper change!!!! You’ll love it, it works soooooo good, I just feel like I can’t stress that enough!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa on

Triple Paste. It works wonders! Way better than Butt Paste. You can buy it at any Walgreens…just ask the pharmacist for it.

Kara Roy on

For baby Shiloh and Zahara. The recommendation is to bake flour on a cooking sheet at 200 degree oven until brown. After the flour is cooled off. Shake the flour onto the diaper rash. This was given to me when my daughter Natasha was born by my step mom’s father who recently passed away.

kay on


Amy Walsh on

When my oldest was born, there was the best cream called DRC (Diaper Rash Cream) that one of the baby magazines clothing/gadgets etc had. They are no longer in business but I have found better… its called CALMOSEPTINE. I believe pharmacies might have it behind their counter if it isn’t on the shelves. You definately need to ask your pediatrician about this wonderful cream.

Jessica on

I know this is going to sound strange, but Maalox. You blot it on like you would a Calamine Cream, it works great. My daughter had diaper rash so bad once that it was nearly impossible to get her to sit still. After blotting on the Maalox (the stuff you drink for stomach aches) with a cotton ball, put a layer of vaseline over it. Give it a few days and its gone.

Angela on

try ARBONNE! This skin line is 100% botanically based and they have a baby line with a diaper rash ointment. go to and order under my consultant number #16162966

Sofi on

If this is persistent rash- it could very well be yeast. Doctor perscribed this concoction for us a few times:
30g nystatin
30g zinc oxide
30g hydrocortisone cream (1 or 2 percent)
Nystatin is the only thing the prescription is really for, but I have heard you can substitute gynolotrimine (sp)- isn’t that a feminine itch cream for fungus.
Red bumps= fungus
they won’t go away PERMANENTLY without the antifungal.

Keelie on

Sometimes with little girls it’s not just a common dipar rash it’s yeast. Try some common Terezol yeast medication Rx from the doctor, my daughter had it and it only got totally better after she was potty trained.

Maria on

I had the same problem. Getting rid of the plastic diapers is what helped. Try cloth diapers and be careful of the detergent you use… I am not one to try all sorts of chemicals on babies. Don’t use the wipes either. Use wet washcloths.. Have the nanny microwave them for warmth and test them on the inner part of her arm.. Or just make sure to wet the washcloths right before changing the baby with some warm water and some sort of hyperallergenic soap.. Of the 3 kids I have, only one was very skin sensitive.. Good luck…

Miranda on

Our daughters used to get what we thought was diaper rash, but it looked a little different. When we took them to the doctor, we were told that it was an external yeast infection and to use Monistat 7 cream…cleared it up beautifully!! For normal, run of the mill diaper rash, I also swear by Boudreaux Butt Paste :)

BDA on

Wash with mild soap and water every diaper change and dry well. My daughter never had diaper rash after using this technique. Besides, it’s more hygenic than using just wipes.

giseli pereira on


Kayce on

The best stuff is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. They sell it at Target or Walmart or online at

Lisa on

When my daughter was born another mother (of a girl) told me the best way to PREVENT diaper rash is to use A&D ointment with every diaper change. I did and my daughter was rash free except for once when an antibiotic caused it. I had to use medicated powder to clear it up. I was told girls have more of an issue then boys. I never did anything with my son and I don’t recall him ever having diaper rash.

Dee on

Johnson & Johnsons Baby Cornstarch –not Baby Powder.

Worked wonders for my son & nephews!



Use destin,(white medicine) all the time whether it is needed or not…Never had a problem with diaper rash with this method.

Jo on

If you are using disposable diapers STOP. Use cloth diapers rinsed at least twice ,before drying, and apply cornstarch to rash.

MommyTo3 on

First off if you have two kids with bad diaper rash you need to lookin into your diaper changing habits.

Second, if it is really bad, use the over the counter medicine for Yeast infections. My cousin had to use it for her son because his was so bad that it made him bleed.

I used the Butt Paste, like everyone else here and it always worked well. However I was lucky and only had to deal with it once.

Stacey on

DO NOT use Desitin, Johnson & Johnson, or anything over the counter. They all burn and don’t help. The best stuff is Triple Paste. It has to be ordered at your local pharmacy and takes 24 hours. Pediatricians should also have samples. My daugther had welt/sores because her rash was so bad and it cleared it up very fast. It also works as a great cream of any kind of skin irriation. Best product around – for anyone.

Kris on

A&D Ointment is GREAT for prevention and healing of diaper rash.

Audra on

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment For Diaper Rash is the BEST!!!!
Active Ingredients:zinc Oxide 11.6.
Inactive Ingredients:White Petrolatum,Corn starch,anhydrous lanolin,stearyl alcohol,white beeswax,cholesterol,Polysorbate 80.
Cleanse and allow skin to dry. Apply an even, visible layer over the diaper area. Use after each diaper change or bath and before bed, or anytime exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged.

Maria on

Try Aquaphor. It is a bit expensive; however, I don’t think they will mind. I know it is for dry skin but it seems to work on my little guy.

Elizabeth on

I’ve found that keeping a dry diaper and good old fashioned corn starch every time you change a baby works really well.

Dana on

To clear up diaper rash, any brand of Corn Starch will help works all the time with babies that have sensitive skin.

Susan Coopersmith on

don’t use any commercial products – like baby wipes etc…they irritate the skin…use water to gently clean her skin…and keep her diaper off as much as possible so that her skin stays clean and dry…

Leslie on

First let the babes run and crawl around naked to air out their tushes, this should be a regular routine, next I suggest corn starch this helps to dry the area and unlike baby powder it’s not scented so it won’t cause any irritation. I also suggst using petroleum jelly or anything like that to keep the area from becoming moist.

Jill Lawrence on

This may sound strange but Mary Kay sells an Extra Emollient Night Cream that works fantastic on diaper rashes. I have a niece who got terrible diaper rashes and this was the only thing that worked. Good luck!

Snowieangelie on

Don’t use the Wipes because there have perfume on it so hold it for awhile. Use the rag towel into warm water and little soap on it then wash on her/his butt. Get a dry towel to patty on it then put the diaper on it and put A+D ORGINIAL OINTMENT CREAM ON IT then have little of baby power on it. It keep going till the rashes gone then you can use the wipes again. Just keep use the Rag towel with soap it will help reduce the Rashes and cream too. I do that on my daughter and it help her to reduce her rashes into about 4 days then gone.

Lauren on

Use A&D ointment proactively with every diaper change and change diapers often.

Tim on

I have always used Triple Paste-works everytime in within hours.

Heather on

Aveeno Soothing Relief is the best for the entire family.

Snowieangelie on

Don’t use the Wipes because there have perfume on it so hold it for awhile. Use the rag towel into warm water and little soap on it then wash on her/his butt. Get a dry towel to patty on it then put the diaper on it and put A+D ORGINIAL OINTMENT CREAM ON IT then have little of baby power on it. It keep going till the rashes gone then you can use the wipes again. Just keep use the Rag towel with soap it will help reduce the Rashes and cream too. I do that on my daughter and it help her to reduce her rashes into about 4 days then gone.

brigitta terry on

Diaper Rash issue: The best item that I know is” Penaten Creme”. Produced in Germany. Using it all the time will help prevent diaper rash, plus the results are immediately. Using liquid Kamille ( I don’t know the English word) in bath water helps immediately also if someone has hemorrhoids.

Newfiemom on

When my daughter had diper rash I gave her a bath with Baking soda in the water and put burt flour on her bum. It works wonders. All you do is put some flour in a frying pan and burn it. Very simple and it works!!!

Dawn on

Ok my kids use to get it so bad that it would turn blood red. I found and my ped said to try was Lotrimin (athelitic foot cream) sounds nasty but it healed it within 2 days I also put neosporin on with it.. I have also tried Burts Bees diaper rash ointment and not so good also california baby worked great all natural and worked wonders. The butt paste didn’t work for my kiddos..

Leslie on

I will agree with the previous posts. Brodeaux’s Butt Paste avaliable at all pharmacy’s, drug stores etc. is the best. My daughter had the worst case imaginable and it was the only thing that did the trick!

Dwanna on

Try using Maalox. Just put some on a cotton ball and dabb onto baby’s bottom. It is cool to the touch and doesnt hurt to apply and it comes off easily at the next changing.

Leigh on

Corn Starch! I havne’t tried the butt paste, but last weekend my daughter’s diaper rash was the worst it has ever been and my grandma suggested Corn Starch becuase nothing else was working. It cleared it up by the next morning.

Marianne Thies on

My daughter had terrible diaper rash, too (in 1976). My doctor told me to wash diaper area thoroughly, pat dry, and then air dry. Make sure it is totally dry. Then spread a generous application of Crisco. Yes, Crisco. White Crisco vegetable shortening ONLY. She was totally healed in 2 days. Amazing, since it was one of the worst cases he had ever witnessed. Marianne

Amy on

Actually the best way to clear up diaper rash is start from the inside….usually the diet plays a major role in diaper rash. So figure out what the trigger food is and do away with it. For me my son got diaper rash every time he had peaches. They have too much acid in them and when they soil their diapers it irritates their delicate skin. Also another trick, let them go all-natural (naked) when they are having a terrible rash. And a little sun where the sun doesn’t normally shine (vitamin K) soothes a bit.Good Luck

Ana on

I use Penaten( daily clear protection cream), that cream help my baby. She had a terrible rash, went she was born. I also clean the area with water and cotton, do not use the baby wipes.

Lee on

It’s called Diaper Rash”Pampers”..They are a little more expencive but I’m sure thats not a problem… And it’s always a good thing to let them go bottemless for an hour or so a day!!!! Hey Just lay the kid down on a towel and let her go all natural !!!

Brigitte on

Simple. Baking soda in the bath or sink water 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes each time. Works like a charm.
Then add vaseline to prevent the acid of the stool to eat up any more of the sensitive skin. I’ve used all those white pasty creams…it eventually works but Baking Soda works much faster.

Alicia on

I used Corona Ointment for horses on all 3 of my kids.


Air. Let Shiloh lay on a blanket with plastic under it with no diaper on.

Diane on

I always add powder on top of butt cream, keeps it from rubbing off on the diaper, I have 4 kids and it works like a charm…I use desitine the white creamy one, or a triple paste medicated ointment, or the butt paste but the powder on top does the trick… good luck…

Sara on

CORNSTARCH!!! The nastiest, meanest looking diaper rashes will either be completely gone or seriously lessened by cornstarch-my grandma swore by it, my mom swore by it..I do too. It’s a godsend!

shannon on

My oldest had a terrible time with diaper rash due to food allergies. Actually, it was a breast milk protein allergy/intolerance that caused collitis and diaper rash. As I was breastfeeding, I had to remove offending foods/protein sources from my diet. Start with dairy (that’s the most likely), then proceed to soy, wheat, eggs, fish, and nuts. I went off all of them and it helped “fix” the root of the problem. Usually babies outgrow the protein intolerances by their first birthday. As for the actual rash, we used HEAVY amounts of desitin (regular so that it has the 40% zinc oxide) and overlayed that with Mylanta. The Mylanta, per our GI specialist, helps keep the acid from the urine/BM from attacking the skin on the bottom. GOOD LUCK to anyone dealing with this!

ann on

Triple Paste has always worked for my boys.

Jean on

Do NOT give full bottle – glass of juice, instead, give 1/2 water and 1/2 juice. The acid was horrible on my son’s butt. Use a cream you prefer. I used desitin.
Good Luck and God Bless.



Sheryl Seagle on

It does sound funny….but it honestly works…but cow sauve get it a feed stores or any farming store.

Patty on

triple paste. could get it on the internet. pricey but worth it.

Michelle Machado on

The only thing that has worked like a charm for both of my kids is… Bag Balm. It is a rich salve that can be found at Target/Savon etc.., It comes in a green can with a cow on the front. It is actually a salve for cow udders, but we call it magic boo-boo stuff. It is also great if you have dry hands or feet. Rub some on, put on socks and gloves, go to sleep, and by morning you will be so soft. Both of my kids have really sensitive skin, and this was the only thing that has worked on a regular basis. Good luck.

DonnaK on

DEFINITELY Desitin, had tons of diaper rash with my daughter. Also change diaper as soon as there is a poop!

Brandi on

The best rash ointment is found at your local pharmacy. It is Bag Balm. It was originally designed for cows whose nipples were chaffed from their calf’s nursing to hard. However, it was recommended to us by a friend and we said what the heck, why not? We put it on her in the morning and by the following day her rash was gone, gone, gone. Any time we saw her bottom with the beginning stage of a rash, we would put Bag Balm on her bottom and it would be gone.

Good Luck.

sondra on

boudreaux’s butt paste!

Allison on

I would have to agree with many other postings!
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste works wonders!

Stephanie Moore-Carpenter on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste!

kathryn deitsch on

i as well tried many things when my son had diaper rash…the thing that finally worked was a three step process…yes sounds tedious but it sure worked…..i used eucerin, then patted on malox or some form of it with cotton ball then put on desitin…works like a charm everytime…good luck

Mary V. on

CLOTH DIAPERS!! So breathable and really helps keep the skin clear. Environmentally better too;-)

Patience on

Arbonne has a great diper rash product. It is all natural/botanically based product and works GREAT on diper rash! This is definitely a must purchase for diper rash!


My daughter was born without a anus whole it was later man made – but before they did my daughter has a rash with open sores it was so bad. I used all that stuff you are all talking about. But the best thing to use is Pure Cornstarch
not the Johnson or any baby name brand that has fragance – i mean real pure cornstarch sprinkle it on her and let her go without a diaper for at least an hour after each feeding you’ll see it will heal so much better and not ever come back. – from mommy to mother nature it works. :)

Susan on

First off, if she has a rash already butt paste isn’t going to do it. Buy an oatmeal bath (Aveeno), it comes in a couple packages and you sprinkle it into a bath and she sits in it for 30 minutes or less. IT WORKS. You do this twice a day (or more — she’ll like it), and you’ll notice how the rash clears up very quickly. Also, don’t put on a diaper all day if you can help it. If its warm, have her outside with no diaper. Moisture causes the rash. TRY IT.

A. Mullins on

I know this sounds crazy, but my son once had a really bad diaper rash and I was told to put Mylanta on the rash and let that dry, then put a light layer of vasalive over the Mylanta. IT WORKED GREAT!!!!! I still use it to this day before any thing else.

Joanie on

Ammens Medicated powder did the trick for two generations in my family…also, let the baby “air dry” sometimes–about ten minutes at a time without a diaper on.

ekennedy on

anything with a bit of cortizone in it .. my daughter uses a prescribed cream that contains cortizone and her rash disappears with one dose.

Sharamie on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste……get it at Walmart.

Susan on

First off, if she has a rash already butt paste isn’t going to do it. Buy an oatmeal bath (Aveeno), it comes in a couple packages and you sprinkle it into a bath and she sits in it for 30 minutes or less. IT WORKS. You do this twice a day (or more — she’ll like it), and you’ll notice how the rash clears up very quickly. Also, don’t put on a diaper all day if you can help it. If its warm, have her outside with no diaper. Moisture causes the rash. TRY IT.

jessica on

The best cream for any diaper rash is neosporin, it works wonderful!! Better then any butt paste!

michelle miller on

As a new mother, I have tried everything; desitin, balmex, butt paste, target brand, walmart brand, and none of them work. We are huge fans of A & D ointment. Our son’s diaper rash cleared up in 2-3 days, and he has been diaper rash free for over 2 months.

Lisa on

When all else fails – olive oil. I tied everything with my daughter when she had it – my Italian father said “Try olive oil. It can’t hurt.” Cleared it up in 48 hours.



Laura on

I would try A+D original ointment cream. It worked really good on my son’s diaper rash. I use to use desatin but my son would cry every time I put it on his rash, and it didn’t help his rash at all. The first time I used A+D it cleared his rash up in a day and a half.

Kristina on

The best treatment I have found for my 19 month old is Butt Paste followed by a medicated poweder. The Butt Paste has never failed us and works instantly.

Julia Garlington on

Aquaphor. I have used it on all three kids, including the Ethiopian baby girl we just adopted. She came home with diaper rash too and aquaphor cleared it up right away.

Jackie on

The best way to get rid of Diaper rash is to sprinkle “Corn Strach” on thier bottom after each. Change the diapers often. I have 3 boys and that is the only thing I ever used. My boys called it “magic tushy powder”. Give it a try, it’s all natural and there are no chemicals..

Kelley on

Desitin is #1. However, truly, free air time DAILY is a key for sensitive skin. Also, changing the diapers frequently is important-compounds in the waste products irritate the skin more. On days when the babes are rash free, I always use baby powder corn starch. Another great secret: Lansinoh Lanolin…works WONDERS on rashes, no pain or agitation for the little ones!

Mary Ann on

Try the BUTT paste, letting her walk around without a diaper, and I used to use just plain vasaline after ever diaper change to guard the skin away from wetness.

Also talk to the nanny about changing the diaper more often AND beware of perfumed laundry detergent. Ivory Snow detergent worked best for my children.


I had the best luck with CORN STARCH

Heidi Lashley on

Calmoseptine is the best stuff I have ever found. One of the Doctor’s that work with my mother recommended it. It puts a protective film over the rash. One tube of it lasts forever.

Anita on

The best remedy for diaper rash and the prevention of diaper rash is definitely petroleum jelly. I have used petroleum jelly on my son from the time he was born and he never had a diaper rash in his life. Another thing to remember, always dries the baby bottom after cleaning before applying the petroleum jelly. Do not apply anything on a wet bottom it doesn’t help. Petroleum jelly helps to keep their skin water proof.

Jackie on

I would suggest using aloe vera gel for the rash. Also, change the diaper often to keep the area as dry as possible. Good luck!

Veronica on

If you are at home, instead of cleaning there butt’s with diaper wipes run clean water on there butts. Let them air out for a few minutes and use vaseline. Change there diaper frequently not only when there wet. Give them more water there urine and bowel may be strong because there not drinking enough water and will cause a diaper rash.

Karen Koenig on

The liquid squeezed from a piece of aloe works wonders and feels oh so good and as it is natural you know exactly what it is.

Hilary on

Check with your children’s doctor. Desitin creamy works very well. BUT if you’ve tried all creams – it could be another kind of rash like it was on our son. This rash was hard to get rid of. It comes from the same germs that make athlete’s foot. Try Lotrimin found in food stores for athlete’s foot; but see a doctor first to make sure that this is what it is. Good luck.

Karen on

Hands down the best ointment I have ever used on my daughter was Dr. Smith’s Diaper Cream. It works immediately and prevents future breakouts.It’s available at your local drug store. My friend who is a pharmacist told me about it and I recommend it to all my new mommy friends and they swear by it too. Good luck Jolie-Pitt Family!

Mimi on

For diaper rash. Dry, dry, and dry some more. Air-dry, blow-dry, or blot with a cloth diaper, but get the skin dry before putting on the diaper. Use the back of your hand. If the skin is damp to the touch keep drying. Also, if the skin is broken out with rash, don’t use wipes. Use a wash cloth with water only. The wipes will sting. Once the skin is dry, plaster on a thick layer of Desitin. It’s messy, but it keeps the tinkle out (so it doesn’t sting and wake them up) and helps the skin heal. The rash should be gone overnight.

Pamela S. Schutz on

They should try Arbonne’s Diaper Rash Ointment. It works for a lot of children that have sensitive skin. I would be happy to send them some if they would like some.

They can also try Bag Balm which you can get at Walgreens.

isabel on

the best thing that works for my 11 month daughter, is desitin , but before that i put her in a warm tub of water with about 2 cups of baking soda and just let her soak for about 15-20 minutes, then i dry her and let her play w/o a diaper for another 20 minutes then i put on desitin. Also , the last diaper i cahnge at night i lether her up with desitin, if she already had diaper rash and if she doesn’t i put petroleum jelly, just toprotect her durin sleep. Good luck

Eileen Burks on

Borafax is the best ointment for diaper rash. It will work instantly!

Jeni RN on

Stop using any paste or barrier creams. Change diaper frequently, allow diaper area to air dry when possible and apply maalox to rash prior to rediapering. Maalox changes the skins PH from acid to base. Works every time!

Amalia on

I’m from South-Africa and we have a corn-starch product (it almost looks like baby powder)called Maizina. Just put the dry powder on the area – like you would with baby powder. It’s magic!

Liza on

As crazy as this sounds….Corn Starch. Just sprinke some in the diaper.

patricia on

get you some corn starch that you use to cook with and brown it on the stove and let it cook and then put it on the baby’s bottom after every change and that should help. That is a old remedy that my mother’s mother used on me and I used it on my kids and grandkids.

robert on

Corn Starch! The best solution for diaper rash. AND CHEAP!!


Triple paste it works really good and fast!

Dawn on

I was told about a product when my son was born that is VERY good for diaper rash. The product is Beaudreaux’s Butt Paste. It will take care of diaper rash within a very short time. I used it when my son had a stomach virus and his rash was gone within 12 hours and it was pretty bad.

rita on

I had the same problem with 2 out of 3 of my kids…..I had to change to cloth diapers for awhile as the disposable seemed to make rash worse..I found A&D Ointment worked best for him, and only pure cornstarch powder, I did use the disposables when leaving the house…also, my youngest seemed to be allergic to everything, protein in formula(had to change to Augmentim) and also whenever he ate any citrusy fruits or juice the rash would come back….thank goodness once he was a year old, he had no problem with regular milk or fruit…..

Debbie on

It is in a pink plastic container called “Caldasene”, I don’t know if that is spelled right or not, but this is great for diaper rash!

natalie on

ABC- Arbonne Baby Care Diaper Rash Cream. It is an all natural product that clears it right up! It is also excellent on bug bites for people of all ages. Go to or for more information.

Sara on

Mix equal parts Aquphor and Maalox until creamy. Sometimes you can ask your local pharmacist to mix it up. They use it in the nursery at the hospital and the hospital pharmacy will have it in stock. Works everytime…that Butt paste never worked for my son.

Dawn on

I was told about a product when my son was born that is VERY good for diaper rash. The product is Beaudreaux’s Butt Paste. It will take care of diaper rash within a very short time. I used it when my son had a stomach virus and his rash was gone within 12 hours and it was pretty bad.

Dania on

The best and only way to treat diaper rash and sensitive bums is to air it out. Yes, it can be messy, but a good day of air will work magic!

sonya on

Sometimes the diaper rash is not just a diaper rash but a yeast infection. My daughter had a yeast infection as a baby that I thought was a diaper rash. I tried everything. When I took her to the pediatrician, she told me to use Monistat externally and in just a couple of days it was gone!! also, I found that Huggies Supreme diapers were the only diapers she could wear. Hope this helps.

keeann on


Michelle Chance on

Try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste…It works miracles. It can be found in most drug stores, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. located in the south. The makers of this product are located out of Louisiana I believe…

Brenda on

I would suggest using Sayman Salve. It is the best ! You can get it at most any pharmacy. It is not a prescription but you have to ask the pharmacist for it.

rita on

and one more thing…….definetly the commercial wipes aggravated the condition, so I would just use warm, wet washclothes, and always kept a few in baggies in my diaper bag..

annette on

try crisco vegetable shortening. I swear by this. by the next day the redness will be gone!!

Sarah on

Desitin, works like a charm!!!!

graciesmom on

Athlete’s foot cream works the best. Diaper rash is a fungus similar to athletes foot. Using this cream (Lotrimin or the generic) clears my baby’s worst diaper rash in a few hours. I knew about this trick b/c I worked in a pharmacy for years and the pharmacist always recommended it.

Angie on

RESINOL cream works the greatest!! Some places you have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter.

J on

Go to your doctor and get Nystatin ointment, it’s the only thing that worked for any of my boys, diaper rash ointment only made it worse.

Sisi Suarez on

BALMAX is the best ointment.

Heather on

I used “Baby Bum Jelly” made by Clayburn Comforts. Its completely natural made from beeswax and castor oil, with lavendar and chamomile. My daughter was 4 months old when she finally got the slightest amount of diaper rash, when she started teething. I used the jelly (which is petrollium free) at every diaper change and she stayed rash free.

Mary on

Well, diaper rash is created because there is too much moist around the skin, so, the best idea would be to have something absorb this moist.
So, i recommend some baby powder and thats gonna work perfectly

Heather on

The best is Lotrimin Ultra Athlete’s Foot Cream. I know it is for Athlete’s foot, but I have never found any of the ordinary baby prducts to clear up diaper rash. My son used to have diaper rash so bad and Lotrimin Ultra Athlete’s Foot Cream is the only thing that ever cleared it up.

Crystal Lawson on

My daughter has very sensitive skin and I have tried everything and nothing seems to clear rash up as well as Aveeno Diaper Rash cream. Its great for sensitive skin, and has a lot of natural ingredients like oatmeal. Its inexpensive and you can find it at almost any store. Warm baths with Aveeno Oatmeal Baby Wash work great too along with their rash cream. Good luck!

Candy on

I had a problem with diaper rash and I found that it was the baby wipes. Once I started using plain wet towels, the rash cleared up and I didn’t have any more problems.

Gloria on

LOTRIMIN or CRUEX. It works in 1 day –I have 5 kids –and it worked extremely well on all of them –usually clears up the rash in just one day (overnight). Thanks!

Gladys on

Cold Corn Starch is the best! Go to any supermarket and buy a box of this stuff put it in the fridge once cooled put some on the baby’s bottom as if it was baby powder next day it would be as if they never had a diaper rash to begin with! Worked with both of my kids! I recommend all parent keep a box of Corn Starch in the fridge as some of us keep Bibles in the home!

ana on

The best thing for diaper rash is corn starch

Rystepat on

When my son had diaper rash I never used any kind of ointment. The best thing is to give them a sit bath with Aveeno bath powder… Then let it air out and don’t let it sit on diaper. Let your baby’s butt rest without diaper for 24 hrs.. That will ease the rash and will ease the pain for your baby…

And just repeat it for 72 hrs until diaper rash is gone.

Kim on

Well, not that I think he will actually get this or read this, but what the heck… The butt paste didnt work on my daughters butt, so we use the Aquaphor treatment at every diaper change and it is the only one that clears it up. If she doesnt have a rash we use A&D ointment to prevent one!!!!

Suzee on

Wow! I can’t believe only a few people have mentioned Lotrimin. It gets rid of diaper rash in a day. It’s amazing!

Beth on

We have been there before, and we found Triple Paste is the best and it works fast! We have used it on all of our kids. It is a great stuff.

Rosie on


john on

Use corn starch it worked when noithng else did on my two girls.

T on

Do not use wipes. Warm water and wash cloth until their sensitive skin gets alittle tougher. Also, Aquaphor by the makers of Eucerin. Works like a charm.

Jena on

Bottom’s up! Just good old fresh air. Works the best on both of mine, they lay out and play on a cloth covered diaper pad creams just never seem to do the trick!

T on

Do not use wipes. Warm water and wash cloth until their sensitive skin gets alittle tougher. Also, Aquaphor by the makers of Eucerin. Works like a charm.

bonnie on

Butt paste


Congratulations Brad and Angelina on all of your children. I think you are great role models to the world.When my children were babies 22-26 years ago I was old enough to vote but not old enough to drink alcohol. I am now the Grandmother of a healty four year grandson. Back when my children and to this very day I strongly believe in DESITIN….. Make sure the baby is cleaned and dryed with FRAGRANCE FREE products… Air her out with a clean diaper by waving it as fast as you can over the rash…Apply DESITIN by the GLOBS on her infected area. Each time you change her make sure you re-apply the DESITIN until the rash is gone by the GLOBS….Use DESITIN every day until she is POTTY TRAINED and you guys will never go through this again…. You might want to make sure she is not allergic to her formula,Angies breast milk, baby products,laundry detergent,fabric softner,un-washed clothing items and blankets. I would also stay clear of fans and blow dryers to air-out the baby because of the dust in the air or dust on the blades of the air blowing device. That could worsen the baby’s rash by increasing an infection from un-wanted dirt particles.. GOOD LUCK !! ROBIN FROM PITTSBURGH

Julie on

Butt Paste…definetly, I use it on my daughter whenever she starts to turn red and it clears up immediately.

Jennie on

My son had sevre diaper rash when he was younger and I tried everything on the market to try and clear it up. My sitter told me to try Crisco (original) and Cornstarch. Sure enough it worked and started clearing up in a couple of days.


I’m going with A&D ointment. My daughter would get a diaper rash and I would use it once by the next time I changed her diaper it was gone. Can get it at any drug store.

M. Clark on

Use plain ol’ corn starch. I am a mother of triplets, boys, they are three now, but during diaper time, corn starch did the trick every time. I continued to use it on a daily basis and my boys stayed rash free.

c on

womens itch cream for vagisil.
also, we used the cream for foot fungus and it worked in less than 2 days.
we also, dip buttocks in bathroom sink full of some regular salt and warm water.Dip a few time and lightly pat dry. this for 2-6 times a day. LEt dry with out diaper and it also was gone in a few days.

gloria on

Lansinoh lanolin is the true ointment. As well as the Maalox/Aquaphor mixture that is made in the pharmacy for diaper rash. Both are by far the best out there on the markets.

Daria on

Straight up olive oil works best. Apply a thin coat on a clean bum between diaper changes and especially before bedtime. It acts as a moisture barrier and sooths the skin. The Romans used it for skin ailments as well.

Kim on

Corona (its for horses, but it works wonders on the worst diaper rash) Its safe and I use it on my baby!


I am from Canada and for both my children I used Penaten cream..

Lynn on

I used to put epsom salts in warm water, let it dissolve, then soak a towel in it. Wring it out and wrap the baby’s bottom (like a diaper). The epsom salt will kill the bacteria and dry up the rash.

AJ on

My 2 year old daughter at times gets really bad diaper rash and we swear by the following….put some liquid Mylanta on her bottom, let it dry, and then put Desitin cream over it. It will look and feel so much better in hours.

Rhonda on

BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE! The rash will go away overnight! Good luck! PS It was recommended on Oprah, so you know it’s good!

Ann on



Butt Paste! Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! My daughter used to get bad diaper rash. This cream worked wonders, and I tried it all.

mom on

Cornstarch is the best.

Kim on

Corona (its for horses, but works wonders on the worst diaper rash) Its save and I use it on my baby!

jamie on

i swear by butt paste. My daughter’s rash goes away within hours of using it!

Patricia on

I have a two year old son and he is always getting a dipper rash, I use the old fashion Italian way: Penaten, its the best and it works, the rash will be gone in a day or two depedning how bad it is. ALso, if it does not go away try polisporn for kids.

Let me know what works best!

jessica on

Arbonne Herbal Diaper Rash cream and pure conrstarch. It’s fantastic. The trick to rash free bottoms – keep them clean and treat the bottom as if it were rashed or not.

Amy on

For extreme diaper rash you should go to your pharmacist and ask for a product called Acid Mantle. It works when nothing else will!

Camilla on

The only thing that works and I have tried it all is
penaten. It comes in a blue tin and you can’t get it in the states, only Canada and Germany (i think.) You won’t be sorry!

mommy on

Both my daughters get horrid diaper rash, come to find out half the problem was they had food allergies, so since taking away the “bad” foods there is an improvement. But it does still come around (esp. when teething) So I use a new diaper cream only avaiable by prescription though it is called Vusion it is the best it is new within the past few months. I tell you we tried everything, baking powder, no wipes, let he “air” out, butt paste nothing worked but this stuff does!!!!

Rhonda on

Now that I think of it, it may not be a rash, but a yeast infection. The baking soda in her bath will help relieve the soreness, but yeast is found in babies poop, not where you might find it in a grown up. So, if she has a full diaper, and it isn’t cleaned up fast enough, the infection can spread (it looks like red dots all over her bottom and will move up above her privates, down her thighs, etc.). Nystatin has to be prescribed, and sometimes and oral med will be prescribed as well if this is really what it is! Good Luck.

Adriana on

Baking Soda. Directly on the rash and in a bath of warm water. My daughters rashes would get so bad that she would get yeast infections. Then my manager informed me of the baking soda trick and she has not had a rash since then.

Debbie on

Butt paste is good but plain corn starch from your kitchen is by far the best! (And cheapest to butt….ahhhhh….I mean boot!)



pam on

Flanders Buttocks Ointment and let them “air dry”.

jane on

Stop using chemicals on babies. Use washcloth and plain water to clean babys behind, no chemical laden washcloths please. I used 100% cotton Cloth diapers and cotton washcloths for my daughter and the only time she ever had diaper rash was when she was teeting (nothing to be done about that). We put too many checmicals on our childrens behinds, is it any wonder that they react? I cannot believe mothers use that garbage on their babies new skin. I washed all cloth diapers myself in laundry mat, and it was fine for me. Surely Brad can afford a diaper service for he and Angie’s babies.

cindy on

Keep the diaper off the baby. Gross but baby needs to air out. Use cloth diapers not store bought-baby might be allergic. Then use medication. Most important, keep baby dry. Change diapers frequently.

Shannon on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is also good for dry, chapped hands in the winter.

Jessica Keady on

Seeing as Brad and Angelina have the money and access to this sort of thing, I’ll pass it along…for everyone else, you can get this stuff on the internet but it’ll cost ya! First, change and bathe the baby often…dryness is key. I highly recommend Aveeno oatmeal bath for the baby’s bath and let her soak! Second is a product from the UK call Seudocream. Now a warning…this is only good for a baby that is very young. Once it is old enough to start grabbing at it’s diaper, you’re done. This product has a higher percentage of zinc oxide than is able to sell in the states. You must use an applicator for this as there is a danger of injury if it comes into cintact with your eyes. Then dump some cornstarch on the bum and you’re done!

meghan on

Vaseline.. depending on if it is a dotty rash, then you need hydrocortizone.. but stop using wipes. Only use a wet paper towel, then lots of vaseline. Works every time. Butt paste works ok.. but won’t get rid of it right away.

Carolann on

Sometimes you just gotta let the kid run around bare-butt. The skin needs to breath to dry up the rash. Works for us, down here in the Caribbean!

Allison on


Shanea on

Both of my boys got bad rashes when they were little. I was told to use “Bag Balm” by my mom…. yup that’s right “Bag Balm”. It’s original use is for animals, to soothe injuries BUT it really works for baby diaper rash. The moment I noticed a rash I would put that on before a clean diaper and by the second diaper change after that it was gone…..ALL gone. Do a google search on it and read. You can get it at Wal Mart in the pet section. Please don’t let that turn you away. It really works!

Juli on

Butt paste and Bag Balm work the best!

Rebecca on

Flanders Buttocks Ointment
Can purchase over the internet or in drug stores.
Only thing that clears my son’s diaper rashes up in less than a day!!

Sue on

3 ideas: try cloth diapers, change the diapers more often or let Shiloh run around bare-butt…

Nicole on

Triple Paste Diaper rash cream worked great on my daughter’s diaper rash and she had it very bad, it is made by Summers Laboratories, you can search it online. Most of the time you can just order by phone or online and some pharmacys carry it.

Jill on

I used to just let my child air out a little after her bath. it always worked. also-changing the diaper as often as possible. i know they can afford to! :)

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jafra baby butt balm, its the best

Nicole on

Triple Paste Diaper rash cream worked great on my daughter’s diaper rash and she had it very bad, it is made by Summers Laboratories, you can search it online. Most of the time you can just order by phone or online and some pharmacys carry it.

Jodi on

I used A & D ointment for my kids and found that worked really well.

Deb Beaudry on

Please try this before you dispute it.

My mother used to swear by this and now I do.

Brown all purpose flour in a cast iron skillet. Let the flour cool and spread it on the rash. You should see improvement and your little one should feel relief almost immediately.

Good luck. (smile)

Alison on

baby soap and warm water on the babies butt every time they use it then blot dry with washcloth then add neosporion and then diaper rash cream on top of it. You have to keep them changed as much as possible atleast til the rash goes away. Try to let it air out as much as possible. I would say within two or three days tops it should be completly gone.

Jessica on

The best stuff I have tried for diaper rash is found made in a local pharmacy here in Kingsport, TN. At Berry’s Pharmacy they have their own recipe for what is called “Butt Paste”. Literally, that is what it will say on the jar when you pick it up. I am not sure what all is in it, but it works better than anything else I have EVER tried. I used it, my mom used it, my grandmother used it etc.

Ann on

Triple Paste worked the best for us – if it’s an Alabama thing – I will buy it and send it to your office. It broke my heart any time my baby had diaper rash.

Mia on

Brad and Angie-
Take your baby to the doctor. What you may think is diaper rash could in fact be a yeast infection, or a strep infection. Your doctor can prescribe something if that is the case. Good luck!

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The baby may be allergic to the diapers. When my son keep getting rashes I tried everything. I stopped using the plastic disposal diapers and used cloth diapers and he never got a rash again. I also used corn starch baby powder at that keep him nice and dry.

Kim on

1 cup cornstarch 1 cup borics (sp) acid. THIS WILL NOT HURT THE BABY. It dries out the rash. My daughter had it so bad as a baby and my grandfather mixed it up for me and her rash was gone the next morning. Can also be used for heat rash. You will not be disappointed!!

Beckie Messing on

Are you sure it’s diaper rash? It could be a yeast infection. Kids get them from sitting in a wet diaper. My daughter had one and it looks just like a diaper rash. Her doctor gave us a prescription for an anitfungal creme and it cleared up within a couple days.

Amy B on

Strange as it sounds, Lotrimin works wonders for really bad diaper rashes. Even though it was made for Athlete’s Foot, it cures up a diaper rash really quickly.



Nancy on

Changing the diaper frequently is a must!

NJ on

Nivea creme. I have used it with both of my boys (4 yrs. & 6 1/2 mos.) & it works like a charm!

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Butt paste does the job-but might not help the cause-i found with my three children that the juices they were drinking were way too strong-just add some water to them that will cut the acidity and the diaper rashes became fewer and far between-I always found looking for the cause was better than medicating it. But thank God for the medicine along the way. Good luck Brad and Angelina

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Balmex works for my girls… it can be bought at any pharmacy.

Elva on

I have heard that butt paste works wonders. I hadn’t heard of it when my daughter got a diaper rash, but my mother-in-law suggested Crisco- as wierd as it sounded, I used it and it got rid of the rash within a few hours.

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Triple Paste…it costs a lot, but it works so much better than ANYTHING else you can buy. Our pediatrician recommended it to us and we think it’s the best kept baby secret because we had never heard of it. My son’s horrible rash cleared up in a matter of hours. You can get it at some drugstores, some health food stores, and you can order it online (which is what we ended up doing b/c it can be hard to find).

Amy Feisel on

If you take liquid Malox and Balamix (baby stuff) combind them together and it will clear up the worst diaper rash up within 24hours, put it on every time you have to change the baby. Make sure to also keep them as dry as possible. Meaning to change diaper frequently.

Amy. :)

Noelle on

Penaten and Plain Corstarch are definitely the best. Coming from a Mom whose son as awful skin problems

Kristi on

I have twins who had horrible diaper rash because their first daycare was horrible. Our new daycare told us to use (from the pet department) Bag Balm salve, it’s actaully for cows utters but it works great and it is a life saver for sore bottoms.

erin on

the best thing for diaper rash is Bag Balm. You have to ask for it from the pharmacist. It comes in a green can and you just use a very little bit. It works over night. My daughter use to get diaper rash really bad too and it is the only thing i will use.

Mary on

Clean the baby’s bottom with water and let her air out for a while. Always make sure the skin is dry before applying a lotion. I have used vaseline for my daughter and it has been the best. Plus, no chemicals or zinc oxide like most diaper rash creams. When she does get a bit of a rash, I use Zincofax for a day or two and that seems to help.

Sarah on

The best is egg whites. Whip them up, put them on, and presto!


Angelina and Brad,
you need to get some pure corn starch and rub it on the irritated area. it dries up the rash, stops itching and prevents peeling, this is an old African American remedy, it is also good for chickenpox. you can buy the corn starch at any supermarket. good luck……….kj

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Boudreaux’s Butt Paste-originated in Louisiana-he has been on Oprah with his product. I have 3 children-it works! Try Target or Walmart Brad!

Rebecca on

It could be that its a yeast infection too. Sometimes my son gets them, they start out looking like rashes and they spread. Try regular foot fungal cream (I know sounds weird…but….hehehe no pun intended …it does work). Also let them soak in warm baths with a little bit of dreft put into the water. Afterwards, let them be ‘free’ until they are air dried and then put the diaper on. When using the fungal cream, you only need a little bit to put a light coating on the area.

Renee on

Arbonne’s diaper rash cream — it’s the greatest! Helps with adult dry skin as well. — or email me with questions on how to get it fast.

Sylvia on

Balmex all the way the Best Cream for Diaper Rash….

Kathryn on

Bag-Balm!!! It was made for chaffing cow utters. Not only does it cure diaper rash it clears heat rash and is great for dry skin such as feel and elbows!

esther on

best solution; sudo creme or for extreme rash bepantin creme from Roche pharma

Carol on

on website is the best stuff that I’ve found called Angel Baby bottom balm. I swear by it!

tep on

My son is three and he never had a diaper rash. After every bath put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the baby’s genital area and buttocks and change the baby’s pamper at least every three hours, and don’t use cheap diapers!! I wasted money buying diaper ointment and never had to use it!

Darlene Mullins on

1. Change diapers frequently
2. Do not use baby powders or lotions with perfume-Use
plain cornstarch
3. Do not use wipes-mild soap and water and rinse well
4. Use spray bottle with above mixture to spray diaper area and wipe with clean cloth
5. Protect irritated skin with barrier such as balmex or A&D ointment

claudia on

pure cornstarch after a warm bath

D on

The best solution for diaper rash that I found when my sons were little…was malox. I would dab plain, liquid malox on their bottoms and dry it with cool air from hairdryer. I also used cloth diapers versus disposable and I allowed him to be naked as much as possible to get air to the rash.

Jennifer on

Vaseline, and loads of it, after the area has been cleaned with only plain tepid water and cotton wool. Dab the area dry with a cotton cloth. Get rid of all the Johnsons and other perfumed products. Get rid of the fabric softeners and any perfumed detergent. It’s also a sign of teething so get the frozen bananas ready!

Karen on

I found the following works best: GENTLY wash the area with a soft cloth that’s been dipped in warm water and mild (baby) soap, let it dry completely and apply Balmex before putting the diaper back on. Also, change diapers very frequently. Poor baby! :-(

Debra Salowitz on

It might be worth ascertaining whether Shiloh is allergic to lanolin…the active ingredient in almost every ointment and lotion. One of our daughters suffered terrible diaper rash that was only exacerbated by the typical treatments…until we discovered this allergy. There are a few non-lanolin products out there (including some made with corn)…difficult to find but worth the effort if this is Shiloh’s problem.

paulette on

Best natural cure—good ole fashion quaker oat meal….mix oatmeal with water to make a paste —that simple!

Dee on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste!

Jessica on

Butt Paste! Boudreaux’s Butt Paste,And change the diapers more often

Randa Keil on

I am a mother of 3 and I have always used Bag Balm. You can find it at most pharmacies. It comes in a green tin with a cow on the label. It is primarily used for sore udders on cows but it works! I have 3 beautiful hineys to prove it!

agc on

Try egg whites…I know it sounds crazy but evedently the egg whites dry, creating a shield against the dampness causing the rash. My sister and I both have tried it and it really works.

AGC in Marietta, GA

Stephanie on

Arbonne carries an incredible cream for diaper rash. You can find it and other baby products at

Sarah Gonzalez on

Dr Smith Butt Cream is the best. I used it every time I changed my son’s diapers with powder when he had a rash. And I found that especially if they have a heavy rash that the diapers shoudl be changed every hour if possible or immediatly when the noticing of have a urine or bowel movement. I woudl also use warm wash cloths becasue many times diaper wipes can hurt when they have a rash.

Good Luck.

Natalie Riepl on

Brad you and the nanny change them every hour no longer than 2 hours also there is aveeno’s rash ointment – it is herbal and very good on top of the ointment you need to use Johnson’s baby powder with CORNSTARCH-

Believe me this works –
the reason for the rash is the dampness and the cornstrach will obsorb it – use it every time you change the babies.
Try a different diaper – Diapers have chlorine in them and this also contributes to the rashes – you have to find one that their little skin can handle – I know you have the best for your kids – no no name brands – Pampers are the best for my 11 month old. It is hit or miss until you find something for each of them.

Also, letting them air out for a while is also best!

Hope it works for you –
be fan
Natalie Riepl
St. Louis

Shawna on

Aquafere when all else fails

Melissa on

I have a 4 year old daughter and the absolute best stuff you can buy for diaper rash is athlete’s foot creme. Hands down the best!!!! Girls can usually get a diaper rash after taking antibiotics because the anitbiotics clean out all of the bacteria in your system including the “good bacteria” that we need! Athlete’s foot creme works! I’ve used it a lot!

Kelly K on

Burt’s Bees Diaper Rash Ointment is the best!

A Allen on

Lotrimin will take care of it. You can get it at wal-mart.

Samantha Williams MSN, ARNP-C on

Dear Brad and Angie, and any other potential parent of baby butt rashes. I’m a certified and licensed ARNP with 2 small children of my own. My daughter suffered from severe allergic contact dermatitis, and through research as well as trial and error, I ended up discovering a perineal (private part) skin barrier, that most hospitals are now incorporating into their wound care departments. It’s called Calmoseptine. It is a barrier ointment with zinc oxide, and a few other key ingredients. As a nurse, I used it on patients I worked with first who had bad skin breakdown, from urine and stool from their colostomy sites. I purchased it from their site, and used it on my daughter for 2 years! My little one had such severe excoriation with welts, I almost lost hope. I applied it at every diaper change, including the folds of the skin under newborn neck. Within 24 hours there was at least a 75% improvement. By 3 days, it was entirely gone. It’s not a prescription, but it is hard to locate, and there are certain pharmacies that will order it for you, or you can orderly directly through their website. I used it on my 2 year old, and I use it on my 8 month old. They will never have a rash again thanks to this stuff.
Good luck
Samantha Williams MSN, ARNP-C
FL license # 9177835

Jez on

Try Weleda Calendula Baby Cream. You can only get it in the Whole Food Market. The creme is all natural and that is the problem with all the other cremes you can find. They are made out of mineral oil and that dryes the skin and when you put it on it burns like hell.
In Weleda Calendula Baby Cream is Beeswax and Lanolin that smothens the skin and Calendula to heal the rash. My twin girls had severe rashes and were bleeding so bad. That creme is what worked for us. And my thired daughter never had to go thru that, since the baby creme kept it from going so fare.

Heather on

If the thought was not concidered it may not be a diaper rash at all but maybe a yeast infection or eggzama both of my girls have bad eggzema and in moist area it is very bad. give the babies some air. and use oatmeal soaps when bathing and if you have to put a diaper on them they make this ointment with Aveeno that does wonders. I would sware by it.

Debra on

I agree with the fresh air method, butt … I also remember a trick that an elderly Italian lady showed me, that worked for my kids. Take flour (regular, white, baking flour) and very lightly brown it in a pan on the stove. (just until it no longer sticks to your fingers when you touch it) Use it generously, like powder, when changing diapers. It works great, and you avoid any talc problems too! The natural way, plus a lot of going in the sunshine without the diaper is a great help.

Marlene on

Use a hispanic product called “Vitasilina” it’s a diaper rash (for babies of course it works wonders! I tried butt paste, name it but nothing worked..Vitasilina works GREAT!!! You could find it at K-Mart and any other drug stores. Also, wash babies butt after each diaper change…

Michele on

Balmex is great for clearing up diaper rash but you should also use a tiny bit every change to prevent diaper rash. I used a tiny bit on my daughter’s face when she was young to prevent zits. We called it beauty cream.

Nickie on

Try changing the diapers more often!!!
You’ll see a difference…DUH




Amanda on

This is going to sound STRANGE, but I used Mylanta for both of my kids. My doctor (he has been the Dr. for all the kids in our family, including me) told me to put Mylanta on their little bottoms and then let them “hang” out in the crib naked for like 10-15 minutes after a diaper change (if applicable) and it was always cleared up in a few days. He said it had something to do with the acid because that is what Mylanta if for. I know it sounds STRANGE, but we have used it on every kid in the family since my little sister, and there have been 7…. It didnt seem to bother them and when I would always put it on it was cool and made it hurt less….


Try the butt paste but most impotant is start using cloth diapers on the little one and you’ll see the differents. the bottom needs air and you can’t keep the diaper off all the time CLOTH DIAPERS WORKS GREAT.

Rosemary Del Toral Aguilar on

My older sister Josie gave me some advice when my child got diaper rash for the first time. She told me to use cornstarch (Argo). It’s pure, perfume free, washes off easily and does not irritate.

Nickie on

Try changing her diaper more often!!!

You’ll see the difference….DUH

Eurdice Haggard on

Bag Balm. Originally for cow’s udders but works wonders on rashes.

Joy on

The best cream is “Dr Selby’s” It is from Uruguay it comes in a green tube. It is truly THE best!

Eurdice Haggard on

Bag Balm. Originally for cow’s udders but works wonders on rashes.

Cindi on

Sudocre am all the way. Works like a charm, and it is not oily or pasty like all the other creams.

Tammy on

The best thing that worked for my son was Balmex. His bottom was very sensitive to everything and that was the only thing that worked. Good luck!!!

kIM on

I have 3 kids and the best thing I found was air and plain ol’ corn starch. The best thing is take the diaper off and let her air a little and then put alot of corn starch on her bottom.

Kristen Gomolka on

The best stuff ever for diaper rash is Triple Paste. It isn’t cheap at all but it works everytime!

kim on

i would recommend applying baby powder. you can put some inside the diaper and change the baby’s diaper ofter.

Cindi on

Sudocre am all the way. Works like a charm, and it is not oily or pasty like all the other creams.

Kim on

I have twins that both have had terrible diaper rash..nothing worked exept..BAG BALM..which is usual used on large cows and horses..and oatmeal baths. Sounds weird but it works. No zinc oxcide.

Kristin on

I use plain old Vaseline for simple diaper rash for my youngest daughter. However, my oldest daughter had a recurring yeast rash that required prescription Nystatin cream.

Sarah on

I have 2 things that work great Butt paste and something called California Baby Diaper Rash, it’s in a white and green tube and I bought it at Long’s Drugs

JGore on

When my daughter had it I went to my Doctor after I had tried about every cream out there from the States and Can. Finally the doctor told me to try Canesten. The stuff worked like a charm! Within 2 to 3 days it was cleared right up. I guess a diaper rash is nothing short of a yeast infection on the bum.

Vanessa on

NO BUTT PASTE!!! You need to dry and protect the rash. There is a thick powder in an old fashioned pink bottle called Caldesen. It is a zink oxide powder vs. zink oxide cream such as Butt Paste or A&D cream(s). It may be hard to find, but it is more than worth the search.

Lois Tompkins on

Dear,Brad, I am a great-grandma.Yes, what works,well,is to give the babies,warm soda,baths. Only, use,plain corn starch,as a powder. Do not use,any thing,with scented,smells,or perfumes.This,remedy,also helps, with,any kind of,insect,bites,too.Also, any kind of chafting,on a person,works,also. Will stop all itching,and heals, these problems, quickly.Sincerely,Lois Tompkins

Karen on

Dont use wipes, use baby washcloths and warm water. My kids never got diaper rash. Wipes just smear everything around and leave a sticky film.

jspinney on

The cheapest and best remedy is plain old cornstarch! Just spoon some on at every diaper change. Worked for my babies when nothing else would work.

Neshia Heron on

First you should try letting her little bottom get some fresh air and try cloth diapers because she may be allergic to the plastic diapers. Also, try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste you can find it anywhere in Louisiana.

Jennifer on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – great stuff!

hope on

I can’t believe their pediatrician didn’t clue the happy family onto this method of No-Diaper-Rash-Left-Behind like my first dr. did with my first child. Use this method and you will never see diaper rash again:

Stop using wipes, unless it’s an emergency and you’re out and about. Wash baby’s bottom gently with a warm, wet wash cloth each and every diaper change. This sounds like a big thing, but you get used to it. Use a slight bit of gentle soap if it’s a messy change. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a different towel. Let bottom “air out” for a bit or as long as you feel comfortable. Then use thin sheen of A&D ointment and cornstarch powder and replace diaper.

Do you want to prevent diaper rash before it begins? At bath time, after cleaning and patting baby dry, apply A&D ointment again and cornstarch powder. I have 5 children and the last few never had diaper rash – so easy. I balked at first when I was a young mother – wash their bottoms every time? Are you nuts? But it works, it works.

Stacy on

Try a combination of maalox and corn starch. It worked great for my kids. It takes all the acid out!

Allison on

My daughter had really bad diaper rash as well and the only thing that would clear it up is Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder. You can buy it over the counter. And the other thing that helped my daughter is a prescription called Bacterban.

patty on

The best thing for my 3 babies was to try to let their bottoms “air out” Place them on a towel and try to let them be nakey for as long as possible. Get them out of the moist diaper for awhile. Fresh air on the butt will do wonders.

LaTanya on

First, you should know that African skin is different from caucasion or european skin. For a Black child you need A&D ointment after the baby is properly cleaned. This ointment is also good for the new baby as well. But the reason why this ointment seems to be the best is because is keeps the area moisturized…the other diaper ointments are pasty and dont do as good a job when there is diaper rash present. One last thing…for the spiritual growth of your family…GET MARRIED!

Rose Sheehan on

The two that I have heard from my friend/pharmacist is Pink Salve it’s an old school ointment. If that doesn’t work try mixing malox and desitin together and try putting that right onto the baby’s bottom. It clears it up right away.

Mayra on

The Butt Paste is the best! My daughter age 14 months has only got diaper rash a few times since she was born. The few times she has gotten it her butt was blood red from how severe it was. I would literally smear it on and the next day it was like she never had anything at all.

patty on

The best thing for my 3 babies was to try to let their bottoms “air out” Place them on a towel and try to let them be nakey for as long as possible. Get them out of the moist diaper for awhile. Fresh air on the butt will do wonders.

yesim on

apply olive oil. it’s better than anything…

Angela on

My daughter Kohl had severe rashes and I too tried a bunch of different ointments. The one that worked the best for her is baby penetan cream with a light dusting of corn starch. Perhaps its the diaper brand itself….

Hope that helps!

RBailey on

The best natural ingredient for diaper rash is CORNSTARCH.
Natural, healing, soothing and heals it up immediately.

yesim on

apply olive oil. it’s better than anything…

maria on

the diaper rash cream that i used for my boys is called CAPENT
you find it in tijuana, mx awesome!! works within hours.

Janene on

**Sounds more like an acid rash! Since in the article Brad and Angelina stated they had tried all the balms and ointments out there already, I completely believe them. As a mother of three girls, when my two week old daughter (who is the same age as Shiloh) had the worst “diaper rash” and I also had tried everything on the market including yeast cream. I made the appt with the pediatrician and they conquered that yes, she had an acid burn from her pee and stool. The doctor told us after every pee and stool to literally take her to the sink and rinse her bottom, gently towel dry and/or air dry and then to use Maalox on a cotton ball directly on the effected area after (let dry). The Dr also prescribed a mixture of Cholesty/Aquaph 10%-200G which is made into a paste and is grainy. Took a few days to start to see an improvement but we haven’t had another episode since. After they are cleared up you obviously don’t have to go through the above scenario anymore. Dr. also prescribed enough ointment because she stated that my daughter would probably have a recurring rash when she starts teething. Know this will help and let you rest easier at night knowing they are not in pain anymore.
Love you two! I think the world of you both!

Tina on

I can understand since I have a 10 month old. I started before the little one had any. My doctor told me that “peanut butter” also works. And change the diaper after one use.

amy on

My son used to get terrible siaper rashes. My friends suggested just plain baby powder. Everytime diaper change, put more than enough powder keep her dry. It was miracle!!!

Jennifer on

You should let them sit in luke warm water for about 5 to 10 min. Then pat them dry and put corn starch on their bottom. It’s best if you put the box of corn starch in the refridge. It keeps it cold and helps with burning of the diaper rash. My two little ones were always getting bad rashes due to high temps in Texas. It works just fine. Don’t use any of the baby wipes to clean them. Just get damp clothes to clean them with every diaper change.

Angie on

Buttpaste is what worked the best for my daughter.

debra on

I used Dr. Smith. It’s will be on baby isle or at Pharmacy. It work great.



SFR on

You need to determine if it’s regular rash (friction/exposure) or fungal. Whatever cream you use won’t work unless you put vasoline over it (this helps the cream stay on and increases the effectiveness).

Kim on

Balmex! You can notice a difference in just ONE diaper change. I have never tried anything else. Good luck!!

kate on

get flanders! you can buy it in any grocery store.

m on

DR. SMITHS. It is the best in the world. My child had horrible a horrible rash when she came home from the hospital and we tried everything and the only thing that worked was DR. SMITHS.

Holly on

Diaper Rash…I used Johnson & Johnson ointment every time I changed my daughter’s diaper. I also changed them more frequently (expensive)to prevent it from getting worse. If the diaper rash does not go away it could be an allergic reaction to a specific brand or material. Cloth diapers might be the only solution.

Annie on

Vaseline is the best stuff. The 99 cent Target brand is just fine.

Care on

Best BABy Bottom CREAM ” Boudreax’s BUTT PASTE”. Or

The other thing is cloth diapers are the best, even thru not convient, but better for the environment. I beleive their is a few disposable diapers that are enviro friendly but the price was more than I could handle, so I don’t know how they work, and the cloths ones worked great they have greatly improved, not pins, the have velcro. We also made sure we used a wash cloth and gentle but bacteria killer soap, after a real messy diaper!!!! Of course the soap is a more natural made product. GOOD LUCK!!!

Joanna on

I found that its good to let the baby lie around with no diaper on as smuch as possible to dry it out OR you can use A & D Ointment with Baby Gold Bond Powder….works MAGIC!!

Kimberlee Gayheart on

Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment. My daughter rarely had diaper rash but when she did it was terrible and burned her badly. This ointment cleared it up in one to two applications. Apply and let it air!

stephanie on

I struggled with my daughter’s sensitive skin. All the popular suggestions did not work for her. Instead, I used Aquafor, a Eucerin product. It is like a vaseline consistency and is very gently and can be used anywhere on the body. It was the ONLY thing that worked for her.

Lea Smith on

Penaten Creme – you can buy it at some drugstores. It’s a German creme and worked wonders for my daughter. If the baby has bad diaper rash and it doesn’t respond to cremes, it might be a food allergy – such as a milk allergy. Try switching formulas.

kristen on

Put neosprin on first to help heal the raw skin and then one of the diaper rash ointments. Has worked great on both my kids!

Ramona on

100% Corn starch is the best way to go. Trust me it really works.



Melissa on

My son had diaper rash when he was born. Soon after switching his formula from Enfamil with Lipil to something Good Starts normal formula, the diaper rash disappeared.

Terry on

Chances are she’s allergic to her diapers. She should switch to cotton cloths and use A&D ointment, found at many health drug stores, at all times to act as a barrier between her and the diaper.

Amy on

Triple Paste–our pediatrician recommended it, and you can’t beat it. It’s over-the-counter, but usually BEHIND the counter at the pharmacy.

Misty on

Butt Paste is the way to go. #1. It was the only thing that worked for my daughter.

J Mayer on

A Q U A P H O R – This has been given out by doctor for years however the only way to obtain it through the discount stores is to ask the pharmacist for it. We send this to a friend in Peru and all the family members used it to cure all kinds of skin conditions from cracked lips to dry skin and diaper rash. Try it once and then tell all your friends!

Penny on

Some babies are allergic to certain brands of diapers. It could be as simple as changing brands. I’m sure Brad has enough sence to do that. Sometimes when you get aggrivated with something you tend to look past the simple solutions.

JR on

Don’t use baby wipes. Every time one is used on my daughter she gets diaper rash. Use damp 100% cotton balls or clean cloths. Wipes are simply too harsh for some babies’ skin. It’s also important to get the skin completely dry before applying any cream.

Ullis on

Breast milk – there’s nothing like it…

Stacy on

Be careful about the type of rash it is – if it’s a bright red, spotty rash, it is likely a yeast rash and you will need to use Canesten or something similar for yeast infections to clear it up. If it’s a yeast rash – regular ointments will NOT work.

Other than that, change the diapers more often and use cornstarch in the diaper. I’ve had three kids and nothing works better than making sure baby is clean and dry OFTEN.

Kari Rangel on

Bag Balm works the best for my kids. It heals within a day for my children. It’s like medicated vasoline. It’s soothing, and cool to them. They love it.

yolanda roe on

i have always used A & D ointment raising my brothers, my children, and now my grandson who is 16 mos. Its the best and better than that it works. you need to keep it around the house great for scraps,burns,you will have some of those in there life time.


christe on

my two-year-old just had a terribel diaper rash and we tried everything to clear it up….we finally find something that worked very quickly in clearing her up….A&D cream and gold bond medicated powder for babies….you can find both at walmart…..the cream protects and the powder asporbs

Melanie on

3 parts cold cream to 1 part Maalox. Sounds weird but, it clears it up FAST!

Christy on

Desitin, A&E, Johnson’s & Johnson’s- they are all too greasy. Corn Starch only works if they DON’T have a rash- if they do it will make it turn into a yeast infection (even on boys) My son had the worst rashes after a surgery that had waering a colostomy bag. Once the bag was removed his tush (that had never had the pleasure of poo) reacted terribly. His doc told me to try Lotrimin CF – for foot fungus. I have never in my diaper changing days see something clear up diaper rash that quick- overnite they disappeared. That stuff if GREAT for razor burn in bikini areas too ladies!!

Sharon Saunders on

Butt Paste,highly recommend it. When my kids were young the pharmacist recommended it, and made it for me. Sooo all the way butt paste.

Jayne Kelleher on


I recommend 2 things: Desitin (available at all drug and grocery stores) and letting your baby run around without a diaper — the open air works wonders. Apply Desitin whenever your baby is wearing a diaper. Best of luck!


Mara on

Diaper rash is something that comes with the territory. I took to heart everything the doctor advise and used creams and and perscribed creams. However, what did the trick was just letting my little girl go butt naked (or with panties)on a few hours a day.
She had seemed to get diaper rash more frequent onces she started walking. Also, I took that time to introduce the potty.

I hope that helps!

Pearl on

Baby powder is the best- johnson and johnson! or use sudo/suda cream it helped a Huge rash on my friend.

Katie on

Baby Bee Ointment by Burt’s Bees. It cleared up in a day.

Amy on

My pediatrican recommends a combination of the following:

Balmex or Desitin
Maloxx or Mylanta

Mix the ingredients together and apply after each diaper change. Works great!

Kelly Caron on

Salt is healing! Soak her bottom in the sink in warm salt water. Just a little salt…don’t want it to sting! Leave off the disposable diaper for a while. Put a loose cloth diaper or loose cotton underwear around her area…just to catch anything if she goes. If the rash is bleeding or open, avoid any creams or ointments. When you do use a cream, Desitin works great. Good luck!

Michelle on

Well it is going to sound crazy, but my peditrician recommended malox. Yes the antacid. my son had a TERRIBLE rash when he was ababy and nothing worked. I finally asked the Dr. and he said MALOX!
The reasoning is you take malox to settle heartburn and it coats. My sons bottom was healed completly within a week.

Tracy on

I use Dr. Smith’s diaper Ointment on my sons bottom. When ever my son shows ajust a little bit of a diaper rash coming on, I use this and usally by the next diaper changer the rash is gone. It works wonders!!!! I’ve used it for 9 months and so far no major diaper rashes!

Shauna on

When my kids were babies, my mother in law suggested plain cornstarch. Worked very well. And for the last child, she suffered terrible rashes constantly. Come to find out she was lactose intollerant. Simply switching her to soy based milk worked.

Nanette Wiseman on

The best cure for a diaper rash…..Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! One of the only places to find it is in Louisiana!!

Dawn on

I have 4 daughters and I’ve always used Corona ointment. Buy it at your local farm store. Diaper rash will disappear over night!

kelly on

Corn Starch

Cassandra Kahele on

Ocean water is alwasy great it helps dry it out. But when you can not go to the beach :) fresh air works too. A couple times a day I let my daughter go for awhile with no diaper when she has a rash. You should use cornstarch instead of baby powder. And I have always used Desitin when she looks a little pink. Good luck!!

voneal on

Crisco (lard not oil)…. best skin treatment there is.

Camille Lilly on

don’t put diapers on them!!!

Mary on

I agree that corn starch is good or some browned flour (both can be found in your kitchen cabinet).

Recipe for Browned Flour: put flour in skillet on medium heat and stir it until it turns brown. It works. I used it on all 3 of my kids.


Laura on

Try a different brand diaper that will keep moisture off
of the skin as much as possible. Change diapers more often to keep skin dry. Also, after bathing, use a hair dryer on COOL and blow dry baby’s bottom, before you apply any kind of diaper cream. If nothing works, it could be yeast, which would need a prescription cream of Nystatin. : )

trish on

My kids used a&d ointment as needed. Maybe it’s the diaper????

Dianna on

If using disposable diapers, switch brands, rash could be allergy. Also, if cloth, switch detergent. Otherwise exposure to air and diaperless is best if possible.

Lou on

Corona Ointment for animals. It is an lanolin rich antiseptic ointment used on horses, cattle and small animals and all three of my grandchildren. I also use it for my feet and hands. It’s better than any oil treatment you can get with a manicure/pedicure.

Carrie on

I am an RN and worked in a pediatricians office. We recommended a layer of Lotrimin antifungal cream (yes the same thing they use for athletes foot), next add a layer of vaseline and then cover everything with a 4×4 gauze square. Worked for all our patients.

Diane on

Firstly, if Angie is breast feeding, than she needs a diet with less acidic foods & drinks. If not nursing, than a change to soy milk instead of cow’s milk is more desirable and natural and has no chemicals or hormones.
As for immediate relief,,cornstarch when diapering, and no diaper after bathing until completely dry.
I would definetly volunteer my services!!

trisha on

u should use butt paste and try to avoid using any other ointments cause baby skin is so tendure and soft and if you use any other things ointments it will just make it more worst so try to stick to one product and dont use diffrent wipes that could be the reason too stick to butt paste it works.

n willis on

Let baby be bare bottom some part of the day. Sleep say a nap with a plastic sheet under a normal or a couple of extra absorbant ones. A little sea salt in the bigger baby’s bath water..salt heals everything. Put some acidopholus in the diet. You can break open capsules and sprinkle it over food or put it in milk. Could be what is filling the diaper so check the diet, add bifidus and acidopholus. The kind of crean that is good for burns with sulphur in it, that’s good!

Stormy on

I swear by Aquaphor baby diaper cream. It prevents chafing and really helps with rashes and dry skin.

J. on

My daughter has never had a diaper rash (knock on wood) but, whenever she had a case of the runs her bottom would get a little “pink-ish”. I used A&D Ointment and within an hour it would clear up. I heard Butt Paste is also good.

van on

AQUAPHOR …. cures any skin ailment

Deb on

Start with clean, dry skin. Using A & D ointment, just cover the affected areas with a thick glob of it. Repeat this everytime you change her diaper and it should be gone in a day or two. If it fails to work, you might want to change the kind of daiper you are using. good luck, Deb

Dana on

Dyprotex worked wonders for me.

Heather on

Boudreaux butt paste works like a charm every time – and good on chapped lips too! :)

elaine on

I swear by BURTS BEE – Diaper Rash ointment. Has many essential oils in it including Lavendar/Rose … Just to name a few! This stuff works GREAT =) A lil’ old fashion baking soda bath will help to!!

Irina on

No, you guys have to try Triple Paste…
My daughter suffered from horrible rashes, not only does it heal but numbs the area. You can buy it at CVS…Best thing in the world.

Nina on

A possible cause could be the formula. Try changing it to see if the rash is merely an allergic reaction to some type of food.

mom on

Many people said salt! Also try the creams Canestan topical cream. Fungus fighters, with the acidopholus bifidus in the diet.

annie on

my doctor had us use a mixture of desitin and monistat for diaper rash and it went away immediatly for our baby girl

Jackie on

Both of my daughters had terrible diaper rash before we started using “AQUAPHOR” you can find it at any grocery store and it is with the lotions. It is usually right next to the Eucerin lotion.

Lucie on

put the powder on the butt. put the diaper on the butt. if that doesn’t work…then, put diaper rash cream on the butt.

Sarah Hawley on

Dry her out and go for the Aquafore

Jennifer on

The only diaper rash we have found to work for all 5 of our children has been vagasil. It kills the bacteria and as long as in dosent get put “inside” it is safe to use. Good Luck

Wendy on

Well everyone has said it – Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best. Gets rid of diaper rash within the day and is great as preventative measure as well. Good luck Brad!

Kelly Hayes on

I always mixed equal parts of Aquaphor and Maalox. I don’t remember what exactly the Maalox does…something with the PH…but it works great. It was the only thing that ever worked for my daughter.

Carolyn Crowe on

Antifungal cream – the lady above said the doc made a mix with lotrimin, that is antifungal. Keep her dry and air her out. Also, change her type of diapers. My son couldn’t use pampers only a store brand type.

JoJo on

Maybe an allergy to the plastic in disposable diapers; try clth diapers, superfatted soaps, and no baby wipes, only soap and water for cleaning

Gina on

Vaseline…it really works! I had my sister-in-law to try it on her grand-daughter and she was surprised by the results…it cleared up within the next day…

Also, I would suggest that you change the diapers that you’re using, if both children have the rash, more than likely its the brand that you’re using.

I really don’t trust the oniments…try them yourself…they tend to hold in heat there for preventing the rash to heal…my personal opinion.

angie on

corn starch it really works .I used it on my twin daughters when they were babies .Try it and good luck.

Zoe on

Simple corn starch! It is inexpensive and dries up the rash quickly.

JoJo on

Maybe an allergy to the plastic in disposable diapers; try cloth diapers, superfatted soaps, and no baby wipes, only soap and water for cleaning

Sarah on

Sounds like a yest infection. My Son had one once on his bottom. Diaper Rash creams won’t clear it up. See a Doctor for a prescription!

Bethany on

My children have very sensitive skin, and nothing ever worked like Laniseptic ointment. I can only find it online now, but I always got instant results.

Jennifer on

I am a mother of 5 and I recommend what I have done for over 13 years. Stay away from scented baby wipes. Use a vaginal cream as it will kill the bacteria. I hope you find relief.

Vida on

Here in Canada, the best stuff on the market is Penatene Cream (not lotion). Its actually made in France and Germany – comes in a round metal container. It works every time. I’ve had family and friends from the US buy tons of this stuff when they come to Canada for a visit. We in Canada do not have the Butt Cream that everyone is raving about, so I cannot comment on it.

Jennifer Brockel on

2 words…Bag Balm. Yea, you use it on cows utters, but it works wonders on diaper rash…

angie on

corn starch it really works .I used it on my twin daughters when they were babies .Try it and good luck.

Connie on

Pure Corn Starch. Yep the cooking kind. Load them up in the diaper and it will neutralize all acid on contact. Burns can heal quickly if they are not reinjured all of the time, with urine and poop, especially acidic poop through teething and change of diet.

Lindsey on

My child’s doctor told me to burn flour and use that on his bottom. It smells horrible but works better than anything out there you can buy!

Shanyn on

Leave the diaper off! You’ll have to do a little extra prep with some waterproof padding but it works! My baby had a terrible rash and at the doctors advice I left the diaper off for two days and it totally cleared up. (It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds)

sara on

This may sound weird but it works. Take liquid malox or mylanta, put on washcloth or cotton ball and apply to affected area and then put on a rash medicine with a low zinc content. I got this advice from my doctor’s office and tried it. My son had the worst diaper rash he had ever gotten, you wipe him with out him screaming for like 10 minutes. The first day there was a dramatic improval.

Tivi on

The best thing ever for diaper rash, very hard to find. Behind the counter in drug stores, ask the pharmacy:


Heather on

I have 4 children and I’ve always used Bag Balm it works the best….

Yvonne Grinnell on

I had the same problem with my little one, tried everything! Finally, I went back to plain water and A&D Ointment. I took the wipes, rinse it off with warm water and used it to wipe the baby at every pamper change and applied the A&D Ointment at every pamper change; this work wonders for me.

Tanya on

Bag Balm is the best, eventhough it’s for cow’s utters. It cleared up my sons really bad, bleeding diaper rash. It’s the best. You can get it a Costco

Jaime on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It’s miracle paste.

Michelle Carlisle on

I swear by Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment. Spread it on thick and it totally protects your baby’s skin.

Catherine on

Fresh Air, and more fresh air on that naked bottom. When diapering, use corn starch. You will never have a diaper rash child again!

Joy on

This sounds bad – but stick with me. When I was a baby I had really bad diaper rash and the doctor told my mom to buy “woolfat” that goes by the brand name of Corona at the animal feed store. She did and it worked wonders. When my first son was born four years ago, by week two he was also experiencing horrible diaper rash. We tried evey baby butt balm north of the Mississippi to no avail. My mom went and bought some Corona for him. I was put off by it initially, given that it’s for treating animals, but eventually tried it. The diaper rash was literally gone by the next time I changed his diaper.

By the way – I also used Maalox for my son when he had diarrhea and it killed the acid in everything and protects bottoms from any recurrances.

Risha on

Good old fashioned flour that has been browned and cooled. It doesn’t smell great but it works really well. Thanks grandma

Catherine on

Fresh Air, and more fresh air on that naked bottom. When diapering, use corn starch. You will never have a diaper rash child again!

chris on

A&D is the best stuff EVER! it will work overnight trust me!

Cathy on

I tried everything on my first son — he would get awful diaper rash. The best stuff is called triple Paste – you can only order it online. It is very thick and would clear up his rash overnight.

vsg on

But one word for you that will save your child’s life ’til death do them apart: Cornstarch.
It is the most simple thing yet a miracle to discover.

Risha on

Good old fashioned flour that has been browned and cooled. It doesn’t smell great but it works really well. Thanks grandma

donna on

try changing them more often. both my sons never had a rash because i changed them all the time.

Vita Migues on

BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE MADE IN LOUISIANA, when my little boy had diaper rash the pharmacist told me about this, so did several other mothers. They were right. It’s the best out there. I buy it for a baby shower gifts now.

Lauren on

The best stuff is carona. You buy it in a huge tub at pet stores. I know it sounds crazy but I swear by it. My mom used it on me and my siblings and now my siblings and I use it. Not only does it work on diaper rash but on cuts and everything!

Anita on

Ok the BEST stuff i ever used and still to this recommend is PALADIN!!! My son had the worst rash with open sores and this stuff was a miracle for him. I strongly suggest he tries it you can sometimes find it in Drug Stores but also online. Best of luck !!!

Tamara on

Use shortening. It helps a lot. My grandmother used to use it all the time. It’s a Native American thing…

Am on

Sudo Creme is THE BEST!! Ask your family physician for a sample!

Leathe on

Plain old cornstarch does wonders. Just sprinkle it on the child’s diaper rash each time you change their diaper.

Jamie C on

Boudreauxs Butt Paste is the best for diaper rash.I swear by that stuff!!

Julie on

Nature’s Baby Products Diaper Cream

Michelle A. in Cheyenne, WY on

A Great Cure for Diaper Rash – YEAST INFECTION CREME! It works wonders, and best of all, IT WORKS FAST. It will clear sores that are even bleeding in a matter of hours. After it clears up, just keeping basic vaseline on their little bottoms protects their skin from the chemicals in urine and feces that cause the rash.

Lwallace on

No juice and then use triple paste available in the pharmacy….it doesn’t require a prescription. If that doesn’t work, get a prescription for Nystatin.

Good Luck.

Denise on

Possible time for a change of diaper brand first. Diaper could be the problem and not necessarily the ointment.
It could be that some diapers leave little gel dots on the infants bottom causing irritation. Then look for the ointment that works best for you.

Colleen on

I recommend California Baby’s Calendula Cream. No pasty mess, rubs right in and no residue afterwards. I also rubbed a little in the diaper itself as well. It did wonders for my daughter’s diaper rash. It was gone after 3 applications. It also worked wonders on her cradle cap. HIGhLY RECOMMENDED!!! California Baby has sooooo many wonderful products and they are all natural.

Katherine on

Wash your baby with water every time you change the diaper and the rash will disappear in no time. I have a 3 months old baby and he used to get bad rashes from baby wipes. Then we put him underneath the faucet and wash him. He no longer have diaper rash. Try it!!!

Kelly on

I like Burts Bees diaper ointment…

Mary on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the way to go!

Taia on

My 20 mo daughter gets blistering diaper rash every time she cuts a tooth. My sister-in-law gave me apricot oil, because nothing else would do the trick. Not even the butt cream. Anyway, works almost immediately.

becca on

sounds like she may be allergic to the diapers…..try cloth diapers!

Shelley on

Let them run around naked as much as possible so they can dry out. And rub some breast milk on the area.

Carrie on

My son had a terrible rash. I was standing in line ready to make another purchase and this little old lady told me the best remedy. Put enough warm water in the tub to cover their bottom, add dry milk (more than less) and let them soak for a few minutes. Best piece of advise I received! And air drying helps it too. Good luck to all of you!

Michele on

Butt paste is awsome, there is also something called triple paste. But…if the rash is really really bad, our Dr. gave us an rx, it was called Nystatin, it is an anit-fungal, it worked like a charm

brenda pipes on

This will take a day or two but you will see results right away. First, you will need a rubber crib pad. Place pad over crib sheets. You also need cloth diapers, when the little one is sleep place diaper under bottom over pad and let the little one sleep or play in crib with no clothes on. you will see a difference overnight. This is an old remedy my parents told me about. Kid loe to play without their clothes. If you use paste/vaseline it takes longer to heal because the bottom does not get any air. That’s the key. Good luck and give both little Shiloh and Angelina a hug. I also got a foolproof remedy for ear aches too. See ya and good luck.

Lisa on

A nurse i know told me too use Aquaphor, it works great and right away. My baby girl got diaper rash so bad and finally we tried this and it worked great. It si now sold in the diaper rash sections of any drug store.

Monica on

We always make sure our daughter’s butt is rinse with cold water at every diaper change. Allow the butt to dry well and then apply the diaper rash if needed. The Aveeno diaper rash works!

A Ferguson on

Crush up unflavored tums and mix it with Desitin. Tums kills the acid in the BM and the desitin keeps it on the bottum. You can also use liquid antacid mixed with desitin, but it does not mix as well. Works really well for infants who have diaper rash while they are teething.

Lori on

The best diaper rash cream is the Lansinoh Breast Cream.

Lisa on

A nurse i know told me too use Aquaphor, it works great and right away. My baby girl got diaper rash so bad and finally we tried this and it worked great. It is now sold in the diaper rash sections of any drug store. Also, use the sensitive care babywipes by Pampers, they have no perfumes.

Beth on

The real trick is keeping baby DRY. We do a “baby spa” – a quick shot with a hair dryer on very low after baths and with each new diaper. This limits our need for creams to just the overnights.

Kelly on

Dr. Smith’s Diaper cream is the BEST!

Also, since I’m sure they would be using cloth diapers, make sure there is no softner put in them. Some of the softners can contribute to diaper rash. Also have the nanny change the soap she is washing them in.

The open to air works well too.

julia on

Take both kids off regular milk and or formula….In Shilohs case use a soy based formula, and soy milk for Zahara until rash goes away….also use an oatmeal bath.

RRM on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best thing ever!

debbie on

i had this same problem with my little one and the best thing i found was what the doctor recommended it is lotrimen(for jock itch) i know i am not spelling it right, but you can find it over the counter. it clears it up very quickly and it was not harsh.

Sherrie on

Palmer’s Bottom Butter. The best stuff ever!

ginquelrus on

here in manila, kids/children dont usually get diaper rash. what we do here we simply use water and baby soap to wash baby buttom instead of using those wipes that you can buy. after washing with soap & water. we then dry off with a towel. put some powder. this way you prevent the rashes. also keeping the diaper off (diaper change for a 6mons old up usually about 8x a day).Good luck…

ariana silva on

After changing the baby’s diper, let her air a bit.

ginquelrus on

here in manila, kids/children dont usually get diaper rash. what we do here we simply use water and baby soap to wash baby buttom instead of using those wipes that you can buy. after washing with soap & water. we then dry off with a towel. put some powder. this way you prevent the rashes. also keeping the diaper off (diaper change for a 6mons old up usually about 8x a day).Good luck…

jill winston on

first of all no baby wipes. strictly soap and water, followed by more water. i reccomend kirks castile soap, then a good warm water rinse, patt dry, and allow the butt, or affected area to air dry, hopefully in some sunshine, follow with vasoline ointment. also, cotton diapers may be the best bet, as disposable diapers can be very irritating themselves, and the outer plastic holds in heat that can set up a nice home for a rash, or even a fungal rash to grow. good luck! and feel better baby!

Desiree on


Kelly on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and Corn Starch works the best

Stacy on

Mine ONLY got diaper rash when I used Pampers….had to use Huggies.

Monica Daoulova on

Did anybody mention VASELINE ? It worked wonders on my children. Bonne chance ! (It means Good luck).


teresa on

the best one I use for my son is vaseline. And if you can make it a point to wash it with soap and water rather than the old traditional wipes. I guarrantee it no more rush

Gale on

The best diaper rash cream is hibatane ointment wich you can purchase at any Vet clinic

teresa on

the best one I use for my son is vaseline. And if you can make it a point to wash it with soap and water rather than the old traditional wipes. I guarrantee it no more rush

Denise on

The best product is MEXANA Powder (medicated corn starch foot powder) my son used to get horrible rashes and this did the trick. Clean the baby real good and use a soft wash cloth to dry and apply powder generously. Good luck!

Tammy on

Lot’s of bath play. Lot’s of bare bottom time. They love it, and the air is so good for their skin. And last but not least, I found Desitin worked just fine when you combined all of the above. I would also switch to cloth diapers without the plastic covers when it flared up at times. That is really good. A lot better than the plastic diapers. Think about it, if it holds moisture in …. well, there’s the problem. No air. Diaper rash. Hope this helps.

stokes mom on

Preparation H- (hemmoroid creme) works everytime. My husband and I used this on all three of our boys. It works overnight- the best!

mira on

use a&d it really works! get it at drugstores and it works on lips or any dry spot!

Shelia on

I would first check w/her pediatrician…It may not be diaper rash, but yeast. If it is diaper rash, best thing to cleanse is with water let air dry…and caldensen medicated baby powder. Caldesen also worked w/ the yeast.

Lola on

Diaper Rash? First of all breast feeding only. No bottles. Breast feed on demand(whenever the baby wants and for as long as they want). Second,mother should not ingest food or drink that can be passed through milk,that are allergens(milk,cheese,citrus etc…) Third, breast milk is full of healing qualities. Try smearing their bum with breast milk and letting it dry. Fourth,do not use detergents of any kind on clothing or bedding. Try weleda diaper cream. Take baby to a naturopathic doctor!!!!

Mitch on

Good old fashioned corn starch! My daughter had a wicked diaper rash while teething and we didn’t have any baby powder, cremes, or anything. My mom whipped out the corn starch and the next morning, gone!!!

Carrie on

Bag balm also works like a charm. Layer it on thick and you’ll have a clear bottom in a day!

natalie on

Dr. Smiths Diaper Ointment is very effective for diaper rash and also sold without a prescription. Its extremely well blended and easy to apply. This ointment provides fast relief from the irritation of diaper rash, and also keeps the affected area dry.

Jill on

Butt Paste is the absolute best cream for a diaper rash!

C Renaud on

My son who was born three months premature, and is now 2 and a 1/2, has NEVER EVER had a diaper rash. I do not know the best products to treat one, but I can tell you what I have done that has apparently acted as a prevention. A generous amount of unscented vaseline combined with a generous amount of johnson & johnson aloe vera and vitamin e baby powder which also has cornstarch in it. You go through vaseline and powder like water it will seem, but it has been here we are 940 days and counting without a single red spot.

rosie on

A + D ointment. Works like a charm.

Melissa on

As a mother of five children who are all recently out of diapers, I can only offer my best advice from one professional to another. ;-)

First and foremost, what goes in must come out. You have to pay attention to what baby eats or drinks. If you are talking about Zahara, watch what she eats and see if it produces any reaction. For my kids it was strawberries (the worst), oranges, and acidic juices to name a few. If you are talking about Shiloh, and mama is still breastfeeding, then mama has to be careful of what she eats or drinks. Carbonated beverages, acidic fruits and juices, tomatoes to name a few are things to avoid. Again, you have to watch and be the judge of what causes a reaction–it is not the same for each child, even of the same family.

As for which ointments to use, the best that worked for us was Desitin, but it had to be covered with A&D ointment for it to work. When you use Desitin alone it rubs off on the diaper before it can do its job. The A&D ointment over the top of the desitin keeps the desitin on the bottom longer therefore allowing more time for it to work on the rash.

If you are talking a blistering rash, I would not use the ointments. First do a bath in Epsom salts a few times a day, then air dry and coat with cornstarch. The salts are very healing and the cornstarch is very silky and comfortable to a burning bottom. And most definitely stay away from ALL baby wipes. Use only warm water and washcloths or paper towels.

The key is to know your child well enough to know what they are reacting to. Since Brad is such an aware -always there kind of parent this should be no problem.

Aparajita on

I would recommend Aquaphor. I was recently blessed with twin girls and this works just great with their diaper rashes. Good Luck.


I have 4 daughters ages 17 to 7yrs and in my experience if you have used any and all diaper rash ointment and it has not gone away you should see a Doctor.. there is the slight possibility that it could be a yeast infection, it could be a staff infection they don’t go away with diaper rash cream my 15yr old had what I thought was diaper rash for 2wks and I had tried everything found out through an E.R. visit that it was a yeast infection that needed something stronger than diaper rash meds…

Just a thought I hope the little one is feeling much better real soon.

beth on

Before applying any cream (we like A&D ointment the best) use a blow dryer on low setting to dry the baby’s bottom very thoroughly. This lets the diaper cream work on getting rid of the rash instead of sealing in moisture, which can make it worse. Works miracles!!

Melissa on

Dyprotex works wonders! It is over the counter. Prescribed by the doctor, Nystatin is also good.



michele on

Lotrimin AF,,,,yes the cream used for athlete’s foot. Totally takes care of the worst case of diaper rash!!!



Karlie on

I recently had the same diaper rash problem with 20 month old. I tried all the over-the-counter creams, etc., to no avail. Then my friend suggested using cornstarch and plenty of it. In just a couple of days, the diaper rash completely cleared up.

kristine bengs on

frequent changing, i mean really frequent, like every two hours, or when wet/dirty. i think urine, etc. can irritate a baby’s bottom, and with the cream that should help.

Rebeca on

Mustela is the best cream for a diaper rash.

kel on

there is a powder in jamaica call Ammens. it will clear it up and prevent it.

robin on

corn starch is the best!!!!!!!!!!! my daughter had a horrible rash from some antibiotic’s she had taken, I tried everything, finally I took her diaper off and poured it on and let her lay on a blanket without a diaper– dries it right up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mumtaz on

Aloe Vera. Magic ingredient.

ella on

It could be a yeast infection. She just has to be seen by her doctor for the correct prescription ointment. My oldest son had one at 6 months old. I spreads like wild fire. After I put the ointment on the rash, it cleared up within 2 days.

Good luck,


Mel on

If it’s not going away, it’s probably a fungal infection. In that case, Lotrimin AF works wonders. Yes, the same stuff you use for athlete’s foot! It sounds strange, but our pediatrician recommended it, and it works wonderfully.

Lisa on

Arbonne Baby Care. Key ingredient is Oat Flour. Natural. Environmentally friendly. Effective!

Brandi on

My daughter had a really bad candida when she was an
infant. The only thing that worked was gentian violet that
you paint on
which my doctor reccomended. Do they have skin allergies?
Give them yogurt.

Carol on

Use cloth diapers. I put both my boys in them, and never had diaper rash. I used Penaten creme from Germany also each time I changed a diaper.

michele on

Lotrimin AF,,,,yes the cream used for athlete’s foot. Totally takes care of the worst case of diaper rash!!!

Ellen McDonald on

When my daughter had a bad rash, my doctor told me to wash the area well and then use a Blow dryer to dry the area. SHe never had another rash…

K Correll on

A mixture of Aquafore (sp?) ointment and maalox, mint smells the best. The Aquafore adds moisture the Maalox keeps the acid from the skin. And you mix it yourself so it lasts forever. Yes, Maalox for stomach problems.

La on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste works the best. I’ve used it for all three of my sons and nothing else works better. Diaper rash gone as soon as over night.
Cheap and affordable!

Jillian on

Use plain old petroleum jelly(vaseline). If that doesn’t work try Monistat or any kind of vaginal cream for yeast infections and put Desitin diaper rash cream on top of that. It really works. My doctor recommended it.

sandra on

Are you using plastic diapers…that is the problem, try cloth.

Carmen Hekkala on

I had to use with my daughter natural cotton diapers. I discovered that she was alergic to disposable diapers, that is why no ointments solved the problem. They do not let the skin of baby bottom to breath! Wishing you and your family the best.

Rhi on

I know this will sound crazy but for my nephew we tried the butpaste and cornstarch and the air dry and when none of that worked we asked the doctor and she recomended lotromin for authletes foot. As weird as that sounds we used it and it worked great! She also said to not switch around the brand of dipers used cause that will make it flare up every time.

Lora on

My baby gets bad diaper rashes too. The best thing is to leave the baby without a diaper on for a few hours. Put a towel under her and get ready to do a big wash…its worth the trouble when you see it makes her better. I hold her with a mini towel underneath her butt, put her in her playpen, high chair or swing with a towel underneath her. Wash her instead of using wipes..and when you have to put on the diaper use desitin…by the next day its all cleared up.

Lilyan on

Change diapers frequently and only use dye and fragrance free products on your baby. Aveeno diaper rash ointment and boudreaux’s butt paster are good.

Sarah on

Milk of Magnesia – dab it on like calamine lotion- should clear it right up. And lots of air!!

Ethel K. on

I have found that the product Desitin is wonderful. I used it on my son, and have used it myself when needed.
Has cod liver oil in it and has been around for many years.
Good Luck.

Morgan on

Triple Paste is the answer for any diaper rash. You can get it at a Pharmacy or

Lilyan on

Some infants might be allergic to certain diaper brands. Change the brand and see if that works.

Danielle on

YUP!!! It’s called “Butt Paste” and IT JUST WORKS!!!! You can get it at Watmart, Save-On and maybe even Wallgreens. I love it and will never use any thing else. Wish you the best Brad. :)

Anna Maria on

First of all, diaper rash is often indicative of baby being left in wet diaper. So, check more freqently and change diaper more often. Second, it often is a symptom of urine being too concentrated. Give the baby more water during the day. Last but not least, this could be a viral condition exacerbating a simple case of dermatitis. Have her checked for systemic yeast or viral infection. For a simple topical solution plain old corn starch will dry up the rash and keep her comfortable.

Cecelia on

Brad and Angelina should try a yeast infection medicated cream. Often girls get a form of diaper rash that has a large yeast content. Both of my girls had that kind of rash and the ointment cleared it right up.

deadwood on

Arbonne Baby Care diaper rash cream is the BEST! No smell, no greasy residue, totally great for sensitive skin!

mom on

The best is to buy CORNSTARCH in the grocerie store and apply to the baby’s butt….

Liz on

Okay, I know this sounds nuts. My daughter had a never ending rash for about 6 months. I was at wits end. I would take her into the doctor and of course it never looked as bad there. Anyway, my miracle cure was Mylanta!!! It worked overnight. Turns out that diaper rash is commonly caused by acidity in the baby’s urine. So using an antacid helped neutralize the acidity “down there”. My friends thought I was nuts till they had babies and tried it themselves. I only wish I had tried it sooner. By the way – a pharmacist is the person who told me to use it. :)

Penny on

Try using Bag Balm. It is a product that was made for cow udders, but works wonders on baby bottoms! You can also use it for all other rashs, and scrapes, cuts, etc.

saffygirl on

I too have tried everything… the best by far is an over the counter ointment called “Resinol”; its sometimes hard to find, but well worth the search!

Cybil on

Dr. Smiths baby ointment. The best!!!!!!!!! While in Germany, had it shipped there. It was that good.

terriann on

Dr. Smiths. Only available at drug stores. It is better than butt paste.

T.P on

The best thing is desitin you can get it at any pharmacy store and when you put it on let the bottom air out no diaper on. Good luck!

MM on

Crisco, Crisco, Crisco. It coats the bottom, allowing for the rash to heal without further irritation. And, it creates a water proof barrier between the baby and all that way may come its way! Not that Brad needs it, but for all you budget friendly people, its cheap, cheap, cheap!

christy on

boudreaux’s butt paste! It is the best out there. Also, soak the kids in the tub for 20 minutes with aveno oatmeal bath and let air dry

Delona Smith on

Try using flour, an old remedy that my mother told me. You take a frying pan and fry the flour till it turns brown. store it in a jar and use it when needed…..

Mom of four on

Desitin creamy works great. Diapers also make a difference – I’ve tried them all and Pampers are the best.

tanya on

weleda weleda WELEDA!! Smells good, not cheap, but when it comes to diaper rash does the cost matter!!
Good luck. You can find it at Whole Foods Market.

Shell on

My daughter is now 3 and I recommend to use just a little baby vasoline everytime you change there diapers. IT WORKS..Like I said she’s 3 now and out of diapers but she never once had a diaper rash.. In my opinion it’s the best. Butt paste works great too..

Marci on

Talk to a naturopath. If she is breast fed, perhaps she has an allergy to something her mom is eating. If she is formula fed it could an allergy to the formula. My son’s “rash” cleared up immediately with a diet change!

Good luck!

Annette on

Butt paste from walmart or corn starch… every time!



Kathy on

My doctor wrote me a presciption for Nystatin, it clears it right up!!

Kimmy on

Have you taken her to a Dr.? If it won’t go away with cream, it may be a yeast infection.They present themselves the same way.

Nicole on

Definetly without a doubt Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

lynlait on

Handsdown, the best stuff is Lotrimin Af, (you know, the athletes foot cream)covered with Lansinoh (the breastfeeding ointment). I’ve tried everything, and this combo works the fastest, usually within 1 day. It’s best to let baby go in the buff until the rash is gone. Also, if you keep Triple Paste on with every change, it will prevent future rashes. You can get it over the counter at Walgreens.

stefie on

i think the best ointment is the johnsons and johnsons product called savlon,i dont know if we got that kind of product here in u.s coz i just got it from singapore.

Elsa Porter on

My daughter would get diaper rash so bad that it left sores…she never cried when wet, so we had to guess when it was time for a change!
Boudreax’s Butt Paste was ok, but Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment was awesome! Goop it on good, and it would knock out even her ugliest rash in no time. We bought 2 tubs before our son was even BORN!

Hope they find something that works for her. It is heartbreaking to see that awful rash on your angel.

January Gregov on

Take it from someone who used to be a nanny….The absolute best cream is from a company called Weleda & the cream is called Calendula Baby Cream, it’s in a yellow box, found in most health food stores. It’s amazing, I use it for myself all the time for cuts and scraps, chapped skin etc!!!

Kimmy on

Have you taken her to a Dr.? If it won’t go away with cream, it may be a yeast infection.They present themselves the same way.

Trang Son on

Hi there,

I had two little boys. When my bys had a crash on their bottom I had try everything . Finally I found DR. Smith baby diapper crash worked really good . You can find it at any Walgreens .
Good Luck

Barbara on

My daughter has dealt with diaper rash for years due to health issues and my doctor recommended a mixture of cornstarch and maalox mixed to a paste. It worked literally overnight. We also use a cream called Ilex mixed with vasoline and desitin. 1/3 each. This was given to us by the surgeons office and you can get it at any medical supply store.

Sarah on

As crazy as this sounds (and it was Doctor recommended) … Lotrimin worked best for my children’s diaper rash!! Now I swear by it!!

Mickie on

you need to add 2% myconizole cream to the diaper rash ointment, like over the counter female yeast infection cream plus A&D ointment. It will cure it in one or two days.

Shelly Harvey on

I am a mother of four oldest being 21 years, youngest being 3 years. I can tell you that I have never heard of butt paste. Guess I’m out of the loop. What has worked best for me over the years is first off the Diaper that you use. Huggies supreme are the best I swear by them. All other brands resulted in a rash for my babies but not Huggies supreme. These Diapers keep my kids rash free. For the occational rash I would use Desidan diaper ointment apply very lightly over rash so the skin can still breath. Should heal in a couple of days.

Wendy on

Flanders Diaper Rash cream works even better than the butt paste. However, a severe rash could be due to yeast or even a staph infection, so a trip to the doctor is in order if the rash is not improving.

Gail on

Lotrimin cream is the only thing that worked for my grandchildren. And I stay away from the fancy expensive diapers. The cheap store brand diapers work best for us. The expensive ones started rashes.
Try to give her apple juice instead of orange juice. The OJ can really burn their little butts.

Connie on

I have 2 daughters. The best treatment I have found was Desitan ointment. But the real cure is allowing those girls to breath a little. When it’s just mom and dad at home with the babies, put little panties on them and long comfy cotton gowns and learn their schedule. You can put a diaper on when you know it;s soon time for them to potty. A girl’s gotta breath ya know. :)

imee g on

nothing. use the natural water and soap everytime you change diaper. a lot of water and soap. do not use wipes and butt pastes. these are just for lazy parents and no time to care for kids. i have 4 kids and beleive it or not, i did not use but ointments. just water and baby soap

Angie on

My pediatrician recommended Auqaphor ointment and it worked for my baby when he had a nasty red diaper rash.

jamie on

The best thing is plain cornstarch, like you buy for cooking. Head to the grocery store for this yellow box. I have three kids, works everytime.

M.Nicole on

CORN STARCH! Straight out of the box- works wonders!!!!

Jessica on

Diaper Lotion Potion by Kissaluvs
This is the best thing I’ve ever used for my kids. You spray it on every time you change a diaper. My son has very sensitive skin, he hasn’t had a rash since we switched to this. Bonus, no messy, sticky creams to deal with!

Maila Mallinson on

A+D OINTMENT is the best stuff in the world for a diaper rash…it really works!!! Best of Luck:)

kelly baker on

hey brad…..go to …our product are all botanically based and pure, natural & safe….our diaper rash cream is incredible….my daughter had the same problem and arbonne was the only thing to take it away….good luck…kelly baker you can go to and use my consultant id=16389704

Amy Brinson on

Don’t worry diaper rash can can be cured as long as you take immediate action. Don’t leave unattended to for a few days. Johnson and Johnson has the best diaper rash cream and make sure to keep the babies bottom dry as much as possible.

julie on

brad,when my son had a bad diaper rash,i used butt paste.also try a&d ointment.that worked very well on my son when he was a newborn.

Valerie on

In my opinion, diaper rash only happens when the diapers are not being changed enough. I would waste a ton of diapers on my girls because I wasn’t even sure they were wet and I would change them. I may have wasted a little money, but my kids rarely got any kind of diaper rash. And for the times they got it a little, I found that lots of warm baths and letting them air dry for awhile would do the trick. A little A&D before bed and naps helps too.

Monica on

My doctor told me to go the natural route and not let her wear a diaper until the rash was gone. I slathered vitamin E oil- the purest form you can find- to protect her skin when she did go. She cleared up in a day ( of course, she peed on the floor), but she was so much happier not having the diaper rub against her. I found that vitamin E oil worked for her whenever she got sensitive in that area.

mrs. on

pink salve, it cleared up an awful case of diaper rash, which actually bled, it was actually a yeast rash, that could be the case w/ the girls especially if they have been on antibiotics, or not, mine hadn’t taken any.

Nancy DiMauro on

I’m a 60 year old grandma.So for my children and grandchildren, I have found the BEST thing to use is good old corn starch. Clears it up fast.

Starla D. Timmons on

Good old 100% pure Shea butter, it will stop the burning and heals the skin. Its good for everything! cuts, burns, bug bites, winkles, bed sores,rough skin.

cm on

Maybe it’s a yeast infection — get a prescription filled for the cream that cures that. It worked with my baby girl’s absolutely horrible diaper rash where nothing else worked.

Therebel on

Brad and Angie, the best ways to get rid of diaper rash are (1) wash baby’s bottom with sensitive Dove bar, rinse off with luke warm water; (2) dry the bottom gently with clean soft cloth and air dry for at least 2 minutes THEN, (trust me on this, I got two healthy kids (boy & girl) with clean, rash free bottom since they were a baby!) (3) with clean fingers, gently spread VASALINE (about teaspoon size) around the rash area. I still use this remedy on my kids! Also, VASALINE is also good for face right after bath! You will notice the baby skin are nice and subtle! And no, I do not work for VASALINE nor any of my friends or relatives work for VASALINE. And no VASALINE do not pay me for any of this. Good luck, Brad and Angie!


I had the same problem with my girls and the solution was very simple…I had to use generic diapers only. I’m not sure how open celebreites are to using no-name diapers but they do not have the perfumes and such that name brand diapers tend to have. Not to mention that they are way cheaper! Trust me, it really works.

jackson on


Wendy on

Take it from someone with children almost as old as you . Use diaper cream – ie; zinc paste for rashes but immediately after a bath until they are old enough to powder themselves…cornstarch. It works wonders and keeps the babies bottoms from sweating unlike perfumed powders. A little cornstarch patted on and sprinkled on the diaper does wonders!


Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in the bath water will soothe & heal the diaper rash ASAP!!!!!

jamie on

my daughter had chronic diaper rash for almost 2 years. after every cream, ointment and prescription, the one thing that worked the best was burning some white cooking flour in a cast iron skillet until it browns (it will smell like burnt popcorn), let it cool and apply it to the diaper area like baby powder.

carol on

Bag Balm in the little green can..costs about 6 bucks and the stuff lasts forever. It smells really bad but it’s the only thing I ever used for diaper rash. It works better than butt cream.

Sonja on

First, make sure it is not a yeast rash, because some of the products will burn or make it worse! (I learned this the hard way, with my first child!)
I used Aquaphor to protect my son’s skin, after every changing — and it did a great job protecting his skin. I am also a believer in Desitin. It’s pasty, but works. I have never tried “butt paste”, but from the sounds of things, maybe I should have!

Tina on

Always bathe the baby as often as possible, blow dry (cool setting), and apply vaseline to the area (keeps the wet off), also change the diaper FREQUENTLY. Today’s diapers hold too much fluid, sometimes the diaper itself acts as an irritant. Also, one final thing I agree with AIR IT OUT !!!

Joy on

The trick to the situation is to get rid of Angelina — the poor baby is probably sick of her too

kbp on

To another person’s point; it’s not as though Brad or Angelina are going to read this but nonetheless….. try Lotrimin – it’s for athlete’s foot and can be used on babies bottoms to clear up rashes. Works like a charm. The other key – change her diaper MORE often :)

cherie on

This absolutely worked for my baby – and it worked overnight. It has all natural ingredients and is called:
Desitin (comes in a tube)

cherie on

This absolutely worked for my baby – and it worked overnight. It has all natural ingredients and is called:
Desitin (comes in a tube)

Mary on

Talk about a ton of advice! I have not seen this suggestion yet. When our second baby was born and still in the hospital, he had such a bad case of diaper rash (blisters on his bottom and up his back) that they tested for staph. Luckily, it wasn’t an infection. But the ONLY thing that worked for it and subsequent milder rashes was Pro-Shield. It is actually for incontinent adults and can only be found at pharmacies dealing with home care products. I believe it has a silicone base and is not at all sticky or greasy. Good luck!

Tracy on

After each diaper change airdry the bottom with the diaper before you put it on so you are not putting a diaper on a moist bottom from the diaper wipes. Try to change the diapers frequently and use zinc oxide until the bad rash goes away. Always airdry after each use of a wipe and it will help.

Judy Stuard on

We had twins and found nothing that worked better than BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE! It’s the best!

Nancy Cyr in Maine on

The key to curing bad diaper rash is to keep the moisture off the baby’s skin. The best stuff I ever found was called “Budros Butt Paste”. You can get it right at any drug store or even Wal-Mart. In really bad cases I apply some and then top it with a little Eucerine (lotion) to keep moisture away from the baby’s skin.

Heather on

RESINOL! Enough said, best of luck on the rash Brad!

Nancy in Maine on

Sorry, it’s Boudreaux Butt Paste…

tessa on

Butt paste really is amazing stuff. I got some as a joke at my baby shower and it turned out to be my saving grace. The Burt’s Bees stuff is also really amazing.

shirley Monk on

If you were to get a precription from the doctor, they would basically give you canestan and hydrocortisone cream. you can buy both item’s at amy drugstore. Just mix them together and boom, you got yourself a diaper rash precription.

vanessa on

Butt Paste was the best thing the ever happened in regards to curing my daughter’s diaper rash! If possible, letting their irritated area air out is also good. I did both with my daughter.

Kathy on

Resinol Medicated Ointment. INgredients: Zinc Oxide 12%; Calamine 6%; Resorcinol 2%; Lanolin; Petrolatum; Starch. Resinol soothes and relieves chafing, chapping, minor sunburn, prickly heat, dry skin, windburn, poison oak, poison ivy, minor burns, non-poisonous insect bites.

Works every time for diaper rash and can only be ordered through a pharmasist.

Hope this helps!

ana on

the best is corn starch (the powder) every time you changed the diaper, the baby is going to feel fresh all day long

courtney on

common causes of diaper rash are candidis (a.k.a yeast)this is flora that naturally inhabits our bodies but at times can have overgrowth. Many examples of overgrowth can occur when atreat breastfeeding mother has excess yeast overgrowth (vaginal yeast) and often babies will get candida overgrowth in their mouth-this is known as thrush-or they can get diaper rashes. Yeastovergrowth is particularly common after antibiotic treatment. One uninvasive treatment is restoring the natural balance of flora using probiotics. These can be found at a natural foods market. If you are taking antibiotics you may have heard your doctor tell you to eat lots of yogurt-same idea-yogurt has probiotics in it. They are safe and you can only benefit! Also using wipes that are unscented, and soap fee helps!

Linda on

My Pediatrician nephew says the best for diaper rash is old fashioned straight desitin, not the new creamy one. The original has a larger percent of zinc oxide in it. When my kids were little they all had horrible diaper rash which turned out to be monilias easily treated by a script from the Dr. I considered it the magic cure!

Kim on

A good dose of going bare bottom from time to time always helped my young ones.

carole on

After morning bath, put a diaper on her, after she does her business take the diaper off put her on a safe surface and let her get air on it. Repeat several times a day. Rash will be gone in 2-3 days.

Tracy on

Triple Paste. Its sold behind the counter at the drug store. Did the other ones not have diaper rashes? Cracks me up, diaper rash is such a trauma for first time dads!! LOL!

Cara on

Lanolin works. It’s a great protective barrier.

kelly eads on

the best thing i have found is A&D ointment.
it is made for chaffing and minor burns. works great.
also when wiping the baby use kleenex and baby oil instead
of baby wipes. the oil on the tissues does’nt burn the baby’s bottom.

jen on

the best diaper rash treatment I know of is a mixture of vasoline and corn starch baby powder. just mix the 2 until it looks like a cream. the corn starch takes away the rash and the vasoline keeps the urine and poop of of their skin. it clears it up in about 3 days.

Bekki on

My older son had really bad diaper rash, and we, too, tried everything. It was so bad that he had an allergic reaction to all the creams, so he ended up getting hive like rashes all over. My mom told me about using pure cornstarch at each diaper change, and it really worked. Two days later, it was completely gone.

Dana on

Aquaphor or A&D ointment is the best. Also make sure diapers are changed often leave off to allow air flow. I have a 9 month old and she never had a diaper rash.

Samaire on

The fastest way to get rid of a diaper rash, usually in a day or less, is to not put anything on the baby, including a diaper: that’s right: let the child go bare bottomed. Rashes happen when moister is forced against the skin for a long time, the moisture has pee or poo on it and the skin goes ‘ouch!’. Clean her well, let her lay on a clean waterproof sheet, wash her whenever she goes, and start all over again: even through the night. I have had five babies and I know of what I speak! Good luck!

anony, on

don`t use diaper at day time ,use the old ways thing,to give shillohs butt dried.

Deaon on

cornstarch works 100%…you sprinkle it as you would baby powder in the area of were the rash works better then any diaper rash cream…

Michelle on

Oatmeal bath. (aveno, or just grind up some oatmeal in a food processor and put in warm bath water)

Annie on

Let the baby’s bottom get fresh air and lay off the wipes and paste. Use water and soap to wipe and sprinkle some caldescene powder on baby’s bottom. This cleared up a case of terrible diaper rash on my baby’s extremely sensitive skin. I continue to use the caldescene power and it hasn’t been back in over a year! I swear by it.

Michele on

Try adding some baking soda into the bath with the baby. You might also want to try bathing her with Phisoderm. Rashes are normally caused by an upset in the skins Ph balance towards the acidic side. The baking soda will help cut the acidity when added to her bath water and the phisoderm is a perfectly Ph balanced cleansing product. Also take the time and get some of the “dry pads” from a medical supply company. They are recieving blanket sized “pads” that you can put the nakid little one on so she can get some natural air to those sensitive parts without peeing all over the carpet. These tips always worked for my little ones.

Giovanni's Mom on

How about cornstarch? That dries it right up and A&D (vitamin A%D) ointment at EVERY SINGLE diaper change (slather it on, it provides a moisture barrier between diaper and skin and absorbs into skin very well). They gave it to me in the hospital and that’s what I used when I brought my son home. My son had maybe three diaper rashes in his entire life (he’s three) and I swear by A&D. If they get sores that bleed, that’s most likely a yeast infection (yes, boys get them too) and you should use Lotrimin for that. My pediatrician swears by it and so do I. You can find both over the counter in most any drug store.

tina on

Use the Arbonne ABC baby rash- it is all natural product. You
can get it at

Christiana on

My grandmother told my more to take some flour and fry in a cast iron skillet and brown it. That cures a diaper rash up in no time. Or you can use Crisco like my nurse practioner said.

Kim Farrell on


Evelyn on

Butt Paste works very well. Also, Baby Gold Bond diaper rash powder. Sprinkle some in a diaper (AWAY from the baby so she won’t inhale) and rub the front and back together until you don’t see any loose powder (about 1 tsp. should do it) then you are good to go. Once I started using the powder, neither of my kids got a diaper rash again.

m on

i highly doubt brad pitt is going to sit and read everyone of our comments but my son had the same thing and i used the old fashioned desitin not the new creamy one. and i literely pasted it on his butt. paste it that the whole butt is covered in a thick layer of the cream. it works. and don’t use baby wipes. use cloth and water.

Shannon on

My son used to get a real bad rash and the only thing that worked for us was Triple Paste. It can be bought at any pharmacy over the counter or online, just google search for Triple Paste. We swear buy this stuff. My sons rash was more like a diaper burn.

Jaana on

Breast milk.. the best natural treatment.

Linda on

Try Pinxav (pronounced pink salve). Is it possible it’s something she’s eating that needs to be avoided or altered?

Betty on

Start at the root of the problem. Dilute the baby’s juice and that will help some. Then try a white vinegar and plain water bath to restore the ph to the skin. I am a 61 year old grandma and I swear by these two methods. Also as your little girl progresses onto different foods like meat, fruits and vegetables at full strength, watch and see what seems to irritates her skin the most. Just delete that food for a while till her tummy matures and try it again later. I promise she will get her nutrients and not have to suffer with a raw little bottom.

Barrie on

First off, use cloth diapers. Not only are they better for the environment but they are best for a baby’s bum! NEVER, EVER wash diapers in bleach (never use bleach for anything, infact). In addition, use unpetroleum jelly with every diaper change to protect baby’s bum.

Kristy on

the best thing that worked for my children is Butt Paste it works wounders the best thing in the world to use i got mine from Wal-Mart in the baby center

Tracey on

Try using clotrimozole cream. It is actually for athlete’s foot, but it will work wonders. Diaper rash ointment is used to prevent a rash, but it won’t help once the rash is already there. At that point it usually just burns and irritates the area.

felicia kirby on

you wouldnt believe it but Mylanta, wiil get rid of diaper rash almost instantly. witout hurting the baby’s sensitive skin.It is amazing!!

Kristy on

the best thing that worked for my children is Butt Paste it works wounders the best thing in the world to use i got mine from Wal-Mart in the baby center

Sara on

As a NBICU nurse….the best thing is to air dry the area….it more than likely is a yeast infection…if you see her skin bleeding when you change her IT IS a yeast infection…Nystatin helps a great deal (it is a prescription) and it is used three times a day…all the over the counter products…Desitin, etc are okay…but it takes so much elbow grease to get it off it can irritate the skin even more…another trick is to use plain yogurt with live cultures and apply to diaper area, and let it dry and keep the diaper off as much as possible…also giving a bath with a little baking soda and drying well helps with the irritation…I would talk to your Pediatrician and see if a steroid cream should be used in conjunction with the Nystatin (use the ointment not the cream)…hope this helps…

Bonnie Majkut on

Forget ALL the over the counter stuff and use what God gave Angie to use – BREASTMILK. Breastmilk is naturally high in VITAMIN E which is soothing for the skin. Simply have Angie pump a bottle, or use one that she already has, then slather it on her little bum and let her air dry. Stop using wipees as the alcohol is them will just dry out her skin and makeit worse.

Women have been dealing with diaper rash since the birth of Cain and Abel and they didn’t have all this crazy stuff. Breastmilk and good clean air – give it a couple days and watch it wonder.

I have two children and it works every time!

experienced mom on

Balmex. Even my 5 year old asks for it by name: it is the only one that works.

Keri on

I’m a mom of 3 and I have always used a product called Lansinoh its a product they give to breast feeding moms. It works like a charm!

Fran Finch on

Let them run around with no diapers for a few day. Marry their mother. The most important thing a father can do to secure a childs development and stability is to LOVE their mother and marry her. If you can’t commit to their mother what kind of family life can these children expect. These deserve a mother and father that love each other and can commit to a minimum for 21 years.

julie on

I also love Boudreaux’s butt paste, but my favorite is Triple Paste. Loved it when my son has diaper rash that was bleeding.

sandy on

The key is to make sure the baby’s bottom is completely dry before putting any type of cream on it. Otherwise, unwanted moisture is sealed in to make the problem worse.

Jenn on

I use a mixture of babypowder w/ cornstarch & aloe plus A&D ointment! I alternate the two w/ a little air out time and then I put the ointment on w/ the powder @ nap and bedtime! Cornstarch is what they used a long time ago and I promise it works great plus it isn’t painful rubbing it on and I’ve found that w/ paste way to thick which makes it hard to put on w/out a little pressure :)

Jen McCutcheon on

My daughter had the WORST diaper rash – poor thing screamed everytime we changed her……UNTIL – I found a natural diaper rash cream that use even now (my daughter is 14-months-old now) as preventative maintenance. Try Weleda. I order it from a homeopathic catalogue….I’m sure one can google it. Our daughter hasn’t had a rash since her first, which was when she was 2-months-old. Hope it works for ya!!

Deb Hanks on

Vaseline works GREAT. Any rash my daughter or son had, was dramatically improved with one application. It keeps the moisture away from further irritating the area. All would clear up within 2 days!

Liz on

Butt Paste or Triple Paste! They work wonders!

amanda on

Butt paste is the way to go. My daughter used to get really bad diaper rashes. I was given a home made receipe though, cornstarch, water and Desitin….paste on their little behinds and within a day the rash should be cleared up. Also try to change them more frequently, and use cool wash cloth to wipe.

Susan on

Liguid Digel or other liquid antacid. Clean the child’s bottom with warm water, dab on Digel with a cotton ball. Saw this in Parents magazine when my daughter had diaper rash so bad it was bleeding. It worked quickly!

Janis on

No questions….Calmoseptine cures diaper rash within one day or less!! I am now on my third child and swear by this ointment. Older people often use it to avoid urination-type rashes. It is generally kept behind the counter at pharmacies because it is a little expensive so you may have to ask for it.

Kristine on

DESITIN is the ONLY thing that works for diaper rash.

Here’s a coupon for you Brad!

Crystal on

Brad and Angelina-

I have a beautiful 9 month old little girl who got one really bad one. So I went to Walmart got some baby powder and Desatin and it was better over night. REMEMBER TO USE BABY POWDER AFTER EACH DIAPER CHANGE IT HELPS PREVENT THEM TRUST ME I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dmv on

It is probably a yeast infection. If the rash doesn’t cure, go to the doctor. I found out that my son even had a yeast infection. Check it out.

dawn on

if a salve or ointment wont work…maybe it’s the diapers??

Kayiko on

Gold Bond Baby Powder.. Works best on babies with wet or dry diaper rashes.

Jennifer on

The best product for diaper rash is Aquaphor Healing Ointment!! I would highly recommend it!! It works for diaper rash and a whole lot more!!

brenda on

desitin. layer it on super thick at night when the baby is prone to being wet for a long perios od time. thick destin from walmart does the trick. forget the natural cream…

Tammy on

Johson’s Baby cream in a jar mixed with Mylanta. The Mylanta cuts through the stomach acid that can lead to diaper rash. The mint Mylanta can tend to burn a little if the rash has become raw.

Tiffany on

Change the poor baby’s diaper more often!! About every hour or more when they have a diaper rash. Also, change the diet. If the baby is nursing, then Mom needs to alter her eating habits til she can pinpoint what causes the rash. Often it is spicy or citrus foods.

Neta on

I always just put a couple cups of Oatmeal in the tub with my kids. It is hard to get back out but it took the rash away in a couple days.

Kendra on

I find that A&D OINTMENT works and it’s natural.

Melody on

A&D ointment and no citrus foods at all. Our daughter was adopted and came to us with a horrible diaper rash. Use it after every BM and a very happy baby you will have!!!

debbie taylor on

Something is causing the diaper rash and generally it’s the type of juice you’re giving the baby. Apple juice is extremely rough on a baby’s bottom. Water the juice down or try another.

And to treat the rash, use warm water & no soap to cleanse, and gently apply some aloe vera gel.

Naomi on

Try using a combanation of zinc oxide cream and vaseline. We adopted a 2 year old little girl and this is what the foster mom used on her as she had bad diaper rashes,also change her frequently to keep it as dry as possible If it still hasn’t gone away then it is probably a yeast infection so go and buy some canesten cream and the rash should go away quickly.DON’T GIVE YOUR CHILD A BATH WITH BUBBLE BATH it’s the worst thing that causes diaper rash/yeast infections.

Kelly on

Boudreaux Butt Paste….used it on both of our children. It’s a life saver!

Kim on

A&D Ointment



Sarah on


Nicky on

Argo Corn Starch is the best thing and it’s natural. I have 2 children and they would have horrible rashes and I would put this on them and you could see how fast it would go to work. You know how they cry when you put the cream on? Well this is almost soothing to them because they don’t even cry when you put it on. Put a generous amount on and you see the difference in the next day.

Melissa on

From my experience with my little one its not about what you put on the diaper rash its whats causing it. I would suggest trying different diapers. My little girl was getting diaper rash and ointments were not working, so I tried a different brand of diapers and it went away within a day or two and she never got it again.

claudia on

With my first born a diaper cream by Mustela worked like charm. With my second nothing worked just fresh air. And with my son Balmex.

jenn on

Soak her bottom in clean water several times a day. Clean with mild soap and rinse well. DRY

Jenn on

CALMOSEPTINE ointment that you can order online. It works WONDERS!!!!! I used that on my kid’s diaper rash, and it was GONE the next day!

Laura on

Desitin is the best to use but its more or so to PREVENT diaper rash then to treat it. The best thing to do is to make sure to use a wet wash cloth to wipe with because baby wipes leave a residue, keep using the wash cloth til the rash is gone. Remember to use the Desitin after each poop because it will help prevent it from happening. So far my son has only had one diaper rash.

Tonya Senter on

Boudreaux’s Butt Cream !!! It’s the absolute best stuff on the market. It’s really thick, but when you rub it on, it just melts like butter.

Amy on

Butt Paste is the best for diaper rash. When I first heard about it, I laughed and thought the person was joking. Until I went to Wal-Mart and actually saw it on the shelf. It clears it up in no time. Oprah actually talked about Butt Paste on her show once. Works better than all the other ointments. Good Luck!!!

jacqueline Gaer on

The best thing to do is to remove the diapers, and let baby lie in the sun, daily. My daughter had the same problem, and this worked, absolutely. It’s so wonderful that Brad has such concerns for his babies. I have a son-in-law that shows as much concern with his children. They adore him. Period.

Melissa on

I’ve taken care of many little one, including my own, and the best stuff in my opinion is called Dyprotex. It comes in a box, and has little tubs of medicated ointment with round applicator pads. It works like a miracle.

Shannon on

Gold Bond powder as well as Gold Bond ointment, you can get it at any grocery store, works wonders!

Sheila on

Udder Cream. Just put it on, but don’t rub it in. Let the skin naturally take it in. But in the mean time it will keep moisture off of the skin and help it heal.

Jessica on

Bag Balm, it works great.

amanda morisch on

When the rash is really red/raw soak a cotton ball in Mylanta and apply to baby bottom and let dry as much as possible (I have used a blow dryer on low/cool setting). Then add neosporin plus for pain and healing and Boudreuax butt paste. The cotton ball soaked in Mylanta works well for the burn and irritation-clears up rather quickly.

Rhonda on

Just plain old corn starch works wonders for sensitive skin.

Angela on

I have three children and I used bourdeax butt paste along with cornstarch- the cornstarch can also be used by itself-it has always cured the rash within 24-48 hrs.

j sellwood on

Good old corn starch. I will absorb moisture to keep the area dry and allow it to heal. Use alone or add in/on top of your fav ointment for a healing, drying, paste. (If the area is open and ointment is not sticking, put powder on first then the ointment)

Joan on

Gold Bond powder works wonders for diaper rash.

Amanda/Certified Pharmacy Tech on

My son had a really bad rash with little red blisters and it bled. My doctor recommended Nystatin, because it is a yeast that was on the bottom. He also prescribed SSD cream(silvadene). It is kind of like an antibacterial cream that is used on burns….Next day his rash was completely gone. Good Luck.

elizabeth ocasio on

may sound crazy..but it might just be the kind of diaper that u are using. when my daughter was a baby she would get crazy, horrible diaper rash all the time. and we started switching brands of diapers and she was fine. some kids are just sensitive like that.

Vicki Vaughn on


Tina on

For all 3 of my children I used Corn Starch. My grandmother, who’s 93, used it on my mom and my mom used it on all 3 of her children. It’s soft and wonderful.

Veronica on

First of all… Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl, Shiloh. What a wonderful addition to your family. Maddox now has two little sisters to watch over!
I totally relate to the helpless feeling(s) that caring for your infant can conjure. My son, Ethan suffered from extreme bouts of eczema. To my surprise the Dr recommended over the counter products (Lubriderm, aveeno, eucerine etc). Not only did these products not work but they also sent my son into a fit of pain. At the time I was clueless about ingredients in the products. Later I was furious that a MD would recommend such products! Things like mineral oil, alcohol(caused burning a few seconds after application), animal-by-products etc.
Arbonne Baby Care was introduced to me and I thank God everyday. Arbonne is a Health and Wellness Company founded on the basic principal of creating products that are pure, safe and beneficial. Their products are botanically based and contain no harmful chemicals, dyes, fragrances or animal-by-products.
Keep in mind that the products that you bathe your children with could also be contributing to the problem. If nothing else stay away from mineral oil, petroleum, alcohol, dyes, fragrances and animal by products.
Tell me where to send your free sample!

Marilyn on

When my son had diaper rash, his doctor recommended getting an EXTRA large container of good old vaseline (incredibly cheap in the biggest size!!) I smeared it on extremely thick all over his bottom (extra in the cracks). He never had diaper rash again … works wonders.

tracie on

Corona….yes the kind for horses! Miracle in a tube, never heard of it NOT working!

mykidhaddiaperrash on

I strongly recommend Corona Ointment for Horses. Sounds totally weird, but it worked like a dream with my daughter.

shopoholic on



Kira on

The trick to clearing up diaper rash and keeping it gone. Everytime you change the babys diaper you smear either desitin or some other ointment everywhere on the babys bottom. Don’t use powder. Using an ointment keeps the moisture off the babys bottom.

Sheree on

As a mother of twins, I know….try using a different brand of diapers,(my babies did not do well in Pampers, Huggies were the best) change often, the dryer the better and use a cream, I used a low percentage hydrocortizone cream or the over the counter paste.

Alisa on

Weleda!!!!Organic and great. Clears even the worst within a day!

T. Moore on

Angie & Brad,
Just put the baby into a sink, baby tub, or use a handheld bath spray in the shower. Use baby bar soap, rinse very well,using cool/warm water. Dry the baby, and then put on lots of cornstarch. Keep baby dry, and forget about those plastic dipaer covers! Urine will cause painful skin irritations, and sores. If you are on an airplane, use a wet soft wash towel and gently wipe the baby’s bottom with warm water. Use a magazine to fan the baby dry .Your baby will love you. This will work! Aloha, T.

danielle on

I wouldn’t recommend Bourdeaux butt paste at all! After a bad reaction to an antibiotic, I used it on my son who had never had a rash before and he screamed and cried in serious pain. I couldn’t wash it off fast enough. My recommendation: old fashioned A&D ointment is soothing and clears it up fast.

andreina on

I’ve tried all creams and the best is a colombian made cream called “Crema Cero”. Put a lot of this white stuff on her booty many times a day, and in one or two days tops, the rash is gone. its amazing! This cream beats by far any american cream, even though I love all yankee stuff!

danielle on

I wouldn’t recommend Bourdeaux butt paste at all! After a bad reaction to an antibiotic, I used it on my son who had never had a rash before and he screamed and cried in serious pain. I couldn’t wash it off fast enough. My recommendation: old fashioned A&D ointment is soothing and clears it up fast.

T. Moore on

Angie & Brad,
Just put the baby into a sink, baby tub, or use a handheld bath spray in the shower. Use baby bar soap, rinse very well,using cool/warm water. Dry the baby, and then put on lots of cornstarch. Keep baby dry, and forget about those plastic dipaer covers! Urine will cause painful skin irritations, and sores. If you are on an airplane, use a wet soft wash towel and gently wipe the baby’s bottom with warm water. Use a magazine to fan the baby dry .Your baby will love you. This will work! Aloha, T.

Trish on

Our daughter had TERRIBLE diaper rash… the thing, at the end, that worked best was AIR and LOOSE diapers! Gotta let it dry out. It seemed a gross idea at first but after MANY Pediatrician visits (and failures) it was the old country method that worked the best!

Sarah on

My son got this horrible bumpy diaper rash. We tried all the store bought creams and they didn’t help. His pediatrician finally prescribed this stuff called “Pink Swizzle” over the phone. It was pretty cheap to pick up at the pharmacy and my son’s dipaer rash pretty much disappeared overnight!

MO on

I have been told the high end cream LaMer works wonders on diaper rash…only brad and angie could afford it

Ashley on

I have tried every cream out there. I even tried Butt Paste and it did not work. Finally I tried Triple Paste (found at Walgreens)and it worked like magic. That is the only cream I will ever use.

Beth on

Butt Paste!

JujuBee on

Diaper Rash may signal an overgrowth of candida (Yeast)in the body. Probiotics would most likely help, as would gentian violet. Going diaperless is a must until it clears.

Mol on

Sudocream…available in Ireland…it works like magic!

Chantell on

Soak babies bottom in warm water for a few minutes a couple of times a day, pat dry, and apply A&D ointment. Always remeber to air babies bottom out before putting on a new diaper, you can do this by waving the diaper in front of babies bottom. Let as much air hit the bottom as possible. Works Great!

girl on

Pavloviceva mast from Serbia works excellent on any kind of rashes.

andreina on

If you are paying thousands of $$$ to a nanny, there is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for Shiloh to get a diaper rash. Fire the good-for-nothing!

Wendy on

Stay away from fruit juice! It’s a major culprit in diaper rash. No nutritional value according to my pediatrician. Eating fruit is much better. Good luck!

Janie on

Gold Bond Baby Powder in the blue plastic bottle works like a charm. It’s milder than any cream – but works – while soothing the area.

Shannon on

This is what I used for my children.First off no scented wipes the perfume in the wipes really does irritate baby’s skin.Then a warm bath,A little air, natural dry do not dry with a towel that is just more irritating.And then the magical item that I used for both of my kids is PINK XAV(pronounced Pink Salve)it is available at a chain drug store here in Ohio called DRUG MART it is the only place that I have ever seen this product.And it is the only thing that I believe in.It is truly better then the Butt Paste.

rhona on

I tried almost everything everyone has recommended on this list. It wasn’t until I found an ointment called “Pinxav” that I found a cure for my little ones’ diaper rashes. That with a combination of the not using wipes (alcohol in those burn) and lots of air drying and I switched to pampers. Made all the difference for me. Good luck. It’s never easy to see your little ones in pain.

Kathy St. Paul on

For diaper rash, first clean area with warm water, then use Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline on affected area, then let the baby remain without diaper for a few hours. You can also use Aveeno products, they are very helpful. Good Luck to both Angie and Brad.

SuperMom on

Pampers Rash Care Diapers. Butt Paste. Change FREQUENTLY!!

Tanya on

The best thing for a baby with bad diaper rash is to change to cloth diapers (their skin is too sensitive for disposables). You will not have to use any cream ever again. It’s amazing! And now you can get all-in-one diapers instead of using chinese fold and covers.

Kristin on

Bryan’s Butt Cream from Bryan’s Pharmacy in Fairmont, MN. It is this small town pharmacist’s personal concoction that I had to use when visiting from out of town. I have since used it on all three of my kids and it does wonders!

Annie on

Sounds funny but caneston works really well. You can get it from the drug store. Takes the redness and the apin away. Good luck!!

heather on

Aquafor (name brand) and Malox
mix them together to make a paste
the Malox help with the burning and the Aquafor help with the mositure. You should only make it in small amounts,s o that the malox works everytime. red soreness gone in about 5mins.

Emily on

Sometimes diaper rash can be a sign of some other problem. It could be something in her diet that is bothering her (a food allergy). It could also be the brand of diapers or wipes they are using. If she has sensitive skin the best products are made by a company from Rochester, MN and the Mayo Clinc called Vanicream. No dyes, no perfumes, no lanolin, etc. They make wonderful products!!!

Laurie on

Cornstarch – use it liberally. It worked for both my daughters (my angels – adopted from China).

Tina Bemis on

Use vasaline,my mother has always used it and I used it on all 5 of my kids when they where little. After each diaper change, I know it’s alot of work but run their little bottom under water and pat dry or use a wet cloth. Then you’ll put a good coat of vasaline on the rash and repeat every day for less then a week, it’s a little messy but when they use the rest room their little bottoms won’t feel it and it won’t get on the rash, and their little bottoms will be all better.

Yumiko Harris on

Change diper as soon as a baby did.
Try use fragrance free wet wipes.
My daughter had problem some company fragrance wet wipes.
Mabye try to change diper.
We can buy diffrent dipaer at the whole food or natural store.

kelly on

Brad you can use corn starch or Bag a Balm also dont use baby whips use warm wash cloth it will clear up and cloth diapers work great .

Shelley on

I recommend using Canesten for Athlete’s Foot. It’s a cream and it works absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Another one that I have used is called Sudocrem. At first you could only buy it in the U.K. but now it’s available in Canada at Walmart. I’m sure it’s in the U.S.A. also. The cream’s that you buy in the stores don’t work at all anymore. In Canada there’s also another bum paste called “Hospital for Sick Kids Bum Paste” I didn’t find it to work very well but the other two….most definetly. Hope it works.

tifany on

I have five children and everyone has had diaper rash and what i use and it always works is plain yogort . everytime you change the baby wipe them real good then put the yogort all over thier bottom .I had tried everything with my 1st child who is now 8yrs old and my grandmother told me to use yogort and it worked and ive used it ever since with my children and kids i kept . Good luck and God bless

susan on

Dr. Smith’s is the absolute best. We have tried them all…this was the last resort. You can get it at Walgreens but we ordered a case of it online. It is distributed by Beta Dermaceuticals, Inc. and shipped from San Antonio, TX. We now give it along with any baby gift we give.

Melanie Grant on

Take it from a mother of 3 children under 5… the best diaper rash cream I have found to clear up an unwanted rash is all natural and can be purchased from Arbonne International. It is the best stuff!! It will clear up a rash within 1-2 days. I like it because Arbonne doesn’t use any mineral oil, petrolatum (sp?), or artificial fragrances. You can view their products online at Look under “shop online”. Arbonne carries other various “all natural” health and wellness products. Good luck Brad!!!!

Nikki on

A+D Ointment works best for my little girl. (It’s also great for tattoos)

dani on

I’ve tried butt paste and it worked well, but “Arbonne diaper rash cream” worked much better. Its all natural and works Great!!! : )

judy on

my pediatrician recommended that i take a cotton ball and wet it thoroughly with liquid maalox or mylanta (not mint, just plain). then dot it on the baby’s butt until you cover the rash!! do it a few times a day – it forms a coating and it really works!

kimberly on

The most important factor is air!!! Let that little baby booty breathe. After she goes, let her go nakey for just a while. Lay her on a towel too if you are worried she might have an accident. I did this all the time and I didnt have hardly any problems. It sure helped pretty quickly! Best of luck and no worries – happens to most babies!

Alisha on

BALMEX works like a charm for my 2 kids. love it!

Mandi on

Diaper rash sucks! For my daughter who gets a rash all the time, my husband tried using Irish Spring in her bath just on her bottom and no word of a lie the rash was gone by morning. We also put baking soda in her bath, let her air dry and follow up with extra strength Zincofax. Not too sure if that is available in the United States but you can get it here in Canada!

Jenna on

change diapers/pampers, some babies might be allergic to certain diapers/pampers.

dana on

Put your blow dryer on the cool setting and blow dry the baby’s bottom (make sure it is cool so it does not burn sensitive skin!) after each change.

Denise on

Balmex is the best thing in the world for diaper rash or any other rash for that matter. Also, you could put a little vinegar in the bath water. It neutralizes everything. Good luck with the diaper rash…

Marsha Murray on

Golden seal, it will diffently clear if up….


Ali on

Air is the best thing. It will take some time to heal. A little corn starch will help with the pain. Ointments do help, but when your irritated like that, powders seem to soothe the best.

Susane on

Burts Bees Diaper Ointment it is the best and it’s all nautural I used it on 2 babies ones 10 now & the other is 3 . THE BEST!!

Jill on

I am a mother with a son that had very sensitive skin the best ointment that i had found for him by far was Desitin. It is available at any drug store. Best of luck for your little ones.

julia on

Brad, if Angelina is nursing, what SHE is eating has more of an impact on Shiloh’s rash than oitments will! Make sure that she is eating 7-13 servings of RAW organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables! and, it taking Juice Plus would be a great benefit for all of the family. The gummies are perfect for Zahara and will help her rash if it is still persisting!

Just about everything that ails us all can be fixed with proper nutrition, water intake and exercise!

Susan on

Everyone is right. Butt Creme as we call it, is the best. When my son was three and had cancer, he kept severe rash from the chemo that was in his urine and the other drugs I am sure. That is what they used on all the cancer kids, and it worked after nothing else would. It is amazing and hope you get to the “end” of your problem soon! Take care

Jo on

wow, I think everyone has the same opinion…Butt Paste is the absalute best!!! I have four kids and that stuff works better than anything else out there.

amylu on

Butt Paste!! It’s the only thing that works for my daughter and I SWEAR by it! Put it on through the day but SLATHER it on thick before bedtime…the rash will be near gone in the morning.

Rebecca on

Wash baby’s bottom then blow dry it with a hairdryer then slather on some Calmoseptine.

jen on

keep her dry changing her often and airing her out. BAG BALM was my life saver with my girls they would get rashes so bad! available at any store or drugstore easy to get and it works better than any comercial product!!


Cornstrach is the best thing for a rash. The vaseline is maybe the worst thing. With diapers it holds in the moisture and doesnt let the skin breath. The way to do it is after bathing your child pat dry the babys bottom and let air dry for awhile. just put a lite towel over the baby just in case the baby pees. Then put cornstrach on the rash. evenally. Then honestly parents i know this isnt the lazy way. Buy cloth diapers. there the best thing. And u can save alot of money. But your baby will be rash free. Try to use plastic pretend cloth diapers when out and about with your baby. I did it and it works. Save your baby from painfully diaper rashes.

Sarah on

I have 2 kids under the age of two that have really sensitive skin so I feel your pain. Try to use diapers that have a gel core to keep her skin dry. (Pampers cruisers are the best.) Eliminate wipes, they tend to do more harm than good with diaper rash. Wipe the area with Maalox on a cotton ball every time you change the diaper, which should be once and hour until it clears up. Let her tush be exposed to as much air as possible, it will really help.

Joy on

To all the mommies out there, Ladies, you all ROCK! That was very wonderful of you. Albeit, I’m not a mom yet, but I am so learning some tips just by reading your comments.

Joy on

Piece of cake – Brad, sweetie, grab a can of good old fashioned Crisco, yes Crisco shortening, and slap some on -the baby that is. We didn’t have Butt Paste or whatever it’s called 20 years ago when my son was a baby, and the stuff on the market literally burned the crap out of the kid’s butt. The day after using Crisco it started clearing up and went away shortly thereafter.

Sarah-LV on

i think the best thing that you both can do would be to change her more frequently so she is always dry, and don’t forget the baby powder-if that does not work the doctor can prescribe an ointment that really works!

Tina on

Here is a recipe that truly works… got it from my babies’ pediatrician. One half tube of A&D Zinc Oxide Cream. One half tube of Desitin – Original or Creamy. 1 TB Bacitracin ans 1 TB of Maalox. Mix it all together and apply. Works like a charm.

Not that the Pitt-Jolie’s will ever see this, but someone else may need to use it on their child’s bum.

Monique on

My son was allergic to zinc oxide. Shiloh might be having an allergic reation to everything that’s put on her sensitive bottom. Try letting her lay around “butt-naked” for a while, then try one item and play the waiting game to see how she reacts. You’ll know almost right away if she’s allergic to it. When I found out what our trouble was I began to use cornstarch powder and frequent changes. It could also be something mommy ate that’s too acidic. Have Angelina journal her eating habits as well. Good luck Sherlock Holmes!

Vanessa on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best. It works immediately and smells decent and washes off your fingers easily. Find it at Wal-Mart.

jennifer on

For diaper rash the area needs to be clean and dry. Try using a hair dryer to the area (on cool of course) after every diaper change. It will not only dry the area but it is soothing for the baby. It works, as I am a mom and a nurse!

Brenda T. on

Lots of bath’s and use lots of powder. I always applied Johnson diaper rash and alittle powder over it. Change the baby as often as possible. If it means as soon as they wet their diaper change it. The babies have very sensitive skin. Also “NO” juice and have them drink alittle water. Good luck Angie and Brad.

kasey on

I’ve found that the best thing to use is BAG BALM ! I could’nt get my sons diaper rashes under control and my pediatrician reccomended this and it is the BEST!!!! Good Luck

Brooklyn on

The best thing for a diaper rash is Cornstarch. It is natural and harmless. The powder is soft so it’s perfect for new skin and it is painless to the touch cause’ you just have to sprinkle it on there bottom. The powder sucks out the sting and redness. It is much better than wet creames that take there time. You’ll notice the difference of the rash by the next day. Also, it’s great cause’ it doesn’t eat your pocket book.

Abby on

Triple paste is the best. It’s a combination of petrolatum, zinc oxide, lanolin, beeswax, and cornstarch. Also, keep her naked and a warm bath will soothe if she can stand it. Once it clears up, change her twice as much as you think necessary to prevent from happening again.

Tonka on

Stop using Diaper wipes if you are, use only the softest paper towel with plain water to clean baby’s bottom. Clean gently with lukewarm water and make sure it has dried completely before re-diapering. If the rash is bleeding then this is the best. If it is not to that point yet, I recommend seeking plain Zinc Oxide ointment that you find in the first aid section of any drug store. It is not diaper rash ointment, though, those contain Zinc Oxide. My last baby was extremely sensitive to any diaper wipe. I forget the brand of paper towel but it was really soft and tears in smaller sections.

Melissa Sanders on

The best rash cream is Pink Swizzel! They have it here in Utah through prescription only. You can’t get it over the counter because it works so well.

ninjette on

[1] WATER. Don’t clean the kid with baby oil … rather use a soft washcloth and lukewarm water. Or, if you use non-fragrance wipes, clean with water after the wipe, so that even the little wipe residue gets removed. [2] AIR DRY COMPLETELY. [3] Apply diaper rash OINTMENT, i.e. from Weleda (w. calendula) or Kiehl’s.

Brenda T. on

Another tip for diaper rash: change the soap you are bathing the children with. Get rid of the fancy, perfume products. Keep it simple. All it takes is warm water and hypo-allergenic products. Watch out for the bubble bath you use. Some have lots of perfume in it that might irritate the skin. Change the detergent you use to wash the children’s clothes. No perfume and sensitive skin only. Use the baby detergent. You can find it at any Target.

liz on

I think that the best way to prevent it is by using vaseline everytime you change it. believe me! it works.

Shelley on

Vaseline makes something especially for this called Vaseline Nursery jelly. It’s basically baby powdered scented Vaseline. I used it every diaper change as a preventative and it really helped. Best wishes.

Melissa on

I agree..taking off the diaper and letting it air out. Perhaps you might want to change diaper brand, that could be it too.

Lesleigh on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste!

Maria on

My baby had a problem with her diaper itself. We tried a lot and ended-up successfully with Momy Poko brand of diapers. Then use Johnson & Johnson “Johnson’s baby diaper rash cream” w/c is labeled as ‘clinically proven’. The next day i apply cream the rash fades off. Try it.

Edna on

I think that the best way to prevent it is by using vaseline everytime you change it. believe me! it works.

Brandy on

My son had rash so bad it bled. Tried everything even got a prescription for it nothing helped, until an old lady told me to get bag balm. Rash gone it a couple of hours was awesome after that I never had to deal with another rash as soon as they got a little pink I’d use Bag Balm. It has been used for 100 years it is the best

Lucinda on

Nothing work better than “Bag Balm”, comes in a green can… Mother of soon to be three boys…

Jacquie on

I was and Air Force Medica for 16years working in the ER… we would see some strange things there but one thing I learned and it really worked was, believe it or not; Vaseline. My Daugher use to get raw bleeding rashes because you have to have a diaper on sometimes vaseline does two things. 1)Vaseline enables you to still see the rash and monitor it without having to wipe it all off. 2)It creates a moisture barrier.
Also we would do warm baths with baking soda {helps with hard or soft stools) just for play time and of course as much time up and about without a nappy on as we could.
Hope this helps.

Barbara on

Use unscented diapers with no perfumes or dyes in them. Cloth diapers work very well but if you use cloth diapers don’t use the rubber pants very often because the baby’s skin needs to breathe.
Best of luck!!

Angie on

Well i know the only thing that woorked for my son’s bottom was cornstarch and that is it plain and simple!

Kathy on

I think it was already posted, but definitely let the kid air out abit. Also try cornstarch out of your kitchen.

I’m not an expert, but I think some of the disposable diapers seem to absorb alot of fluid, so people may let their kids sit in a dirty diaper alot longer than they should. Maybe someone will post about that…

chrissy on

try just a clean bottom and then some baby powder or maybe check and see if the diapers that youe buying have latex in them alot of kids are allergic to this they sometimes use it in order to make the diaper strech more, or even checking that the wet ones that you use have no latex in them, then if that is not working could be a food allergy, citric acid will do this.

lisa on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is great for a mild diaper rash. However, as a pediatric nurse who has seen a lot of bad diaper rashes, exposure to air is the key along with something we nurses mix up in the hospital called “Butt Balm.” You need to mix equal parts Desitin, Eucerin, and Nystatin (prescription anti-yeast medication). Add a little Stoma Adhesive Powder (you can find this at a medical supply store) to get the mixture tacky enough to stay on the skin. Cleanse the diaper area with a wet, cloth diaper (commercial wipes have too many chemicals and can feel like a burn for your baby; resume using wipes when the skin is all healed). Allow skin to dry then apply Butt Balm liberally. Next diaper change, be sure to dap at the area. Don’t wipe off the Butt Balm. The skin needs to rest. Again, air is really great for bad diaper rashes. Good luck!

Jill on

Corona ointment! You can find it @ a feed store. It’s meant to be used on horses & cows or other animals. You will see it working w/in hours. I used it on all 3 of my children and wouldn’t use anything else. In fact, I still keep a bottle around the house, for other odds and ends. It works so well, I give it out as a baby gift. Just make sure you get the cream and not the vasoline type.

Jill on

Corona ointment! You can find it @ a feed store. It’s meant to be used on horses & cows or other animals. You will see it working w/in hours. I used it on all 3 of my children and wouldn’t use anything else. In fact, I still keep a bottle around the house, for other odds and ends. It works so well, I give it out as a baby gift. Just make sure you get the cream and not the vasoline type.

Stacy on

They’ve probably tried butt paste. Anything works on my daughter. But I particularly like Aveeno products. So that’s the diaper rash cream I’ve stuck by.

stacy on

i think this is more for us. i highly doubt they’ll read this, and i’m sure their pediatrician can help.

Kaylyn on

epson salt bath…and butt paste

kalamity on

CLOTH DIAPERS!!! (Best prevention and easier to use in this day and age). Lots of air and Amikole’s raw Shea Butter….about the best you can get.
Todays diapers have high quantities of SAPS (a chemical absorbant agent….same thing that is responsable for toxic shock in tampons), so diaper can stay on for a long time without feeling too wet, but is VERY harsh on baby’s skin. More so for little girls. Wet diaper left on too long or not catching #2 fast enough can give PAINFUL rashes!!!!!! Prevention is the best remedy. Go cloth.

Alethea B. on

DEFINITELY try Arbonne Baby Care Diaper Rash Cream. It worked wonders on my friends’ babies as well as kids! Brad & Angelina, I promise you that it WILL work!
For more information, feel visit my blog at or you can order at and use my consultant ID = 16192369

India B. on

just corn starch. nothing else and keep the diaper off from time to time so that the butt can get some air and get rid of the bacteria that causes diaper rashes.

kalamity on

Forgot to mention…….neither of my 2 kids EVER got diaper rash when I used cloth diapers. The only time my DD got it (so painful she screamed when I bathed her) was from a disposable being left on too long. Combo of cloth diapering, freqeunt changing, and shae butter cleared her up in 3 days. Her skin was so chaffed it began to scab. so, if you like it natural, raw shae butter is as natural as it gets.

Dayna on

Dear Angelina and Brad,

Try baby goop. You can it online and Tracy Hogg also recommends it. Also make sure Shiloh gets left without a diaper as many times a day as possible, just letting the area breathe is very important.

Rachael on

The best thing out there is Resinol. The only place I know you can get it is at Walgreens. You have to go to the pharmacy and ask for it but it truly is the best that i know of. I work in a pediatric hospital so this issue comes up alot.
best of luck

dawn on

i’m sure she’s been to the doctor…but if not, sometimes a yeast infection in baby’s shows up in a really bad rash. can be easily treated with a topical medicine.

dawn on

to go along with my previous comment…i was reading peoples responses about Lotrimin working and the reason it works on the rash is because it is probably a yeast infection…lotrimin is used for athletes foot and that is a form of yeast.

kAT on


Ryann on

First thing…get rid of the wipes! Even the sensitive ones contain alcohol, which can burn! So, use a wet wash cloth. Next, some air! Either leave her bottom open to fresh air for a little while or use a hairdryer on a no-heat setting. Then buttpaste or A&D ointment!

Aaron Ollerton on

I have to agree with everyone that has said Butt Paste. The stuff is like the magic cream it works overnight.


everytime they have a bowel movement wash with baby magic baby wash rinse it, blot dry then apply butt cream.

Carla on

Many years ago, my son had the same problem. We tried every type of oinment and treatment we could find but his diaper rash got so bad that the skin looked like it was being eaten away. We finally talked to a doctor who told us he might be allergic to the gel in the over the counter diapers we were using. He told us the gel they use to make the diapers waterproof was causing some of the babies to break out into terrible diaper rashes. We switched the brand of diapers we were using and two days later…the rash started to disappear. A week later the rash had completely healed.

peoriagrace on

Try pouring oregon grape root tea into the bath; or you can try chamomile or finely ground oatmeal. Also might want to test for allergies! Hope one of these helps.

dolly on

diaper rash means poor care period.needs immediate changing when the baby is wet A.S.A.P.

Carla on

Keep the diaper off as much as possible. My little guy gets diaper rash and I lay him down on the floor or bouncer on a recieving blanket with a water proof diaper pad under him. Instead of diaper wipes I have a bunch of little wash clothes and use that with warm water. I try to keep as much chemicals off as I can but sometimes I use Penaten to. It seems to work. Main thing is lots of air exposure.

H on

My son suffered from diaper rash right after he was born, we changed the brand of diapers and rather than using baby wipes we used to use warm water after each diaper change, we let him air dry for as long as we could. It cleared up in a week, then we used papmpers sensitive wipes. He is one year old now and he did not get a rash since then..

sylvia quiroz on

extra virgin olive works,apply all over rash by the time you change next diaper you’ll see a BIG differance i use it on my daughter when she would get them.



Mel on

The best trick is to use a hair dryer on a very very low setting. This really works as the rash is caused by dampness trapped by the diaper.

gabi on

weleda`s zinc oxyde cream and don´t use brand name diapers. use a no name without any aloe or so on them. also try
to have the bum naked as often as possible. wash bum
only with water and a cotton cloth, dry with a cotton
cloth. keep it simple and possibly cosmetic free. avoid
acids in liquids. breast milk from the breast is best.
also on the bum!!!! good luck from austria!!

Rebecca Zuketto on

There is one cream that is absolutely best: it is from Weleda, and especially for the baby’s bottom. I do not know if it is available though in the U.S., since it is a German product. It is not cheap either, but I use it for my kids and they have the best looking bottoms of the Netherlands. Good luck.

Amy on

Porter’s salve. Amazing.

Hewitt on

Balmex! It isn’t the newest product on the market, but it definitely works.

lucy on

johnsons baby powder is great,and keeps baby dry and fresh!also changing diaper more frequently is very helpful! instaed of changing diaper 4 x a day change 5 or 6 depending..

Arnethia Watkins on

I’am responding the diaper rash problem!

Go to wal-mart and ask one the floor workers in the health
care section of the store to direct you the product known as (Butt Cream)-it looks like peanut butter just follow the directions on the tube! It’the best cream for diaper rash ever, and everyone Ive told about the cream tried it and got very good results from it!

cutie on

Try Desitin. Apply a thick layer of it on the rash area and leave the area open for an hour or so (this can b done preferrably when baby falls asleep ). u can c the difference immediately, but remember to apply a very thick layer of Desitin.This is my personal experience, but the solution may vary according to the type of skin.Also, try to change baby’s diaper every 2 hrs or as n when u feel it is considerably wet n try to leave without diaper for few min daiy to avoid the rash roblem permanently….

Arnethia Watkins on

I’am responding the diaper rash problem!

Go to wal-mart and ask one the floor workers in the health
care section of the store to direct you the product known as (Butt paste)-it looks like peanut butter just follow the directions on the tube! It’the best cream for diaper rash ever, and everyone Ive told about the cream tried it and got very good results from it!

Andrea on

Try cornstarch, my son gets horrible rahes while teething and that worked well.

vikki on

if you already have the rash you need to keep it dry , you need to use burnt flour. spead flour over the cookie sheet, place it in the oven at 350 and you have to watch it because just when it starts to look brown take it out, let it cool and then use it. the flour actually absorbs the moisture from the rash and it heals. use it every diaper change if you se redness.

Kate on

Bepanthen!!Beat treatment in this case!!
Gyes next day kids will have no trouble!!I swear!

Kate on

Bepanthen!!Best treatment in this case!!
Next day kids will have no trouble!!I swear!

Julie on

The only thing I have ever used for my children is a product called Saratoga. My mom used it on us kids back in the sixties and seventies and now I use it on mine and it cures and prevents diaper rash. I apply after each bath and at night before bedtime. You can find it on

Lisa on

Olive Oil!!Simple as that!!

Eva on

I have used Bag Balm with all three of my boys, and it works like magic!!!!

Sandi on

butt paste works great! And if that is not helping try using an anti fungal cream (like you buy for athletes foot) that works miracles!!!!! I never knew until someone told me to try it with my son and his rash cleared up fast! Apparently babies can get a diaper rash that is more of a fungal (yeast) infection and the only thing that helps is an anti fungal cream! Rock on Brad!

Laura on

A daiper rash is a type of fungus caused by the bottom being wet and then a yeast like fungus grows! My son had a daiper rash recently and we went to the doctor who told us to change him every hour and then put Lotramin….YES,,it is for jock itch….athletes foot ect and IT WORKED TO HEAL HIS DAIPER RASH in about 2 days! Ask your doctor..but try it and you will see. Butt Paste is what I was using and the doctor said it has no meds in it to heal a bad daiper rash like Lotrimin. Not sure if I am spelling it right>?

Jaycee on

A powder called Caldesene. It worked wonders on my daughter’s bad diaper rash. Doctor recommended it.

Yussi-The Netherland on

stop using diapers for a while and start use soft linen (traditional diaper) and when Shiloh pee, wash with warm water, dry with soft towel and apply very thin Zwitzal peau irritee. change her linen diaper soon as possible after she pee or poo, thats why she must use linen diaper,when she pee is easy to notice and also keep her butt cool which normal diaper make her skin suffocating. Dont use wet baby tissue to clean her poo but use very soft toilet tissue and make wet the tissue with bit water.
Van harte beterschap Shiloh!

Amber on

The best stuff is called ILEX my son had a rash so bad it was open wounds… Ilex with every diaper change throw on some vaseline and within days its completely gone.

Sue on

CORNSTARCH!!!! You can also use niagra spray starch on their little butts and it well clear it right up!!!

Sue Fish on

CORNSTARCH!!!You can even use Niagra spray starch on it and it well clear right up!!!

dp on

If Angie is breastfeeding her, it’s probably something she’s eating that causes her diaper rash, or as I experienced with my son, it was the diaper I was using. My son was allergic to every diaper product except LUVS. Good Luck

Lena on

I recommend corn starch.

Kim on

Bag Balm. You can buy at any pharmacy. It is very stinky but works get. Especially on sensitive skin.

Wanda Zelaya on

The best stuff hands down is A & D. My son had some bad diaper rashes and I tryed everything. The only thing that works is the A&D ointment. I put it on him even if he doesn’t have diaper rash just as a preventative measure. He has not had diaper eash since. It works!!


My daughter has gotten some really bad diaper rashes and the doctor recommended Lotrimin (for athelete’s foot). I was a little skeptical at first, but it works like a charm. Usually after using it one time, the rash looks a lot better.

Cindy on

Balmax works great with both my boy and girl . It clears it within a day. Try to use unscented wet wipes and I suggest changing another brand of diapers.

Bryana on

Arbonne’s Diaper Rash Cream is the best thing I have used! I wish I’d had it with my first daughter. It is fabulous and all natural!!

Chaparra on

Corn starch, works every time

Jen on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste!!

Lori Harrington on

Liquid Maalox (regular strength) mixed with Aquaphor Healing Ointment. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it really works! I tried the Johnson’s 3-in-1, the Butt Paste, A & D ointment, Caldesene Powder and nothing worked. Trust me, this did!

Amanda on

My daughter used to get a rash so badly it would even bleed, I tried everything and the best thing I could get was Equate Vitamin A and D ointment from Wal-Mart. It’s very cheap and it’s the best.

Amy Conkle on

Fresh Air! Give her an Aveeno Baby Bath (you can find it at any drug store) then let her air dry. Apply vaseline. Change diaper often.

Lori on

The first thing I would do is switch her to cloth diapers to air out the skin.
Clean her only with wet rags. Sometimes baby wipes just make the problem worse. Then go and see your Pharmasist and ask for a compound drug they can make there called Bailey’s Butt Balm. It works wonders for my little girl.

Lori on

First thing I would do is switch my baby to cloth diapers to help air out the skin. Second I would wipe my babys bottom with a wet cloth between changes and change often. Then I would go to my Pharmasist and ask them to make a compound drug called Bailey’s Butt Balm. It really works!

Lori on

First thing I would do is switch my baby to cloth diapers to help air out the skin. Second I would wipe my babys bottom with a wet cloth between changes and change often. Then I would go to my Pharmasist and ask them to make a compound drug called Bailey’s Butt Balm. It really works!

Mary on

The best rash cure is good ole baking soda, instead of any kind of powder, put the baking soda on the rash. It absorbs the moisture and keep the skin dry. The Butt Cream is good too.

Mary on

The best rash cure is good ole baking soda, instead of any kind of powder, put the baking soda on the rash. It absorbs the moisture and keep the skin dry. The Butt Paste is good too.

heather on

some rashes are caused by what goes in the mouth. my baby got a rash every time i ate chocolate, so i had to stop eating chocolate until i was finished nursing. maybe brad and angelina should take a look at the food that the kiddies eat before the rash appears.

Brandy W on

Maybe try to let her tiny tush air out. All that cream only makes it worse – give her a break!

Charlotte Gerber on

Baby’s Butt paste and another cream called Triple Paste Medicated Ointment both work great. What worked best for my baby boy was a combination of diaper rash ointment and warm baths- followed by letting him go without a diaper for a while after the bath so his skin could air dry.

jv on

Both my little ones had terrible diaper rash. The only thing that worked was drying them everytime they are changed with a blowdryer set on cool and changing them very frequently. I use Butt Paste to prevent the rash, but it really doesn’t get rid of it. Good luck!

Pc on

To dry up diaper rash, use corn starch and baby powder. Creams will make it worse. Better to keep it dry, and this really works! I know from personal experience with my own baby. Used several creams and that made it so much worse, I’m telling you….corn starch and baby powder mixed!

Allison on

Aloe Vesta. Best stuff on earth!!

Motown Mama on

Cloth diapers are so much better for babies. The chemicals in disposables are really harsh, especially once a rash gets going. In a pinch, use only Huggies.

Janet on

I swore by a thin layer of Lotriment (yes, the foot fungus cream) topped off with Desitin.

Gone in 24 hours every time – including when caused by antibiotic.

Lori on

I used barbasol in the tube for all my kids when they were babies, it works EXCELLENT!! You should be able to get your phramacy to order it for ya, mine did!

Kristi Scott on

I think it’s called “Itty-Bitty Bum Balm” by Gaia’s Wings. NOTHING works like this. A friend sent me some. It’s incredible!!!

rjmom on

Butt paste is the best & baby gold bond after the rash clears up. The Gold Bond keeps the Butt soft & dry & smells awesome.

Stellab5 on

I never found a cream that worked on my son. But by making my own baby wipes out of viva paper towel and baby soap cleared it up in a few days. It was more expensive and time consuming, but worth it.

Lisa on

Using just plain vaseline for a few days will clear up the rash in a jiff and then normal applications of any diaper cream that contains 40% Zinc Oxide a couple of times a day will keep it from coming back.

Hope this helps!

Nicolle on

Hello,I heard the things new dad Brad said and the BEST thing I found was Neosporin with Pain Relief Ointment. Quite literally,I would pur it on and within 24 hours the rash would be all gone.I use it now for everything.

Rebecca Richards on

Resinol Medicated Ointment, I used it on my 3 kids and it worked wonders, ask pharmacy about it, they will show you where it is, whenever my kids had diaper rash, i applied this on their rash and within the next few hours it was gone.

Britt on

I have a toddler who has had recurring diaper rashes since she was six months old. The only thing that works for us is one-half percent hydrocortizone cream. If the rash has lasted more than a week, we use that in combination with an anti-fungal cream that the doctor prescribes. The hydrocortizone can literally take a rash from bleeding to healed over (but still red) in one night. It must be one-half percent, however.

Nicolle on

Hello,I heard the things new dad Brad said and the BEST thing I found was Neosporin with Pain Relief Ointment. Quite literally,I would pur it on and within 24 hours the rash would be all gone.I use it now for everything.

Mitchell on

The best cure for diaper rash is burned flour. You fry flour in a dry frying pan until it turns brown. Let it cool completely and then apply to rash. It really works wonders. I used it on my baby all the time.

Aimee on

ARBONNE HERBAL DIAPER RASH CREAM! Key ingredients- oat flour, zinc oxide, avocado and peach. This stuff is all natural..and amazing! I promise. I have pics of babies in my life to prove it!

Yudith Luevano on

Every time i change the diaper I wash her little but in the sink of the restroom, work very well there is a Mexican product Maizena that you put as Powder also work very well Good Luck!! and she is gorgeous


the best cure in the world for diper rash …a plain ol’ box of corn starch, you can find it in the baking section at any grocery store.

Arlene on

Make a paste from a good over-the-counter lotrimin cream, diaper rash cream (like Desitin), and Mylanta. Works like a charm, usually over night!

Leanne Burnett on

They should try Lotrimin cream (the same stuff you use for a woman’s internal yeast infection, or athlete’s foot). If it is a really bad diaper rash, it has probably advanced to a yeast infection of the skin (where the bumps are small, and it is hot and red). The ultimate remedy…rub some Lotrimin cream on it, change the diaper often, don’t use commercially available wipes on the baby, use warm wet clean washcloths, and let the skin dry completely before putting on the Lotrimin or the diaper. Be very gentle…it really hurts! It works in about a day to two days. You can tell it is soothing right from the get-o!

Boudroux’s Butt Paste is great, but it’s more of a barrier. The underlying yeast infection must first be treated! Once the skin returns to its original rash-free state, use the Butt Paste, or a vaseline-like barrier product to keep the the moisture from direct contact with baby’s tender skin. Really, this is THE BEST method!!!

Kathy on

The absolute best PREVENTION and REMEDY for diaper rash is LANSINOH cream. It is for breastfeeding mothers, but I have found that it is perfect for preventing and healing diaper rash.

Jenn on

Eucerin Aquaphor, it’s absolutely fabulous!!

Claudia on

We tried Dr. Smith’s, but didn’t work that well with Sofia’s rash. Next we used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and it worked very fast.
My mom used Capent on my younger brother and she loved it. However, I’m not sure this is sold in the US (we used to live in Mexico City then).
Angie, if you have any problem with your milk production, take Fenugreek (indian spice) capsules, it helps you increase your milk supply.

Kat on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, formerly known as Dr. Talbot’s butt paste. It’s made up of these ingredients: zinc oxide, castor oil, peruvian balsalm and boric acid. The best stuff around. It’s even good for adults for heat rash, chaffing, etc.

here are websites below:

It works wonders…………

Kynny03 on

The best thing to do is let her soak in some water with a little vinegar. Then let her air dry. This allows the ointment to soak in better. My daughter had a bad rash that almost looked like a burn. Come to find out it was that her body had more acid in it than most. So actually it was a burn. She was not able to have any kinds of juice because of the high acid content. Now that she is out of diapers she hasn’t had a rash.

Kristi on

Whenever my son had diaper rash, I usually just let him air out in the fresh air, worked wonders!!! Letting babies hang out in their birthday suits is the best thing for a diaper rash…just have supplies on hand to clean up any little mishaps. :) Whenever we put our son back in his diaper we used Alpharma Nystatin Ointment, which is Rx only, but it is awesome. I have the Butt Paste and it works wonderful too.

Cecille Basilio on

I’m a mother of a rambunctious, almost 4 yr. old kid. Nicolas had bad rashes when he was a baby. I tried everything you can find at Target and Drug Stores, including that Bordeaux Butt Paste, nothing worked. Until a friend of mine from Germany sent me this wonder creme. It’s called “Kaufmann’s Haut-Und Kinder Creme”. It’s also wonderful on other skin rashes. Nicolas has very sensitive skin, and I’ve just about use it everywhere on his face and arms where he gets rashes sometimes. I’ve got a stock of them at home. I can send one to Brad & Angie to try, if everything else fails!

Also, during diaper change, before putting the diaper on, it’s very important to wipe dry the area after using wipes, then put the diaper creme and the diaper. Diaper rash thrives on moisture. Good-luck!

heather on

Burn (use a pan you dont care about) white flour and sift it, it will be brown soft powder. THIS WORKS, I know it sounds crazy but once you use this and see the results you will always have some hand.

Kari Zielasko on

I used to work at a preschool and every time a child had a rash AQUAPHOR worked like a dream, nothing else took it away as quickly as AQUAPHOR. You can find it in the lotion aisle at Target, it comes in different sizes. Nothing not even butt paste, desitin, a&d NOTHING worked as good as AQUAPHOR.

Melissa on

The best thing is to keep her dry!! Change her diaper often, and try to let her just hang out without a diaper on to let her tush get some air. Cornstarch will keep her dry the same as baby unscented baby powder. But really, keep her dry and lots of air on her tushy!!!!!!

Jen on

I have 5 kids ages nine and under. I do NOT use baby wipes. We have always washed them off in the sink after a dirty diaper. We discovered this method after our firstborn having horrible rash for several days. After using warm water with a mild soap he cleared right up. Baby wipes leave a residue. I also have had good results with Desitin and Luvs diapers. (Sometimes a child can be sensitive to a diaper brand…mine react to Pampers and Huggies).

Kate on

He definitely needs to try Arbonne Baby Care Herbal diaper rash cream. It’s all natural and will help to get rid of diaper rash & keep it at away.
Find a consultant near you on the website,

Veronika Harmon on

My daughter had horrible diaper rash and I used many ointments that did not help. Then our doctor prescribed Nystatin and her bottom was healed.

Jacol Deuman on

I have two children and I have tried everything the best thing i found (My children both have sensitive skin) Is BAG BALM…. You find it actually in the pet section of any local department store. It is in a green square tin and it is about $4.00. It works great and lasts along time.

Renee on

The best stuff is called Burts Bees. My friend swears by it! I have used it as well and it works amazing.

librarian on

I recommend the A.Vogel Bioforce Seven-herb cream. It works miracles on sensitve bums (creates a good barrier and heals quickly).

Debbie on

Years ago my son had a horrible diaper rash (his first) from a virus/bout with diarrea and my doctor recommended the Monistat vaginal cream women use internally for yeast infections. It worked like a miracle overnight! If women can use it internally, it is safe enough for a baby’s butt. I also recommended it to a friend who’s baby had such a bad rash that the doctor told them to let the toddler run around without a diaper in the house. She was at her wit’s end and I recommended it to her. At that time, you needed a prescription-script for it from your doctor and her husband was a dentist so they immediately had access to it. She called me the next morning to tell me it was 99% gone and they had tried everything!

Michelle on

We have this stuff sold in TSC farm stores called “Bag Balm”

Nicole O'Donnell on


dee on


Bec on

Arbonne Diaper Rash Creme is the best I’ve ever seen. My baby had it so bad he was bleeding, I used this and I could see results within hours.

Mindy Warren on

Change diapers at least every two hours, give baby a bath every day. Make sure diaper area is clean and dry and use A+D ointment with every diaper change. This will help prevent diaper rash. Butt Paste is a good product to put on baby after diaper rash appears.

Mindy Warren on

I should add that my 2-year-old has never had a diaper rash using A+D ointment with every change-even if it’s just a wet diaper.

Tallie Viator on

The absolute best diaper rash cream is from a company called Arbonne. Thier diaper rash cream is an all natural product that is recommended by doctors. I sell the products and I have had success stories about this product.

Nicole on

Yes, I agree Butt Paste is the best over the counter, but if it is that bad of a rash, it might be a yeast rash that needs an anti-fingal anti-biotic and NYSTATIN cream will need to be perscribed, it will go away in less than a day.

Mindy Warren on

I should add that my 2-year-old has never had a diaper rash using A+D ointment with every change-even if it’s just a wet diaper.

Marie on

Tried Butt Paste on my little girl, and she was allergic to it!! We went from bad to worse with a blistered tush. Try seeing your pediatrician, they can prescribe a cream.

Craig Kollegger on

Our son Max had terrible diaper rash when he was a baby, to the point of bleeding! We found the miracle remedy at our local health food store: Calendula Creme (made by Weleda). It cured his rash within a day. We were shocked and relieved. He never had to suffer with it again. As soon as we saw a sign of it we would cover his butt with Calendula Creme (calendula is a plant with healing properties for the skin) and it would go away instantly. good luck

Melinda on

You may also want to consider that she may be allergic to the diapers or wipes you are using. My baby can only use diapers and wipes that do not have an aloe extract in them. Otherwise, she breaks out.

Jodi C. on

I have three children and the only thing that worked on them was pure cornstarch (right out of the box). It doesn’t sting or irrate them. My daughter would stop crying as soon as it was applied. Hope it helps and Congrats on the baby!

jenn on

from my pediatrician: equal parts maalox, aquaphor, and desitin (the original – not creamy). mix together really, really well (hard to get the maalox in. It works like a charm. I’ve used Bordeaux’s too — it’s good, but this mixture is a MIRACLE.

Carol on

Baking soda in bath water I found to be the best.

Gabe on

I work for a pediatricians office and I agree NYSTATIN cream is good, they should be looked at by a Pediatritian if ithe rash has been a while, he/she will perscribe it. But if you want to go the Natural route, California Baby ( is good, It has a Diaper spray that cools, then you can put the diaper cream- which contains calendula a healing property, and they also have a talc free diaper powder that also cools and soothes. You can use them all together or one at a time. But I agree that if the rash has been there a while a doctor needs to see them.

kathy deleon on

The best thing for diaper rash is cornstarch applied just like powder, it is a miracle they way it works in just hours, this has been passed down in my family and we have given this advive to many many people for over 40 years it really works. Good luck

teri on

My family has always used MOM (milk of magnesia), as nearly all of the babies have had allergies, which caused REALLY bad diaper rash that nothing worked on. It was suggested by a pediatrician initially. It forms a barrier between the skin and moisture, and Moms always cleared it up the irritation nearly overnight.
Hope it helps.

Heather on

The only thing that has worked for my daughter is equal parts of the following:
1% hydrocortisone cream

Use this three times a day and use the desitin alone for the other diaper changes. It works quickly!

Nicole on

Allergy to diapers, try Seventh Generation diapers, they are unbleached and do not contain dioxin or other chemicals, you can get them at Whole Foods

K and S on

Best remedy? Air the butt as long as possible. The child does not need to be diapered all the time. Also, when using diapers, use unscented ones and change often. I would recommend no creams/lotions at all. Leave the skin bear, nature does it best.

Sheila on

I would reccomend A& D ointment it works great and doesn’t burn. Also rinse all of the soap out of the baby wipes even if they are unscented. It will help.

Valerie Rousset on

I’ve used plain old cornstarch on both my children at the first sign of a rash and the rash goes away. It also prevents them from getting diaper rash because it keeps them dry.

Alicia on




booey on

Sometimes a rash that won’t go away might be a rash that would need oral antibiotics or a prescription cream. (ie sometimes a yeast infection looks like a diaper rash)

Christa Wall on

Arbonne Baby Care, Herbal Rash Diaper Cream, works great! Get it at

cris on

How about wash the baby’s bottom every time she does number 2? That is the best solution for diaper rash. Do not trust only on wipes.

Jenny, David, Tommy, Ella, and Joseph on

Aquafor (sold in the cosmetics department) of Walmart or Target. You put a coating of that on the diaper rash, then over it Flanders Buttocks Ointment (preferred) or
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste works pretty well if you can’t find the Flanders. After a few days it will completely clear up. Use both with each diaper change. We learned of this magic combination when our daughter was in the hospital with rotavirus, which resulted in such a terrible diaper rash that it bled. This really works….we tried EVERYTHING! Including a strange thing my Mima (grandmother) told us to do…She said

Ann on

Okay – Maybe it’s so bad because it is a cross between yeast and rash.. I swear by ice cubes and skim milk.. I know it sounds wierd but it works .. take a towel and soak it in a bowl with ice and skim milk.. squeeze out that excess and just compress on the rash… NO she will not like it ( or maybe she will) but it will work. Then re dip and resqueeze and reaply… And for little girls all those extra “hiding places” need air.. city her on a changing pad in the clothes god gave her “nothing” and just let her little private areas get some fresh air…

Monica on

I would recommend triple paste I found that the other butt paste does not work at all.

Jaime on

All 3 of my kids had terrible diaper rash that would never clear up with any thing. So our doctor gave us nystatin cream and it cleared up within a day. All 3 of my kids used this and it works wonders.

Blondie on

When my children were younger they had a problem with diaper rash. I learned, from a neighbor, to take regular flour and brown it in a CAST IRON SKILLET.(The flour should look almost to the burnt point!) After the flour has cooled down put it in a shaker of some sort. Use this on the baby’s bottom after every wiping. Always worked for me!

Carrie on

the best stuff that we found, was some cream we got while we were visiting my husband’s parents in Lebanon. it’s called Deflamol. i believe it’s a french product, but it’s the best stuff ever, it cleared up any rash by the new diaper change

Kathy H. on

The best I have used is good old fashion Coconut oil. It doesn’t have the best smell so i use it only at night for my child. I am not sure if they sell it in the US, but i’ll be more then happy to send some.

NB on

Yeah, hire a nanny!!!!!

Mary Anne Rinaldo on

I was a day care teacher for several years and this is the best concoction that I have ever found. It will clear up even the worst diaper rash in with in about 2 days. Mix triple antibiotic ointment, an antifungal cream (like Lotramen) and 2% hydrocortisone cream together and then apply.

Becky on

I’m a mom of 4. Take her diaper off, give her a warm bath, dry her tushie, and take her outside in the sun. Keep her diaper off for as long as possible. The moist environment of the diaper will make the rash thrive and persist. Don’t use those baby wipes! They’re full of fragrance and such that will irritate her delicate skin. Just use warm water on a clean washcloth to gently clean her. Hope this helps! :0 )

Kelli Werner on

Aquaphor. That stuff clears up EVERYTHING and is so mild with no icky medicine smell.

Mags on

My first daughter had horrible diaper rash and our doctor said it could be caused by yeast, so he reccomended athlete’s foot cream, like Lotrimin AF. That stuff is a dream, cleared it up almost immediately.

Melly on

We use Butt Paste for our little one all of the time…but if the rash has turned into blisters use this mixture….1. tsp mineral oil, 1. tsp Mylanta and several tsp. of zinc oxide…mix into paste and apply thick layer on the little tushie…our doc recommended it and it works

charlee on

when my daughter was little the doctor gave her a capsule that you open and put in her milk bottle because he said it was caused from to much acid in her urine. I dont know the name of it but maybe you want to contact your baby doctor and ask him about it. It will clear it up overnight!!!

Nicole on

I recommend Arbonne’s ABC Diaper Rash Cream. Works great for bug bites and bee stings as well!

Amy on

When my 4 month old got diaper rash a few months ago our pediatrician told us it depends on how the rash looks in which manner you treat it. First, clean the area with a warm wash cloth rather than a wipe. Second, let the bottom air-dry. Last, if the rash looks scalded and red then use an over-the counter cream like Boudreauux’s Butt Paste. But if the rash has small bumps along with it it is likely yeast and requires a prescription cream like Nystatin.

Anna on

Havent read this one on here yet so I will post it.
DR. SMITHS diaper ointment!! This works the best. You can view it here….

Natasha H. on


SA on


Rossi Coles on

Desitin Original!!! The best thing ever!!! I used it on both my children and it was the only think that will work. Put it on the night before bed and in the morning the rash will be all gone!!! Only problem is it is a little hard to take off, you need to wash the baby’s bottom with soap!
Hope this helps them..

Sandra Noah on

Please tell Brad and Angelina the causes of most diaper rash, per below explaination. If the cause is eliminated then the problem is solved. All the creams and ointments in the world will temporarily help, it will not correct it completely. The below information is from Dr. Vincent Lannelli (it was found on

However, although steroids are commonly prescribed to treat eczema, eczema is not very common in the diaper area, so it is likely something else causing his rash. Eczema more typically causes a red, itchy rash on a child’s cheeks, arms, and legs. Still, if you really think that it is eczema, you can ask your doctor if you can use a mild potency steroid, like those sold over-the-counter, for a few days.

So if it isn’t eczema, what might be causing your child’s bad diaper rash?

It could be caused by drinking too much juice or eating a certain fruit or some other food. Citrus fruits and citrus juices are notorious for causing bad diaper rashes in sensitive kids.

Irritant Diaper Rash
Although frustrating for parents, most children get at least one diaper rash, and many get them over and over. If your child gets frequent diaper rashes you might change the type of diaper you are using (cloth vs. disposable diapers), change brands of disposable diapers and/or baby wipes, apply a barrier cream after each diaper change, like Aquaphor or a cream with zinc oxide, and keep a symptom diary to see if you can link the rash to something that your child is eating or drinking.

Other things that parents do to prevent diaper rashes include:

* frequent diaper changes
* letting their infant go without a diaper as much as possible
* using unscented wipes
* using warm water and a mild soap instead of wipes
* using a squirt bottle to clean without rubbing
* letting the diaper area fully dry before putting another diaper on
* get your child potty trained, which is the only real 100% way to prevent diaper rashes

To treat a diaper rash, you can do many of the same things, but try to avoid vigorous rubbing of sore areas. A squirt bottle and then gently patting your infant dry can be less irritating. Next, after allowing him to completely dry, let him air out a little longer if possible, and put a generous amount of your favorite diaper rash cream or ointment to completely cover the rash. You can repeat this at each diaper change and see your Pediatrician if the diaper rash isn’t getting better after a few days.

If your child has raw and irritated areas of skin with his diaper rash, you might ask your Pediatrician if you can use a mild, over-the-counter strength brand of hydrocortizone. Some parents like to use Maalox topically in this situation.
Yeast Diaper Rash
The most common thing to cause a persistent diaper rash, which isn’t getting better with routine diaper rash treatments, is a yeast infection. This type of diaper rash is caused by Candida albicans, which also causes thrush. Yeast diaper rashes appear as a bright red rash with small red bumps around it and it requires treatment with a topical antifungal cream.

Less Common Causes of Diaper Rashes
When a diaper rash persists and is not easily treated, it may be time to see a Pediatric Dermatologist for further evaluation. Some of the less common conditions that can cause a diaper rash in children include:

* Seborrheic Dermatitis – with greasy, yellow or salmon-colored scales that also occur on a baby’s face, behind their ears, and on their scalp and armpits
* Psoriasis – which may also involve a child’s scalp and nails
* Zinc Deficiency – includes a poor diet, diarrhea, hair loss, and a rash around a child’s mouth
* Acrodermatitis Enteropathica – a genetic cause of zinc deficiency
* Histiocytosis X
* Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome – with bleeding, serious infections, and eczema
* Congenital Syphilis

Keep in mind that these conditions usually have other symptoms besides a simple diaper rash and most are not very common.
Diaper Rash Treatments
In addition to using an antifungal cream to treat yeast diaper rashes, the following diaper rash creams and ointments can be helpful:

* Triple Paste Medicated Ointment – a premium diaper rash cream that ‘works fast to relieve raw, irritated skin’ with zinc oxide, white petrolatum, corn starch, and anhydrous lanolin.
* Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – with zinc oxide, peruvian balsam, castor oil, mineral oil, boric acid, white wax, and petrolatum.
* Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment – a Petrolatum based ointment, like Vaseline
* Balmex Diaper Rash Ointment
* Desitin Creamy Diaper Rash Ointment
* Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment
* Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream
* A+D Ointment

Updated: November 27, 2004

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Poppy on

Air that butt out!! Keep the diaper off. A little pee on the furniture never hurt anything.

Mary Baker on

It depends on the type of rash. Besides being a irritated diaper rash. It could also be a yeast rash on the butt.
In that case Nystatin Ointment works best. And you can only get it by prescription. Or use also monistat cream on the baby’s butt if you can’t get the prescription filled of Nystatin. These types of rashes are extremely painful for babies. I know I work in a Pediatrician’s office.
Good Luck.

Bridget on

Brad and Angie,
The best thing to use on Shiloh’s behind is Bag Balm. It comes in a green can at any Walmart or drugstore. I started using this on my daughter at two weeks old and it cured her diaper rash and it prevented her from ever having it again! No joke! Hope this helps!

Dawn on

Have you contacted her doctor? It could be the diapers, she may be allergic to them. Try switching brands, I grew up with Desitin and good ol’ A & D ointment, but have heard good things about that “butt paste” stuff. Good luck!!

angie on’s that simple!!

Planet Swan on

This works everytime for my babies! Her little behind needs to completely dry out.

After every daipaer change, take a blow dryer on a low setting and keep it about a foot to a foot and a half away from her bottom and just blow dry her little bottom until it’s completely dry……NO POWDER (but if you must the best kind is Gold Bonds Baby Powder), just let the air get to it. Once her little bottom is completely diaper than go ahead and put a thin layer of butt paste on it. Change her diapers more frequently than usual, repeating this process everytime and it WILL clear up. QUICKLY. The key is using that blow dryer after every change. I recommend doing this at home after every change even when the rash is gone to prevevnt another one. My babies have never had diaper rash….and swear this is why.
Good luck.

julie on

Hi Guys,
Everyone seems to be all about the Butt Paste. I have never tried it but I definitely will now. I think A & D ointment works well. In my opinion though, the trick is to keep her dry as possible and always slather something on her bottom with each diaper change. That way her skin is always protected. Poor babies!!! Hope they feel better soon! Good luck! -julie

april on

Butt Paste!!! that stuff is the key! try it!

Donna P. on

Make sure to use extra sensitive baby wipes — my son had terrible diaper rash with regular baby wipes until I switched him to extra sensitive wipes by Pampers. Huggies also sells them — they realy work! He is now 10 months old and has not had a rash since!

Donna Terrell on

Dear Brad & Angelina,
I am a Grandmother with 3 grown sons and they did get
terrible diaper rash when they were babies and I did what
my mother did and her mother before her, after I cleaned
their little bottom with lukewarm water and a mild soap
I put pure aloe vera on their little butts, You take a large aloe vera plant and cut one long stem and slice it long ways, with your fingers squeeze the gel into your palms and pat it on the baby’s bottom, it is soothing and all natural and do this with every diaper change until rash is gone and boy does it clear up quick, baby and you will be happy, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals, and it doesn’t burn baby like some of the other solutions do.

Lynn on

SUDOCREAM: A lot are suggesting the Butt paste product, but I swear by SUDOCREAM. It was what everyone use in Ireland and England when I was growing up and the STILL used it there..WORKS WITHOUT FAIL. I always have a tub of it here in the states as it works magic also on pimples/ spots on the face area also!!!!!

Manon Mitchell on

I am surprised that cause rash diaper and my son, Brayden has no rash diaper since he born.He has 8 teeth and 10 months old. I always keeping to clean use parents chioce wipes then always use vaseline all time not use other baby power or nice smell things on diaper. Thank you , Manon Mitchell From Spruce Grove , Alberta. Canada.

Christi on

Just a thought…sometimes diaper rash, especially on little girls can be a result of a yeast infection. If the diaper rash is that severe a little bit of yeast infection cream can do wonders. I know it probably sounds weird but regular diaper rash creams do not contain the antifungal neccessary to deal with the yeast infection. This only happened to my daughter once but I was sure relieved when the antifungal cream worked. The yeast infection can be caused by just about anything. Also Arbonne makes a wonderful diaper rash cream.

court on

Try Bag Balm-it’s in the pet aisles at Walmart.This is the only thing that’s worked for my daughter.

Rossi Coles on

Desitin Original! I have two children and Desitin was the only thing that ever worked for both of them. Put it on in the evening before bed and you will see tremendous result in the morning. The only problem is you need soap to wash it off. Also don’t ever use wipes! I only use plain water on paper towels and wipe off their bottoms.

LAB on

Some babies cannot tolerate “plastic” diapers, the heat builds up from the ammonia. Cloth diapers, (without plastic pants) can work for a couple of weeks.

Kristin on

TRIPLE PASTE!!! and air to the bottom. Triple paste will work in one or two applications. We’ve used Boudroux’s and it didnt work, pure zinc oxide, a homemade concoction of zinc oxide, lotrimin, desitin, bacitracin which didnt work, and creamy desitin. Creamy desitin works for minor things but we had severe diarrhea w/ a scalded looking baby and in one night he was cured w/ triple paste.

Jen Vaughn on

Aveeno Oatmeal bath and Budreaux’s. My daughter had really sensitive skin and that combo worked like a charm!

TNT on

My son is 18 months old and had a few occasions of bad diaper rash and nothing would make it go away…including the Butt Paste! My pediatrician told me that when it gets really red and has little pimply looking bumps, there is yeast present. She told me to use an anti-fungal cream, such as Vagisil. I used Vagisil on my son’s rash and it was drastically improved over night. He never has any more problems with rashes!! Try it!

Sonia on

It is possible that the rash is caused by synthetics/chemicals in the diapers themselves!!!! ORGANIC diapers is the safest alternative. Also, the Bordeaux butt creme recommended contains:PETROLATUM which has been found to cause cancer; it has been found in breast cancer tissues and has been banned in Europe!!! Anyway, no product will actually “cure” the problem; it will merely soothe the symptoms. Products containing pure, organic chemical-free ingredients can help, but they won’t cure. Lavender, aloe vera, coconut oil are very good.

READ MORE ABOUT IT Petrolatum here:

Read the entire article here:

Petrolatum is listed as a probable human carcinogen in the European Union’s Dangerous Substances Directive (UNECE 2004), and its use in cosmetics will be banned by September 2004 with the following caveat:



p63alken on

A ‘stage 2’ diaper rash is nothing more than a topical yeast infection. I have discovered (after two kids) that Monistat 7 will clear it right up……….


Brad and Angie. I am a single mom of 2 small girls and let me tell you little girls get the worst rashes and the hardest to get rid of. I am telling you now the only thing that will work over anything else is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. I am telling you try it and you will never use anything else again and those poor babies will never suffer again. Try it. It is the ONLY thing that works. Trust me. Your loyal fan. Brandi

Kimberley Boyd on

The best preventative and diaper rash cream is “Desitin” Diaper Rash Ointment. Prevents diaper rash if used with every diaper change and promotes healing of diaper rash by helping to keep out wetness. My son has never had diaper rash as I put the cream on his bottom at every diaper change. This way he always has a protective barrier on his bottom. Preventative measures work well for me. Give it a try. Don’t wait until the diaper rash has already started, use it every time and you and your baby will be happy! Signed, a Mom in Canada who knows!

Lisa on

Trust everyone about the butt paste. I used it with my daughter and it works GREAT!! I would never use anything else!!



Tonya on

The best thing I have found for diaper rash came from my great aunt. It is a combination of neosporin, vaseline, and desitin. My son is almost a year old and has only had one diaper rash. i swear by this stuff! It is wonderful….

Janene on

My son get them every once in a while and dr. said it was a yeast infection and said to buy Lamasel for jock itch or athletes foot, clears it up in no time.. Never knew baby boy could get them.

Marj on

the best remedi for diaper rash is pure corn starch or pure honey, rash is gone. Honey cures anything. I should know I have 2 boys and a girl and when they were babies, I was never without corn starch and honey (use honey for severe diaper rash)

Jennifer on

Bathe the baby in corn starch and plain quaker oatmeal! Best thing I have ever done!

Bethany Morales on

I agree with the “Butt Paste”, but a natural route is pure corn starch instead of over the counter powder and creams.

Brandi on

I know it sounds crazy, but my family has been using this for years. When nothing else worked this stuff has always come through. My cousins wife (who is a little stuck up to my family’s country ways) refused to use it the with her first child but by the second one, she is now a believer too. It’s called Corona (not the mexican beer), you can buy it at Farm supply stores or Feed stores (Atwoods is a local store here that sells it). It is intended for use on Horses, but does the trick on babies butts too. Like I said, it sounds crazy and most people roll their eyes, but it has always cleared up the butt rashes in our family (usually overnight), and when your baby is hurting most moms would try anything to make them better. YOU SHOULD REALLY PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE!

amy on


Maureen on

Cloth diapers whenever possible. Lay her on a towel just in a t-shirt and let her bum be exposed to the sun. The hair dryer should have a cool setting, so that you can blow it on a low COOL setting.

Valerie Fraser on


I am emailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta (2 hours west of Calgary)to let you know of a fabulous cream called Georges Special Dry Skin Cream. As some of you may know, out here we live in a very harsh climate (dry, dry, dry) and the winters are especially hard on skin. I went through many winters with hands that looked like alligator skin and were so red and raw, it hurt to write. A co-worker introduced me to Georges and I have been hooked every since. I can attest to the releif I felt after using it for only a few days. I guarantee little Shiloh will have a happy bum after mom and dad use Georges!
Georges is made in Calgary and sold locally. I am sure George would be willing to send you a few samples. Check out his website at

Amanda on

I always use A & D ointment. Nothing else ever worked, and my boys would get so irritated that they would blled. A & D ointment would clear them up in no time.

Angela on

I had ten children. I am willing to bet the baby has what is commonly called thrush. It is a yeast infection and dreadful diaper rash is not the only symptom. Look in her mouth. Do you see white patches on the tongue and in the cheeks? I so and it cannot be removed…it is thrush. Take her to the doctor and get some medicine for the mouth and the butt. Also…if she is nursing…the medicine will also have to be put on the nipples after every nursing. If this step is neglected then the infection will just keep getting past back and forth.

Hope this helps.


Crystal on

As a mother from Louisiana, I too highly recommend Boudreaux’s butt paste.
Also, when my daughter was an infant and was put on antibiotics, they caused diarrhea which then caused the most horrible diaper rash. Boudreaux’s did not work for this one. My doctor told me it was a yeast rash and prescribed a cream for it which worked great. Now when she is on antibiotics, I just give her yogurt which prevents the yeast rash.

Mommy on

Make sure the baby’s bottom is completely dry before putting her diaper on would be the point of start. Maybe using a diper one size bigger would leave a little more breathing space too. Wiper for sensitive skin or just plan cotton balls with warm water. A little bit of powder may help if you’ve tried every single cream out there and it didn’t work. I use Balmex on my babies to prevent the rash. Good luck!

Sandra on

Change your brand of diapers from the usual commercial ones to a brand that has not been whitened with chlorine and does not have additives in it (the additives are listed on the bottom of the box…skin is the biggest organ of the body and everything gets absorbed through it, especially baby bottoms which are covered in diapers and humid 24/7). You can find natural brands thru Internet (,
Don’t use commercial baby wipes, for the same reason (i.e additives). When a changing a diaper, just rinse with water and use gentle soap only when needed. Also, leave the baby without a diaper for 1/2 everyday, in cotton undies or wrapped in a towel, until the rash has cleared.
This worked with my 2 yr. old when he got a rash.


i say change the baby diapers on a regular bases. Don’t let them stay wet for so long.

Cindy on

Ask your pharmacist for DOMEBORO. Dissolve 1 packet in baby’s bathtub in warm water and soak her bum for 15-20 min 2-3 times a day. Usually see amazing results after the first use. Keep her skin coated with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste between soakings.
Nurse, Mom of 4, Grandma of 5

Stefanie Benson on

The best cream we found for diaper rash was Lotrimin Cream. Our doctor recommended it and it worked great. But my sister loves the Butt Paste, she uses it on a regular basis.

tina on

It’s common sense that is the key…

Take the diaper off, clean the little hiny, lay the baby on a diaper pad on floor and sit there with her and let the skin air dry for awhile several times a day. After you are tired of the diaper being off, simply apply Desitin to the baby’s bottom and repeat awhile later!!! You can also clean the bottom and then gently use a hair dryer to blow warm on the skin for awhile and then use the Desitin before putting the diaper back on. Repeat this a few times a day for usually just a day or two and it is all gone.

The air and helps the skin to heal, recoating it with Desitin keeps the acid from the urine from further damaging the skin in between diaper changes.

Nope, not a doctor or nurse; just a mom of four girls who figured it out…

Kara on

I use a mixture of Aquaphor (made by Eucrin – especially for babies) and Maalox – in equal parts. It works wonders…my son would tell you if he could.

Dawn on

Aquaphore – you must get it behind the pharmacy count. You can get it without a prescription.

No Name on

When my 2nd daughther had severe rash, Doctors at UCSF told me to use Athelete’s foot cream. Its a miracle, in less than 2 days, the rash started to heal quickly. After that, i did the same thing for my youngest child, and it still worked.

kf on

Get the butt paste or any cream…HOWEVER CHANGING THE DIAPERS ALL THE TIME is what will prevent it from
re-occuring. Keep checking and changing, even when it is not necessary….so she will never be in a wet diaper.
Check 2 or 3 times an hour. I know it’s a pain…but IT WORKS. My mother’s generation….people in their 80s and 90’s all swear by it. I did it on my daughter, and the rash went away in a week and never came back. It is worth the
constant checking!

Dr. Weber on

The best thing to do for rashes is #1 try Elimination Communication aka Infant Potty Training. You start having your little one use a little potty or any type of bowl, even just squatting them over a toilet or sink. Guess what, the rashes go away because there is no urine or poop next to baby’s delicate skin. The Infant Potty training book is awesome. I have done it with my third baby and I wish I would have read it to have used it on my other two children. It’s all about paying attention to baby’s cues and taking them to go potty as you learn their patterns. Excellent method! More parents need to know about this. ANother important step is to get rid of disposable diapers. They are a big cause of diaper rash because of the chemicals they contain that hold in the urine and poop. I highly recommend cloth diapers. There are so many beautiful ones out there now. Don’t worry no more pins needed. Very easy to use and care for. I use these as well and my now 11-month daughter has been diaper rash free since birth. It is a myth that all baby’s should go through diaper rash. If you follow these two tips you’ll see how the rashes go away. Just imagine if you as an adult had to urinate, etc. in a disposable diaper filled with chemicals, that’s an automatic diaper rash waiting to happen! An extra tip is don’t use diaper wipes . A plain cloth with water or rinsing the baby in the sink is a lot better for the delicate baby skin.

Nani on

Dont use baby wipes instead just use a warm wash cloth. Change frequently and let your baby air out for a bit before you put a diaper back on. Nature usually takes care of it if you let it.

nina on

The one and the only diper rash saver is the german cream PENNATEN !!!

kf on

One more thing…leave the diaper off as much as possible…it needs air.

nina on

The one and the only diper rash saver is the german cream PENNATEN !!!

Linda on

My pediatrician recommended this mixture – Desitin, Cortaid, Lotrimin and Malox. Works every time as quickly as overnight!!!

Peg on

Everytime I changed a diaper I put a little baby oil on their butts and I never had diaper rash in either of my children. This created a barrier.

Susan on

I recommend Cornstarch…I have used it on both my son and daughter and it gets the rash gone in a flash…I NEVER worry about diaper rash now.It keeps things dry, thats what you need, not more moisture! Cornstarch is the BEST

shauna suder on

we use corona ointment, it’s found at farm supply stores. my sister also used it on all 6 of her kids. cleared up even the severe rash my new born had when on antibiotics in the hospital the next day!

Tina on

There is nothing better for diaper rash than letting the poor little one have a BARE butt for a while. I’ve never tried the Butt Paste but I’ve always sworn by just giving my boys plenty of “fresh air” to get rid of their rashes.

sonni on

my son had the worse case of diaper rash. I took the diaper off, after he used the bathroom, and let him play on a vinyl table cover. Did this and he cleared up in two days. Make sure the area stays dry. Do not wipe, pat dry. Another miracle cream, petroleum jelly.

Kate on

If you can find it…ILEX. It’s the ONLY thing that worked for me.

Mandy on

The best thing is to wash her with soap and water. Stop using the baby wipes each time! Take a wash cloth or put her over the sink and wash her. Dry her and then apply the ointment. Within a few days, you will see an improvement. Soap and water is the best solution to diaper rash!

Kelli Burke-Sanchez on

I work part-time at a pharmacy and the product I use on my daughter is Resinol Medicated Ointment. It comes in a small white jar and is the color of Silly Putty, but WOW, does it work!!! I have also put it on her mosquito bites and it takes the redness and swelling away! Pharmacist usually keep it behind the counter, but is available without prescription. All of the customers that have used it swear by it!

Veronika on

Nystatin helps yeast infections that cause sores on the bottom. It looks like a bad diaper rash but can’t be cured by diaper rash ointments. So get Nystatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen on

I would recommend Resinol, which you can buy at any pharmacy.

Rachel on

I used either Milk of Magnesia (MOM) or Malox. It absorbs the acids that cause the rash and dry it out. Smooth it on and let dry or mix with A and D ointment. Works WONDERS!

Christina Thompson-Navas on

It could be the brand of diapers that is being used.

When my daugher was a newborn, she had a bad case of diaper rash.I tried every ointment/cream and method that was out there, but it will just get worse. Then my mother and my grandmother informed me it could be the brand of diapers she was wearing, and they were right. From then on I have been using the Huggies brand and dropped the Pampers brand.

Andi on

When getting both our daughters from China they both had bad cases of diaper rash and our baby doc recommended the best and only thing we have ever used, Triple Paste by Summers Labaoratories, Inc. We have never used anything else. You can find it at CVS or any drugstore.

Susan on

Many appear to be proposing external solutions, when the problem can be solved internally by making sure the infant drinks plenty of water each day. Water weakens the toxicity and acidity of urine, a powerful waste product. Delicate new skin is no match for strong urine consisting of mother’s milk, formula, and/or juices, it needs considerably more water than those liquids contain. All living things need water to survive. One’s body is mostly water and skin ts largest organ; therein lies an important relationship.

Melissa on

The best thing that I ever used on my younger son was simple cornstarch powder. I tried every ointment known to man and NOTHING else worked. My Grandmother came to the rescue and told me thats what her Mom used on her and what she used on her kids. I would swear by it.

RBlues on

AQUAPHOR!! It worked on all four of my children (as well as babies that I used to care for as a daycare provider). It’s great for dry skin too.

Also, to imply that Brad and Angie (and Nanny) aren’t changing the diapers enough is just ridiculous. Diaper rashes happen to good people–it’s probably the laundry soap, the diapers or something they are eating.

Sue on

Another good thing is let Shiloh run around without diapers (if it’s warm enough) so she is kept air dry. The diapers hold in moisture. I realize she’s not potty trained but if you try it for short bits of time right after she’s done her business, it might prove to be helpful. This is the same concept as the hair dryer on low heat.

Jackie on

Frequent diaper changes…

if you don’t change the diaper enough, you will get a rash.


if you do, you won’t.


mitzi bradley on

My daughter had awful diaper rash and I was changingher and letting her air out and it was almost oozing a little… Her Dr. had me mix equal parts of Maalox, zinc oxcide, and lotramin.
Worked over night!!Sooooo wonderful- happy baby.

Aubrey on

Definitely Boudreaux’s butt paste. Best stuff ever!

GMarieRN65 on

I worked for several years in the special care nursery at a large teaching hospital in Boston, MA. We used to make a special paste called “Dr.Doody’s Butt Balm” which was formulated by one of the surgeons. It is a mixture of vaseline, zinc oxide, corn starch and stomahesive paste (which is used by colostomy patients) It worked wonders even on the most horrible diaper rashes!!! I would also recommend leaving the area open to air as much as possible.
Email me with any questions!!

absolut on



Liz Boccanfuso on

A doctor told me the higher the zinc oxide content, the higher the benefit to the child. There is a Desitin made which has a higher concentration than their regular one and thus is better for a bad rash. I used Butt Paste and have to say I did not notice any difference between other brands. Another important thing to add is that sometimes a diaper rash can become yeasty and needs Clotrimazole cream (over the counter, I am pretty sure) to clear it up. This works absolute wonders if the rash is yeasty!!! After my doctor told me about it that one time, every time after that my kids would get a rash that did not clear up, I would apply this and it would work like an absolute charm. This does not mean the child has thrush or anything, just that the rash has gotten some kind of yeasty component. Try it!

Aimee O on

Best relief for diaper rash?

1. First off, more frequent diaper changes.
2. Lots of fresh air (Yes, this can be messy, but fresh air on the bum really helps!).
3. Desitin or any protectant used with every change until it’s gone (usually less than a day).

Jennifer on

My son NEVER had a diaper rash because we fed him Trix Yogurt from the time he was 3 weeks old! The active yeast cultures in the yogurt keep the rash from thriving!!!! Give Baby Shiloh Trix yogurt and she will be better in no time!

Linh T. on

The best stuff I used on my daughter is only available in Europe. It is called Bepanthen. It is a lifesaver! You can also find it online too.

Sibyl on

I am surprised no one has told you to use Shea Butter.
The people of Africa know that this is a “Miracle” cream
used for diaper rash and many other things. It must be pure cleaned shea butter …no fragrance…It does not sting or burn.

JZK on

A product called Calmoseptine. Available over the counter, but pharmacist must order for you. Works miracles!

Amy on

Although Boudreaux’s Butt Paste might work well, you should really consider WHAT ingredients are IN IT and WHAT you’re putting ON your baby’s skin! This paste has mineral oil in it and if you do your homework on mineral oil you will find out that NO ONE should put it on their skin! Not even adults. Mineral oil dries out the skin. Try putting a saltine cracker in a jar with baby oil. (mineral oil w/ fragrance) After just a few days the cracker becomes so hard it’s difficult to break. The longer the cracker sits in the jar the harder it becomes. Just imagine what mineral oil is doing to your skin. For a diaper rash that works and is healthy for a baby- try Arbonne’s natural herbal diaper rash cream. For more information you can email me at

Ari mother of 2 on

A&D, best thing in the world…

anne on

Let baby air out and then apply Aquaphor–from any drugstore. It’s like a thicker vaseline and forms a sort of moisture barrier.

Martha on

I used a product called Diprotex. It comes with a little pad and cured every bit of diaper rash my kids got (I live in Arizona so heat rash was also part of it)!

Nothing else ever came close!

Jennifer Newson on

Hi, I just had a comment for Brad Pitt and diaper rash. I have a 9 month old daughter and I use A&D ointment on her everytime I change her diaper. She has gotten a tiny rash maybe 3 times and it always goes away in a day. So the best way to treat diaper rash is to prevent it.

Hope this helps.

suey on

This works, Put desitin on first and then put power on after that and believe me it works in an instant. Make sure you don’t want to forget the power. The power helps it to dry out the rash. It works.

Nicole on

Xango Mangosteen Juice – 1 oz. three times a day and it can be rubbed on the area – it works miracles!!!

Liz Boccanfuso on

A doctor told me the higher the zinc oxide content, the higher the benefit to the child. There is a Desitin made which has a higher concentration than their regular one and thus is better for a bad rash. I used Butt Paste and have to say I did not notice any difference between other brands. Another important thing to add is that sometimes a diaper rash can become yeasty and needs Clotrimazole cream (over the counter, I am pretty sure) to clear it up. This works absolute wonders if the rash is yeasty!!! After my doctor told me about it that one time, every time after that my kids would get a rash that did not clear up, I would apply this and it would work like an absolute charm. This does not mean the child has thrush or anything, just that the rash has gotten some kind of yeasty component. Try it!

Jennifer on

Lotrimin AF – works everytime!



Dina White on

If the Butt Paste does not work, there is another ointment that you can get in any pharmacy in England, Ireland or Scotland called Germoline and it is fantastic with really bad diaper rash.

Dina White
(mother of two)

Travis Fox on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best there is…it’s also made in the USA (Columbus, Indiana). The stuff works wonders on rashes…but also on cuts, scrapes, and so much more!!! It is great stuff!

Priya on

Sudocrem – it’s available in the UK at Boots the Chemist and is the best to prevent and heal diaper rash

Alexandra on

from personal experience with my son. I think corn starch works the best.

Annette on

BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE is by far the best. I tried everything!!

Sue Lavin on

Johnson & Johnson Diaper Rash Ointment – a soothing cream. I used it all the time even when my daughter didn’t have a rash. It really works well.

Lucy Glover on

Make sure there’s no allergy at work here. Strawberries can do it.

Ingrid on

My daughter had a terrible case of diaper rash late this spring and the only thing that worked for us was vaseline, and this was recommended by our doctor. I have used so many other products but this was the only one that not only solved the problem but actually worked. I also run a daycare in my home, and this is what I have recommeded to all of my daycare parents.

elizabeth lamp on

This really works!!!!!!

1. Bathe and dry bottom well.
2. Mix a dollop of both hydrocortisone cream and any brand of anti fungal (athletes foot) cream. (I pre mixed some and keep it in a jar on the changing table and in the diaper bag) Rub a generous amount into the skin if you use too much just gently wipe the excess off but make sure a decent amount is rubbed in.
3. Apply a thick and I mean thick layer of a Desitin.
4. Then use enough baby powder to cover the Desitin and shake a little extra in the diaper.

If it is a really bad rash I bathe at each each diaper change. It is a lot of work but it clears up even faster. I don’t have to use powder, paste or anything on a regular basis.

The other thing that helps is to let the babys bottom air out diaper free for as laong as you can.

My sister Becky told me this one came from her doctors office and that she was told to use this before calling to make an appointment. She never had to call for an appointment and neither have I!!! I used it on my daughter Laura (now 7 months) and it worked in one day. It sounds like a pain but it really works and is definately worth it. Her little bottom was red, raw and oozing and she would scream in pain each time she urinated. She has only had diaper rash on 4 occasions and we found that it was caused by tomatoes that I was eating and then breastfeeding.

Lots of luck and congrats Brad and Angelina

rhonda on

The best thing for diaper rash is airing. I let my 3 children air by laying them on towels as often as possible, and using a & d ointment.

Angie on

I tried that Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on my baby when she had a bad rash and it DID NOT WORK!!!! It gets to the point that the rash becomes a yeast issue. To get rid og it, you would have to use a cream for Fungus (Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch) like Lotrimin. Believe me, my baby’s butt was not healing until I used Lotrimin and then of course you use caseline over it so it helps keep the cream over it. This came straight from my Pediatrician.

Coockeetta on

Burt’s bees diaper ointment clears diaper rash within hours plus it smells great.

Tina on

The most important thing is getting the area clean and dry before applying any cream otherwise you will seal in the moisture and it will actually feed the rash. The best cream that I have used is made at Adam’s Pharmacy in Montgomery, Alabama. The mix it themselves. My aunt told me about it when I had a bad allergic reaction to laundry detergent while I was pregnant; the diaper rash ointments and prescription medications weren’t working — but this did. We have used it for everything from diaper rashes to skin rashes to allergic reactions! I tried every other diaper rash ointment on the market and this stuff was the best. We also used Aveeno oatmeal bath (the packets) to soothe the skin in between. My children were also allergic to all disposable diapers but one, so you may want to consider that as well as thrush, which may need to be treated by oral medication. Of course it is always great when you can just let them stay diaper free and air out. Good luck!!

JustmeBC on

My daughter had the same problem and creams are the worse thing to try to dry up the rash. Just use cornstarch, it an old remedy but the best one to help with diaper rash and clearing it up faster than any cream can. Let me know how fast it works. It is also best to let the diaper off for a while and let the bottom air out to help with the healing. I used to leave my daughter on a blanket with a plastic underneath for about 10 mins or so. Do this about 3x a day and bath her about three times and reapply the cornstarch.

Good luck!!!!


k on

My dd had something like this, and no cream, ointment or anything helped till we figured out it was food allergies. If Shiloh has food allergies, it could be causing diaper rash. Even if she is still nursing, what Mom eats will cause her to react. Just something to look into.

Tracy on

California Baby diaper spray and ointment work wonderfully, and smell very nice too.

bebe on

Dear Brad & Angelina,

The most important thing to remember is to avoid diaper rash by changing diapers often.

What causes the diaper rash is the baby’s tushy being enveloped in a urine-soaked diaper which is highly acidic. Diaper rash is very painful and can cause bad infection if not treated.

I’m sure the salves that are being recommended are very good.

Good luck, Bebe

Glenda Gilman on

My family has been using pinxav which we found online at
This stuff is simply amazing. My 2 year old had to go on antibiotics and as a result got a nightmarish looking diaper rash. This ointment or salve as in “pink salve” (it’s really pink) healed it in less than 12 hours. I told my pediatrician about it and now he gives it to all the parents. The ingredients are all natural unlike all the products out there. Good luck with the rash!!!

Sheila griffin on

I tried butt paste and it didn’t work at all on my 1 year old. I was not happy when I read the ingredients either. Most of the product is made from petroleum as in oil as in the black stuff in the ground we run our cars on. I’ve been noticing that petroleum and mineral oil are in everything. Wouldn’t it be nice if there could be a natural alternative product that doesn’t get our kids hooked on OIL at such a young age? I mean that stuff runs our cars, do we have to put it on our precious babies skin too?

Beth on

Our 2 year old has had a rash for basically her whole life, thanks to acidic stool due to a shortened colon. I have tried everything on the market, and here is what works best for us.
1. Plain old cornstarch from the supermarket—not the baby poweder kind, as the other stuff in that causes alot of pain.
2. Ilex paste, used very liberally (get it from a medical supply company). It contains a polymer that adheres to wet skin, so it works great if the rash is oozing or bleeding. You MUST MUST MUST cover the ilex with vaseline or something like it, or else the paste will adhere to the diaper.
3. Mix a tube of zinc oxide ointment (the highest percentage you can find) with nystatin powder (by prescription) and stomahesive powder (medical supply co., again) until you have a thick, smooth paste. It sticks to the bottom better than plain zinc oxide.
4. No baby wipes are gentle enough for our little one. I use cotton pads and water only.

There is a whole list of interesting rash remedies at Hope that helps!

Gregg Steiner on

Hello, My name is Gregg and my grandfather invented Pinxav diaper rash cream, America’s longest existing diaper rash ointment still owned and run by the same family since 1927. I was surprised to see our product mentioned here a couple times. We are a small family owned company mostly known in the midwest. Anyway, I’d be glad to send Brad Pitt or anyone for that matter a free sample of our product. Please call us at 888.pinxav and leave your address. You can read an in depth review of our product on They did a great review about a month ago. Here’s the URL:

Thank you for reading my post.



EBG on

My son had rashes. I made my own wipes using Tarrah Aloe Based Sensitive Skin Liquid Satin soap in my wipes. I would take a Bounty Select Paper Towel and cut it in half. Pour a mixture of 2 cups water mixed with 8 squirts of the Liquid Satin Sensitive Skin soap. I would stir the combination mix until mixed thoroughly. I would pour it over the half Bounty towels in a #9 Rubbermaid container. Then I would pull the soaked cardboard from the middle. It would have the wipes come out the top of the towels. Then cover the lid on top to keep moist. I placed one in the car and at home. It was unbelieveably cheap! But I never had any problem with rashes or clean ups ever again! The wipes were big enough to cover everything! Hope the rash goes away! EBG

Tracey Dobson on

I recommend using a warm soft wash cloth to clean up and Paladin ointment made in the good old state of Illinois. You can order paladin online at or buy it at any Osco Drug Store or Walmart. Good luck! T

ewe on

Are you sure it is diaper dash? Many times babies get a yeast rash that is mistaken for a diaper rash. A yeast rash usually presents as “puffy” and when diaper cream is applied it gets worse. Try some over the counter lotrimin cream or monistat. I hope this helps.

Racheal Koeneman on

PINXAV, PINSAV, PINXAV!!!!! (It is pronounced “pink salve”). You can find it online at It is the ONLY stuff that would work for my children. One of my twins would get severe diaper rash pretty much on a weekly basis. We found if we put it on extra thick at night, but morning things were cleared up 95% or better! And we also found if we just put it on every night, it was a great preventative help too.

Debbie on

Diaper Rash is not only an external problem in infants. This is the rather simplified explanation, but if you supplement you child’s diet with a high quality product such as Shaklee’s Optiflora Prebiotic & Probiotics, it will build and protect the beneficial microflora in the colon. Sterility in the infants system is compromised the moment it starts to make its way through the birth canal, and continues to be bombarded with “bad” bacteria from then on……Shaklee gurantees the tiny pearl of millions of live probiotics to be delivered to the large intestine (making its way through stomach acids etc….where bacteria from other products, including yogurt die, and are no longer viable in the colon) Antibiotics and surgeries are also just 2 additional ways bacteria become imbalanced in the system and can cause problems. In any case, I know parents who use this, as well as the other baby natural products they have, and never had to use creams for a single diaper rash. In any event, you baby will be getting the benefit of the probiotics. Good luck!!

Erin on

My daughter gets terrible diaper rash as well- and the doctor reccommended an anti-fungal cream (like Lamisil for athletes foot or the generic equivilent) be put on, blow on it lightly, then follow with cortaid (ant-itch). works great!!

Heather on

for fast relief…put liquid Maalox in a spray bottle and spritz it on. It is kind of watery, but you’ll see improvement by the next diaper change.

terralynn on

Iisle’s Paste

It is the best thing I have ever used
It is cheaper than all these expensive brand names

My pediatrician recommends it
Go to pharmasist at the drug store and ask for it

Kim on

Let me tell you something I learned 19 years ago with my first daughter…she had horrible rashes. We did everything we could think of from creams, salves, natural products, immedidately washing her every time she got wet or dirty even prescriptions from the pediatrician. NOTHING WORKED! I heard about a product called Balmex and it was a miracle for us! To this day I put it in every baby shower gift basket I make. My sister-in-law uses it in her entire famiily including herself for everything from bee stings, ant bites, rashes, sunburns and even the horrid yeast infection! I am sure the butt paste is great as well but if it doesn’t work…try BALMEX!

Good Luck!

Janet Arcovitch on

When my son was four months old, he had a terrible diaper rash. We tried several prescriptions and had multiple visits to the pediatrician. Then my mother and 89 year old grandmother recommended putting some corn starch on his bottom. It cleared up over night. Every time after that, whenever he got a diaper rash, we went right for the corn starch! It worked every time! And, the price is right!

Good luck!

Britta on

Get some Anti-Monkey Butt powder. It can be ordered online at, or from some dirt bike dealers, like KTM.

Kristen on

A&D Ointment…..THE BEST!!!

kate on

my son will be 2 on sept. 23rd and when he was an infant my niece told me about “RASH STICK” it’s great! it looks like a deodorant stick but it’s creamy and you don’t have to rouch it, just wipe it on the baby’s butt and wipe the stick clean! ( it get’s in the folds of the baby’s skin too which is good!) congrats on your baby girl! -kate

donna on

it is the the best ever, you can get it online it is only available in Cleveland Ohio.
the best diaper rash ointment you will ever find.
If that does not work, have the baby checked for food allergies, with infants they come out in the form of rash’s and skin leisions.

Sue Gardner on

Caldesene powder – hands down!

Kiki on

They need to use the ARBONNE baby care line!!! That stuff is recommended by pediatricians!!! VERY GOOD STUFF!!!! Seriously…try it!!! :0)

Amanda Ward on

Hello.. my son recently had a severe case of diaper rash and i tried everything. including the butt paste stuff. then his doctor told me that if the rash is bad enough that stuff doesnt work because it clogs the rash and no air gets to it. Air is the best thing for it. But then my sister told me try Lotromin (the athletes foot cream) because my nephew has severe skin problems. I tryed it and after weeks and weeks of no resolve, that solution worked the absolute best. his rash was gone in a day or two. i would highly recommend it. Also if you ask your doctor there is a paste that they can perscribe that works well too. it has 4 different kinds of cream mixed toghether i think. Hope this works …

Jenna on

The best thing I’ve found is Dr. Smith’s Diaper Cream out of TX. I put it on my daughter at every diaper change. She’s almost 3 years old now and she never had a diaper rash — ever.

I also recommended Dr. Smiths to friends when their little ones had a bad diaper rash and it usually cleared up after one application. The longest I’ve ever seen it take to clear up a rash is overnight. Check out for more info. Hope this helps!

Shereen on

My sister gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago, but she’s only started getting these but rashes recently. The one think we tried using and worked was cooking oil (olive oil), so give it a try!!!

Pat on

Just wanted to add my two cents worth….I had two girls. When so many different creams and salves have been tried unsuccessfully, I would be suspicious of whether what you are dealing with is more than a ordinary diaper rash. I suspect that she has a yeast infection (very common) and wouls try Lotrimin (sp?). Check with a doctor or nurse but yeast infections at this age often present as the worst diaper rash you have ever seen! Try it! I’ve helped several friends out this way!! Good luck!

Judy Koland on

Just went through same with tiny granddaughter. Aside from a good ointment, remember to change diaper very frequently; clean area very well with mild, non-alcohol wipe; use larger diaper so that the urine in the wet diaper is not tightly contacting the skin, especially at night; same with the”onesie” – larger, looser.

Sheila Lynn on

You need to mix AquaPhor and Lotrimin AF. This will literally clear up diaper rash overnight. Both are available at over the counter at most drug stores.

Melissa on

Pinxav is the only way to go! My older daughter had the WORST diaper rash. I tried everything, including corn starch, a prescription ointment for $20/oz and a bag balm made for chapped cow udders. Nothing helped, until my husband found the Pinxav website! I now use it on my newborn as a preventative. Best wishes!

Ronda on

I agree about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, but I also favor Aveeno Baby Diaper Rash Cream. I had one son who I used one and the other on another son. They were both wonderful!

mom murphy on

I have 2 teenage children a very wise and good pediatrican
told me 1. put child in warm water bath no soaps or powders 2x aday .2. do not use commercal wipes they contain alchol witch makes the rash burn and irratated.3 air dry bottom by leaving diaper off for awhile after bath . 4 use cornstarch when diapering baby .using creams may irratate rash,especially after trying one after the other.

Molly on

Triple Paste is great. Boudreau’s Butt Paste is also good. My daughter had horrible diaper rash. Both of them cleared it up immediately.

s. on

As a registered nurse, here is what is one of the best remedies for diaper rash:

Mix equal parts water, Desitin (or A&D ointment) – both are diaper rash ointments, and Mylanta (yes, Mylanta), and apply to baby’s bottom. This is so effective because poop is acidic, as is urine, and so when both sit on baby’s bottom, a rash can appear. The Mylanta is alkaline, and thus provides a soothing barrier to the acidity that has been on baby’s skin!

Hope this helps! Sworn by pediatricians nationwide!




Celia on

The product that works wonders is called Resinol. It is a medicated ointment, but our dr. told us to try it with our first child and to this day, (he is 8 now) we still us it for lots of other uses. Worked great on our 2nd child too. This is great for diaper rash. If you put it on with in a day or two it will be gone. It is very thick and will not wipe off the way desitin will. In order to get it you have to ask a pharmisicst, they ususally keep it behind the counter. But you do not need a rx for it and it is not costly. Good Luck to anyone who tries it, I promise you will like it.

carol on

Ammen’s medicated powder, the only thing that worked for us!

Erin on

Dr. Smith’s diaper cream is the best thing ever invented for diaper rash. It’s very smooth and creamy, doesn’t smell and my son never complained about it burning when I put it on him. He is fair skinned like me and we went through several rashes before I found this stuff and it is MAGIC cream. As long as you allow the skin plenty of air before you put it on, the rash will clear up in no time. Dr. Smith’s rocks!!

Susan on

No, the best isn’t Boudreaux’s…we tried that too. The only thing that worked, overnight (on open sores) was doctor-prescribed/pharmacy-made *poop goop*, sometimes it’s also called butt paste, but it’s hand made by the pharmacist. They should go to a doctor for it.

Leigh on

If the rash does not resolve with emollient creams, it may be a yeast infection that requires an antifungal cream or powder.

Kim on

My best advice, given by my pediatrician is not to use diaper wipes. I use thin cotton makeup pads and a little squeeze bottle of water. My Doctor doesn’t recommend the water, but I find it doesn’t work as well without it. Ever since then, NO diaper rash.

Stephanie on

Creme de la mer, of course.

Vanda Hollsnf on

Arbonne Herbal Diaper Rash ointment is the VERY best thing I’ve ever found on ANY rash, diaper or even severe eczema. It’s formulated in Switzerland and is herbal and botanically based. It is only distributed through independent consultants. If you are interested in having some sent to you, e-mail I also recommend air-drying for awhile!

c. davis on

Believe it or not, my doctor recommended “Vagisil” with Vasoline on top. It worked! We also had to cut out using ALL baby wipes. Come to find out her skin was just too sensitive. We used cotton balls moistened with clean water until she was past her first birthday.

Christina on

Many, many times diaper rash is caused by a food allergy. Is Angelina breastfeeding? She should cut out dairy and other problem foods until it clears. Breastfeeding not the case? Dairy is still a common allergen, among other things. Allergies can be quite serious and should not be taken lightly.

Lucy on

Definitely try Vermont’s Original Bag Balm. Yes, I know it says that it’s for cows and it may be a little stinky, but every good mom knows that this stuff actually works. Doctor recommended too and it comes in small containers for diaper bags. It’s great for cyclists too.

Ale on

How frustrating to know your little one’s bottom is hurt!! I found that Arbonne’s ABC line diaper creme is great–not JUST for diaper rash, but it is safe to use to prevent diaper rash. Arbonne uses NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS, Bi-Products, CHEMICALS, or MINERAL OIL–which BUTT PASTE does use. Mineral oil is an occlusive–a cheap filler made from petrolium. Mineral oil can’t be absorbed into the skin, so isn’t effective!! Arbonne is exactly as it says-pure, safe and beneficial. Hope you find what your little one’s need:)

Kim on

Beadreaux’s Butt Paste is the best! It clears up just about anything.

Sandy on

Many babies get yeast rashes. The only thing that will work is an antifungal cream like Lotrimin. Happens alot after antibiotics.

Gary on

Perhaps you need to try Flanders Buttocks Ointment, The Logical Choice for Diaper Rash. Any mom interested in free samples can send visit and request a couple of unit dose samples. You can request it directly from any Pharmacist or order on-line at This product originated in Charleston, SC.

Teresa Spurr on

Oatmeal bath is very effective for rashes.

becca on

Give me a break! I can’t even believe I AM RESPONDING to this stupid question. Brad needs to ask Mommy, the Nanny, or a doctor. What an idiot. He’ll do anything for publicity.

Mom of 4 on

Try switching the brand of diaper that you are using. Certain ones have perfumes, etc… in them that can irritate a baby’s skin. My 2 younger children could only use Pampers. Whenever I used any other type, they would get a severe rash. Good Luck on your little ones and I hope you find the right thing to help cure their rash.

Bridget Nichols on

What she may have is a yeast infection, not a diaper rash. If it is bright red with dots or blotches in it, she’ll need a prescription cream from the doctor. The yeast infection will come up with seemingly no reason, and it won’t go away. Worst case, it can spread all the way down her legs and up past her waist.

Michalle on

I tried all of the ointments and diaper rash remedies…and found one that worked. My daughter wore cloth diapers and I washed them in Borax. Then I hung the diapers out in the evenings and let the next day’s morning dew and sun take over. Not only did I have beautiful white diapers, but the diaper rashes went away. My mother had five children and said this is the only way she cured diaper rash.

Michalle on

I tried all of the ointments and diaper rash remedies…and found one that worked. My daughter wore cloth diapers and I washed them in Borax. Then I hung the diapers out in the evenings and let the next day’s morning dew and sun take over. Not only did I have beautiful white diapers, but the diaper rashes went away. My mother had five children and said this is the only way she cured diaper rash.

Stephanie Smith on

I have 2 children & one if not both always gets a diaper rash. The only thing I have found that works is called Rex Cream. It also has many other uses. It’s great & works within 2 applications.It has menthol & eucalyptus in it you can get it a drug stores like Ike’s or Super D. Give it a try I promise it works wonders!!!

Tea on

THE absoloute BEST remedy is to mix 1 cup each of cornstarch, Aquaphor and Maalox. You can sometimes find a pharmacy that will compound the ingredients for you. I had my pediatrician recommend this when the butt paste stopped being effective and it has worked for me ever since. Every time I pass this tip along I hear back that it is a life saver!

Jeanne on

Wash the little bum and let it dry in fresh sun lit air. Apply egg white, let it dry in sunligt. Then dust with cornstarch. Nothing better! Try to keep the nappy off for as long as possible. Disposible nappies can also be responsible. Try good old fashioned towling nappies.

antonia on

…forgot to say…in order to make the rush gone…leave the baby’s but for a little while free in the fresh air and the sun…
sun makes the cell to cure more rapidly…

Pam Peters on

The best thing I have found has been Drapolene, not sure if its available in USA but you could get it mail order, it is excellent and not oily.
Cures it everytime, and really good at preventing nappy rash.



Jocelyn on

I’ve seen all the posting about Boudreaux, but the absolutely best ointment is PINXAV–a little treasure of a product without the gimmicky marketing which has been around for decades and totally protects the skin. I’ve used it on both my daughters and have given it to tons of friends who love it.


Cornstarch works really well. Just douce the bottom really good & do the same at diaper changes for a while until the rash is gone. It absorbs well & believe it or not, it works!

Veronique on

I used the Saugella Babygella cream for diasper rash problems for my 3 children (this is a french product and the best one I could find).
the link where you can see the product:

janene on

i swear by the EARTH’S BEST ORGANIC diaper relief ontiment. it works the best on my daughter as the rash will disappeared within the hour or so!

B&A- go ORGANIC too!!!!

Christy on

Butt paste works great but for a bad diaper rash use milk of magnesia – it dries it out faster

T. Duncan on

Please try an oinment called A&D Ointment. It is very great because it starts working right away. It has Vitamin-A and D in to help speed up the process of clearing up the rash. Also it is great on stretch marks.

Kelly S. on

As a mother of four girls I have found that good ol’ BAG BALM works great…it heals most rashes up in a day!

Lisa on

If the pediatrician has ruled out yeast as a possible cause of the diaper rash — if not, then that would explain the severity. Check her mouth to see if she has thrush. If not, then Try ANY of the following: Pinxav, Triple Paste or Boudreaux’s, they all have the basic same ingredients. Slather it on THICK. Let her go diaperless whenever possible and give her sitz baths — fill up a basin and put her little tooshie in there for about 5 minutes in warm water. Also, watch the dairy intake of mom if she is nursing. If not, you may need to switch formula brands. Similac is notorious hard on babies bottoms — Enfamil Lipil is much more gentle.

Diana on

Maybe they should change the diaper. I had that problem, until I changed the diaper brand like twice and walah…..No more diaper rash. I also used A+D ointment on every diaper change.

Vicki McNeal on

My son was born with an anorectal malformation 18 months ago. Since his surgeries, believe me, I have been through every cream out there. We’ve probably spent $1000 so far…. Butt paste is a good paste for everyday use, but I just found Pinxav and it’s the best! It doesn’t take much and if you top it off with some cornstarch it stays on all night! My son just got off antibiotics for the first time WITHOUT a diaper rash, thanks to Pinxav. If he gets a rash, Pinxav has it healed by the morning. It’s great stuff! Also, if you are having a time with diarrhea, you can order a paste called Ilex through your pharmacist. It’s a great barrier cream! Good Luck!

Sandra on

Zinc oxide

Larisa on

First off, it needs to be determined if it is *just* a diaper rash or if it is a yeast infection. Diaper rash cream will NOT clear up yeast infections.

If it is a simple diaper rash, Desitin has always worked for us (2 children). Also, letting them go without a diaper for a while is definitely a good thing…dries their bottoms out and helps clear up the rash.

If it is a yeast infection, the most common thing is for Nystatin or something similar to be given by the doc. This is strictly a topical cream, which will clear up the “rash” but doesn’t really clear up the infection. Talk to the doc about using probiotics as well, wihich will help. Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria (candida)in the body. Probiotics are the good bacteria that our body is supposed to have for it to function properly (food digestion, etc.). My children are currently taking probiotics every morning as well as garlic and oregano, and they have not been sick, even though both are in school and their classmates have all gotten sick.

May sound flaky to some, but it is working to keep my normally susceptible-to-everything-kids healthy and in school instead of having to stay home because they are sick….no butt issues either :-)

Geetika on

I tried virtually all of the options listed above, and none helped my son. The rash is typically caused by acid in excrement. I would recommend:
– diluting the wipes with water (as the alcohol stings their skin);
– let air dry as much as you can; and
– apply PINXAV.

A sample was given to me by my pediatrian, and it worked like a charm. I’ve ordered it online, and it was the only diaper cream which cleared up his rash. Best of luck!

jessica Jenkins on

My son will be two soon and last year had a stomach bug for over 2 weeks that caused an awful diaper rash where he could not handle even water to touch him. We have used it all from desiten to boudreaux and the only things that did not make him scream even to this day is Flanders, butt cream, vaseline, triple paste and maalox mixed with A&D. The Maalox and A&D combo will clear up any redness on my son with in hours. I also give him baths in the aveeno oatmeal solution (or just take a cloth diaper with regular oatmeal in the middle to sponge over them). I also did not use wipes but just water, paper towels and vaseline to clean him (vaseline to clean the stool off it was a little smoother to the skin). I also learned that I had to keep him in pampers (any others and he tends to break out faster). Also when it was so bad kept him in the buff and cloth diapered him. I still pull out the cloth diapers when his tail is a little red. I also use the triple paste all the time saving the A&D/maalox mix for the serious rashes. The Doctors can give you the triple paste samples to try. I do not use any wipes, lotions, detergants, bath product that are not labled for sensitive skin. Best of luck I have been there where water makes them scream so my prayers are with you.

Maria on

The best thing for diaper rash is eggs whites.You take out the yolk, whip up the whites and put on baby. works like magic .

Lisa K.C on

Dear Brad& Angelina,
I have 2 boys and when they were babies I tried the creams but they made the problem worse because diaper rash is an overly moistured tooshie!! So heres my advice let her air dry (no diaper, on tummy,on soft blankie) when wearing a diaper use a moderate amount of cornstarch or a baby powder with cornstarch.Babies need dry bottoms not moist.

beth t on

fresh air to bare skin

Lisa K.C on

Dear Brad& Angelina,
I have 2 boys and when they were babies I tried the creams but they made the problem worse because diaper rash is an overly moistured tooshie!! So heres my advice let her air dry (no diaper, on tummy,on soft blankie) when wearing a diaper use a moderate amount of cornstarch or a baby powder with cornstarch.Babies need dry bottoms not moist.

Stacy on

When my son had a severe diaper rash, I tried Butt Paste, Dr. Smith’s, Desitin, even antifungal cream in case of a yeast infection. Finally the nurse at my pediatrician’s office recommended the baking soda baths and A&D ointment (there is a Wal-Mart version that is only $1.47!). This worked wonders and now I use a generous amount of the ointment at every diaper change. He’s a had few flare ups but the ointment clears it right up.

G on

Try actually bathing the children from time to time and changing their diapers frequently!!!!

Nicky G. on

I have no idea how babies get diaper rash..I have twins myself and they never had any..(they are 4yrs old now)..I’m thinking you should first change the babies as often as possible and secondly used A+D Ointment after each diaper change to prevent dryness of the skin..Always keep the baby moist..Love Brad and Angie..Good Luck..

Kirsten Evans on

I really hope this helps someone… So many causes of diaper rash are mis-diagnosed. There is a falsehood propagated by the disposable diaper industry that dryness=rash free skin. It has nothing to do with that, and in fact if the child’s skin is TOO dry, that can make the problem worse.
Often it has to do with PH levels, and when you have the combination of urine and poop, it has the possibilty to have a chemical reaction that is very irritating to a baby’s skin. This is why it is so important to change a baby’s diaper after EACH BM or urination. Disposables are so absorbent, we think we don’t have to change but once every 2-3 hours. That’s false. A wet or dirty diaper is a perfect enviroment for bacteria and yeast to grow, the latter being a classic problem that is often misdiagnosed, even by physicians. A rash that won’t clear up with typical preparations is very likely to be a yeast infection. Very painful, peeling and flat red welts are characteristics of this. An ointment for jock itch should clear this up within a few days.
Another issue is allergies. Not knowing whether the little one is breastfed, we have no idea as far as what she is consuming and if it could be causing an allergic reaction. However, if it is localized to the diaper area and not affecting her whole body, it is probably an allergy to either too much ointments, lotions, soaps, wipes etc. Plain water is sufficient to cleanse the bottom, and should be done during EACH diaper change, not just with poop. Another allergy source could be the diapers themselves. Funny how the packages that disposables come in warn you about the bag itself, not the contents. “) I speak from experience here, having had 2 children in disposables and 2 in cloth. If and when the Lord blesses us with more children, I will never use disposables again. Cloth diapers in such an awesome alternative that could alleviate the problem with the rashes. At least you know there are no chemicals against your little one’s softest parts. Being as eco-friendly as they are, Pitt and Jolie might benefit from furthur research regarding using cloth. I have purchased all my products from ebay, and have a great seller if they are interested. The amount of energy used to make and cleanse cloth is such a small amount compared with how much is taken from the earth with disposable manufacturing and disposal.
I guess they might never read this, however, my help is offered…
Kirsten Evans

Julie on

I used natural white clay powder for my daughter and she never, ever had a problem with diaper rash… You can buy white clay in natural products stores.

Patricia C. on

To Brad and Angelina,
I would highly recommend GOLD BOND MEDICATED POWDER and it is available at major drug stores. Good Luck!

Jennifer on

The best stuff ever is aquaphor mixed with Malox. You can get a prescription from the Dr. or make it yourself. 1/2 and 1/2. This stuff works great. Clears it up in no time. My kids all have sensitive skin and this saved them a lot of rashes.

petal on

maybe they should change the diaper brand…maybe it is not a rash but an allergic reaction to the diaper brand.

Jeannie Phillips BSN RN WC specialist on

The Butt paste contains Balsum of Peru, which can cause allergic reactions on skin. This is well known in the wound world, which I work. I recommend ConvaTec’s Aloe Vesta Sensi-Care Protective Paste. This has in it Zinc, petrolatum as the main ingredients. I swear by this for anyone with excoriated rash. It stops the pain immediatly, protects the skin from further break down when it rash is covered, as well as heals the skin quickly. To prevent rash once it clears, a protective barrier is key, with petrolatum. Hollister, ConvaTec (a BMS company) and Coloplast Sween line all carry good ones.

Virginia on

Try Arbonne’s Baby Line. It’s the best!

Jolene on

Try Gel-Free, Latex-Free, Dye-Free, Perfume-Free Tushies Disposable Diapers. They are made for babies with sensitive skin. See for more details.

Sherri on

You can have your pediatrician prescribe a mixture of zinc oxide, nystatin, and bacitracin. It’s called Triple Diaper Ointment. Works wonders!!

Sue on

It sounds like what my daughter went through – it turns out she was allergic to the type of baby wipes we were using. Try Pampers Sensitive Touch baby wipes – they were the best thing we ever tried! Baths in warm water with a little baking soda did really well too. Good luck!

Shannon on

I had the same problem w/ both of my girls. Took them to the doc and they said 1% hydrocortizone cream and to lay off the milk a little. I thought it was crazy, but it worked! And another old remidy all my relatives have used was cornstarch. That’s a good one too. Also, be sure not to give them more than one glass of juice a day. That will cause diaper rash also. Hope this helps! Good luck to you both and congrats on the little ones!

Ulrika on

The best for a red butt is if the mother still breastfeed the baby and can take some of the milk and put it on the butt. After that she should let the baby skipp the diper for some periods/day usually when the baby sleep (There is a lot of covers to protect the bed.)and a little blanket of course. That is an old and forgotten recepie!!!
Its simple, its for free, and a happy baby.

Bernice Skiles on

When my son was smaller, I went to my pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what she recommended for diaper rash. Because she was a new mother also, she told me about something that the pharmacy has just started stocking, it was called Corona. When I read the tube, it stated about use on animals, but it worked wonders and we still use it today. It can be purchased at some pharmacies, or at a farm and home center where animal supplies are sold.

Tracy on

Do not use baby wipes- only water on cotton pads or viva paper towels(they are soft), make sure totally dry before putting diaper on, you should not put diaper on as much as possible. And use aquaphor, its the best.

RJ on

Here is a cure for diaper rash that my pediatrician gave our family when my nephew had a severe case.

Mix Malox and Ponds cold cream together and spread over diaper area. The Malox reduces the acid that is casuing the rash and the Ponds Cold Cream relieves the burning.

I have 5 kids, a grandson and 6 nieces and nephews, it has not failed my family yet.

Anne Stimmell on

Have they considered that it might be a yeast-based rash? The rash won’t go away until treated with the correct presription cream. I wish I could remember the name of it. It came in a tube and did the trick almost overnight! Best of luck.

Magie on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! I am firm believer. My youngest son kept a diaper rash while he was young. But becareful, if the rash is not healing it could be a yeast rash, in which case any diaper rash ointment will only worsen it. Use clean wash-clothes to cleanse the area also, not baby wipes. Good Luck!!!

amy on

for whatever it’s worth, my 2.5 yr old has NEVER had diaper rash…here’s what we do (certainly nothing fancy or holistic or organic): we use huggies disposables and pampers wipes, changing only after a BM or when really wet. the key after every change is to dry the bottom well and layer a liberal amount of good old original A&D Ointment all over the butt, which protects it from the irritants in urine and poo. if there is any redness, airing the bottom a bit is essential, and i’ll also dab on a little regular Desitin. redness is always gone by the next change. i’ve also used Boudreaux that everyone is raving about, though didn’t find it any better than Desitin for redness, and certainly not better than A&D for prevention. for those who suggested cloth diapers, that’s the worst thing i can think of! disposable diapers may not be as politically correct, but they are unbeatable at wicking the wetness away from your baby, which is the most important thing in my book! that and A&D.

Bernice Skiles on

When my son was smaller, I went to my pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what she recommended for diaper rash. Because she was a new mother also, she told me about something that the pharmacy has just started stocking, it was called Corona. When I read the tube, it stated about use on animals, but it worked wonders and we still use it today. It can be purchased at some pharmacies, or at a farm and home center where animal supplies are sold.

Allison on

I am shocked more people didn’t mention Triple Paste. I guess everyone is different, but I have literally tried EVERYTHING…prescription creams, desitin, balmex, butt paste, corn starch, J&J diaper cream, even Mylanta!…the only thing that seems to help and prevent future rashes is Triple Paste. My 18 mos. son has had some of the nastiest diaper rashes I’ve ever seen and the only thing that works to heal it, is spraying his tush in the sink with lukewarm water (disinfect the sink afterwards) and Triple Paste ointment. I would kiss the feet of the person who came up with the formulation!

Good luck to everyone with babies with sensitive bottoms! We have really struggled and look forward to getting our little guy potty trained!

Christine on

My sun had a terrible rash that I had to take him to the doctors. They told me to change him a lot, keep his as mch without a dipper and use the best cream in the world: PINXAV. I also use desitin original but the one that did the magic trick was PINXAV. Good luck!!!

Jennifer on

I highly recommend Triple Paste for treatment and prevention of diaper rash. I’ve been using this product with my son. Also, a few maintenance will really help in having a healthy bottom. Regular diaper change, washing the area with mild soap and water after a poop and drying it well will keep the rash away…guaranteed!

chubbygirl on

I always thought diaper rash came from too much moisture. I think if they first clean the baby’s area first with maybe a fragrance free wipe and perhaps a moisturizer that is non fragranced, this may be a starter. Also, they should let the baby air dry a bit before sealing the diaper. This will take away from some of the moisture that may make the rash grow, this area should be have some kind of moisturization to avoid from discomfort. DAMN! I need to be a Pediatrician!

Ellen on

Flander’s Buttocks Ointment put it on at EVERY diaper change and change often. Worked for my kids. It is available at Eckard’s you don’t need a prescription, but they keep it behind the counter and you have to ask for it.

Candy Rice on


Millie on

The poor kid needs her diaper changed more often…thats why she has a diaper rash and also you can use Balmex…

seth on

Brad: FOr three generations, our family has used a little known product called PINXAV pronounced (PINK SALVE). If this does not work, I will personally come out and change the baby’s diaper myself. They have a web site PINXAV.COM .
This is not a RASH decision, it really works!

MCW on

We start putting aquaphor on babies at the hospital (I’m a postpartum nurse) if they tend to get rashy.

Some other tips:

Change brands of disposable diapers. Sometimes the less fancy ones make them less rashy.

Keep bottom dry and open to air as much as possible such as after the bath.

Once you do wrap her up use a barrier cream like Desitin, A&D Ointment or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

If she’s not getting better consider she may have a yeast rash. Often the yeast rash is secondary to other rashes and they are not uncommon. My second daughter was plagued with them. They generally prescribe nystatin cream for this and it clears it right up.

Chalynne on

Both my kids had problems with diaper rash and as soon as I changed the brand of diapers I used on them it cleared right up. I ended up having to use White Cloud on both of my kids they were allergic to pampers, huggies, and luvs.

Susan on

Take A & D Ointment (brown and yellow label, the gold clear gel not the white paste) and mix with corn starch. Also ensure the area is completely dry prior to applying. We also put cornstarch in a salt shaker and applied as needed. We have two sets of twins, and all the girls got the same sun burn appearance looking rash. Not bumps. They just screamed when you changed them. If this is the case it may be fungus. Try using Lotrimin; you can buy this at any drug store or grocery store. It worked great for my girls. Strangely enough, my boys never got this kind of a rash. Good luck!

Pattie on

I have used Pinxav since I was an infant…(well my mother used it back then)? My Mom swore by it. It was put on every ailment we ever had as kids.? She had bad skin allergies and it was the only thing that brought her relief.? When I grew up and had my own children, it was a staple in our treatment of bug bites, diaper rash, skin rashes, and even acne. I really don’t know what I would have done without it for the past 59 years.? I have found it goes a long way and lasts a long time, I have 14 grandkids and their butts know Pinxav very well. It literally has healed open sores overnight. Try it you will be glad you did….

linda on

Desetin over the counter did it for my kids all the time.

kristen on

Baby vasoline on butt and in btw the creases at EVERY change will cure the diaper rash and keep it from coming back.

Dawn Moore on


My daughter’s bottom looked like she was burned on a skillet: solid red area. She had an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the expensive diapers. When we switched to the cheap brand(s), the rash went away.

Sensitive skin doesn’t do well with super-absorbant diapers. Thank heavens a friend informed me when my sweetie was little!

Dawn Moore on

PS: If your kids are having allergic reactions to diapers, remember when they’re potty trained to wash their undies in dye and scent-free soap and HANG them to dry. No dryer sheets for allergy-prone babies!

To help clear up the rash: A&D Ointment with corn starch patted on top. CHANGE THE DIAPER BRAND!!!

Dawn Moore on

Don’t drink soy milk when nursing! Some studies have shown it to be a carcinogen. Just change diaper brands.

Trisha on

The very best diaper rash cream is called Sudacream. It is from England and you put it on at night and the diaper rash is completely gone by morning. It is also good for scrapes and insect bites. The stuff is awesome, but a bit hard to find. (our friend from England brings it over for us)

Robyn on

Try changing brand of diapers. Both of my girls would get exteremly bad rashes and nothing would help until I changed to a different name brand diaper

michelle on

who care’s let them take care of there own baby and love there own life people!

Gem on

My son’s allergist suggested Acid Mantle by DOAK Dermatologics for his eczema and it also worked wonders for his diaper rash.

Laura on

I understand some kids get diaper rash, but I bet they let their children go around with wet diapers for a while. CHANGE THEIR DIAPERS AND ADD SOME BUTT PASTE. Their tiny behinds sometimes need to just air out and be dry and it will go away. But I hear Butt Paste is the way to go.

Yendi on

First try switching her diet. It could be a food allergy. Great comments. I found A & D ointment..very light application on clean bottom to be an excellent preventative. Once rash is established, use only mild baby soap and water (NOT commercial wipes) and apply Desitin to dry bottom before diaper. Try to “air” her out until rash is finished.

Cecille on

I’ve a rambunctious 4 year-old son who sufferred diaper rash when he was a baby. I tried everything and nothing really worked. Then a friend from Germany sent me this miracle cream. She used the cream on her daughter and she never got diaper rash again. The cream is called Kaufmann’s Haut-Und Kinder Creme. It really worked. It works so well that I decided that my medicine cabinet is not going to run out of it so I stocked up on it. My son has very sensitive skin, so I used the creme now on his face and body wherever he gets rashes. It’s only available in Germany. But if nothing works for you guys, I’ll be more than happy to send you my miracle creme.

It’s very important also that every diaper change, the tush and surrounding areas must be wiped dry after using wipes. Then put the creme (always) and diaper. With my son, even after the his diaper rash subsided, I continued putting the creme every diaper change, and my son never suferred any diaper rash again. Good-luck Brad & Angie!

Brenda T. on

I’m a totally nuts for Brad. The first time I saw him in “Thema & Louise” I knew he was a Star. I knew he would make it to the top professionally and personally. Wow, what a “GREAT” father. It’s like he was meant to be a dad, he’s a “Natural”. He’s such a great role model for men out there that need to get their act together and take care of their own babies. Wow, I can’t wait to see what the upcoming future brings for Brad and his lovely children and mate, Angelina. She’s wonderful. They make an awesome couple. The tabloids needs to stop all the lie’s. The tabloids need to focus on REAL issues that matter. STOP buying those magazines. Use Johnson & Johnson diaper rash cream.

Esther on

For my baby I have LUTSINE ERYPLAST barrier cream but I don’t know if will find cause it’s french…

Sarah M. on

My best remedy for diaper rash for my children is Lansinoh. It is pure lanolin and provides a thick protective layer on baby’s skin over the rash and seems to heal in less than a day.

brit on

hey it my not be a diper rash …. try plan yogert

suzi on

That “horse” ointment is called BAG BALM – it’s apsolute mirracle – my baby had diaper rash, dry skin on her arms and face, and we used BAG BALM for all that and it works like magic. You can get it at PETSMART or Walmart, or anr feed store. I can say we are bag balm users for the last 4 years, we alway have it just in case.

Daniella on

No one is stating the obvious. Nothing like old fashioned baby oil, and vaseline. Clean the baby’s bottom area with a cotton ball loaded with Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and then smear vaseline all over irritated area. It works as a gentle cleanser and a barrier.

I have 3 children, and I swear by it!

Roxanne Santana on

It’s the diaper wipies. My children had the same problem, so, I started to put water on the wipies, wring them out, & then use them for the diaper change, it worked. I tried every type of wipie & they still had the same problem. Also, I bought Dr. Smith’s diaper rash cream. it worked even better than the Rx Nystatin the Pedi gave me. Good Luck,

melissa on

blue mythelene works very well for diaper rash, ands change diaper very often ….

Ria on

i know this sounds crazy…but try to let her just walk around the house wihtout her diaper on….it worked for me!

Amy on

Use one tube pure lanolin
one tube Monistat
one tube cortaid
use only until the redness is gone and then stop…. repeat if the rash returns…. this is my aunt Mary’s Magic Medicine. It worked for my daughters when nothing else…not even Bordeaux Butt Paste would..

Sophi on

This picture is so endearing.

Carla Albergo Rodrigo on

I hope you will pass this important info along to Brad Pitt. Our baby had constant diaper rashes for over a year and no cream would help. We did some research online and found out that this could be a symptom of “Gluten Sensitivity.” We mentioned this to her pediatrician but he didn’t take it seriously. So, we put her on a gluten-free diet (no wheat products, ie bread, crackers, cereal, etc.) You can find these products made without wheat. Her rash cleared up in 2 days and is non-existant as long as we keep her on the diet! To confirm she has this, we had her stool tested through a lab we found online called “Enterolab”. Sure enough, she has a gluten sensitivity. This is something that doesn’t show up in blood tests and that many doctors don’t consider. It could be affecting Shiloh, as now she is probably starting to eat solid foods. I hope you will pass this along to Brad and Angelina, as it could save them and Shiloh a lot of agony. Thank you.

Marta on

DESATIN!! works wonders for all kinds of irritations and cuts

Marta on

DESATIN!! works wonders for all skin irritation and cuts!

julie on

Definently, go to your pharmacist and get some Corona ointment. It’s in a red and yellow tub. It will work in a matter of hours. I have four kids and used it everytime one of them had diaper rash. Instant cure!!

leigh on

I have something better that butt paste–it’s called fanny cream–I get it from my local Prescription shoppe. It clears up diaper rash in hours. It is wonderful…..!!!!!!!!



terry on

You might also want to check what they are eating or drinking. Juices that are high in acid, like orange juice are sometimes the culprit. Strawberries, blueberries, etc. are some fruits that cause children to get rashes.
Good Luck, we’ve all been there.

Diane Tosh on

Four kids, no magic ointment, lots of remedies depending on cause. Butt Paste and Desitin can do the trick. Air is great. But there are so many reasons for diaper rash. We had one who couldn’t wear disposables because the absorbant gel gave her a rash (for some babies, different brands can make a difference). If you are using cloth diapers, change them ALOT (change all diapers ALOT), and see if what they’re washed in makes a difference. Last but definately not least are food allergies. Many babies get diaper rash from milk products (some also have trouble with soy, there are alternatives to both). If the baby is nursing, the three foods that I most frequently hear moms say they had to give up are milk products, tomotoes and brocolli. For persistent rashes, nursing moms have also had luck with the “excema diet,” which means not eating anything from the Nightshade family of vegetables (often in addition to eliminating dairy which always exacerbates excema). Fortunately, babies often grow out of early food sensitivities. Hoping air and Butt Paste are once again a great success, but there are a few extra ideas in case they help.

Shayne on

Our daughter had the worst time with constant diaper rash and we tried absolutely every over the counter remedy and nothing seemed to work. our pediatrician finally perscribed the “miracle diaper cream” formulated by CHOC Children’s Hospital(this is available by perscription only). I swear by it, if she starts to show the signs of diaper rash, we apply a small amount and it’s gone. Good luck Brad!

Nancy on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best for diaper rashes. Yeast infections look alot like diaper rash on babies too. My daughter had what looked like a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away. When I took her to the pediatrician, it turned out to be a yeast infection which the doctor prescribed Nystatin for. It was gone a couple days later.





Marge McLean on

For diaper rash, “Fullers Earth” will clear it up in no time. Any drug store should have it.

Kim on

The number one diaper rash cream that works is from Arbonne.

Joyce on

I would suggest consulting first the child’s Pediatrician or a skin Specialist, before introducing any over the counter creams, etc. The child MD should know better. Every skin type is different. So, Brad and Angelina, should do the right thing. They both have all the money in the world to seek the very best advice and medication.

Stacey Ramon on

Brad Pitt made the comment that they have tried all the “natural” stuff. I am wondering if they tried breast milk. I know it sounds wierd but it was the ONLY thing that worked for my daughter when she had diaper rash. I just rubbed a small amount of my breast milk on the rash and let it air dry. The rash started to clear up by her next diaper change. After that breast milk and air were the only things I used on my daughters rash. My grandma (who had 12 children) was the one to tell me about this “cure”.



Kristine on

My Grandmother made me use cornstarch one time, and it worked well- it was soothing. Also, Calendela cream by Weleda (you can buy it at Whole Foods) works well for many different skin rashes- and it smells great.
-Kristine (Mom of 2 daughters)

Jennifer mcIntyre on

I suggest using the Herbal Diaper Rash Cream from Arbonne. This, as with all Arbonne products, is incredible!! Arbonne International is a 26 year old health and wellness company that only offers products that are Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Arbonne’s proprietary skin care formulas are botanically-based, pH correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist and pediatrician tested, never tested on animals, formulated without animal or human by-products, formulated without mineral oil, dyes or chemical fragrances. The Herbal Diaper Rash Cream can be purchased individually or as a part of the Arbonne Baby Care system, which includes a hair and body wash, body oil, body lotion, herbal diaper rash cream and SPF 30 sunscreen. This is also an excellent system for those with eczema. You can order these from my website at

michele mcgarr on

use lotrmin the foot fungus cream is fantastic you will be surprised….i used it on tylor my daughter when she was a baby.

joy on

Rosie O’Donnell from “The View” stated just last week that the way to get rid of diaper rash was to put your baby on the floor and have a dog urinate on their bottoms. She swears that the diaper rash disappears. I’d opt for the “Butt Paste”. Good luck.

Joanna on

Arbonne’s diaper rash cream not only works, but is good for your little one. Arbonne is a 26 year old Health and Wellness Company with pure, safe, and beneficial products. Not only do I recommend their rash cream but the entire baby line is fabulous!!

Doreen on

My daugher suffers from terrible diapers rashes and the only thing that seems to take the pain away is Flanders Buttocks Ointment lots of fresh air and sunshine (if you put the baby to sleep in the window eith a lot of towels underneath and let them sit in the sun it helps!)and not using baby wipes but use a vinager & water rinse with cotton balls! At night we use Original Desitin. Oh and sometimes the diaper brand can cause a issue!

Kim on

May need to change diaper brands but Dr. Smith’s works better than any other cream. Most of the time it clears the rash overnight unless it is really bad then it takes a few days but use it faithfully and it works. Good Luck.

Lynn colicci on

When my son’s got really bad diaper rash, I would make sure that their bottom was cleaned and dry, then put some kind(any brand)of zinc ointment(and I mean apply it thick) then let them lay on their stomach without a diaper on for…….I’d say as long as you could stand it(maybe a whole day) to let the medicine and air do it’s job to heal. It always worked for me.

Meredith on

We found that sometimes it is the diet rather than finding the right creams, ointments, etc. When removing our children from milk products and switching to soy-based items, their skin cleared up within days. In addition, they no longer have to take allergy medicine and have not had an ear infection. Try investigating the cause or all the cures might not work.

CB on


all these have worked really well on my kids!

Stephanie Engler on

My little one had a horrible diaper rash. We were changing his diaper 30-35 times a day. It turned out to be my prenatal vitamins. We tried everything. Boudreaux’s by the gallon. After six weeks of trying different things and numerous trips to the doctor I was at a baby shower and a friend of mine told me to try Corona Ointment. I laughed because it is for horses. After 3 days I was not laughing anymore. I am so grateful to her for passing on this helpful tip. After it cleared up we now use Boudreaux’s at the first sign of redness.

Claudia Deleon on

My baby got a pretty bad diaper rash,and the doctor told us about this ointment, but every time I put it on the baby later I had to cleane he rup before I could apply more so my cousin tolme about oatmeal, and it really works, just warm up some water and put some plain old fasion oatmeal in it mi you don.t have to cook it just mix it and drain it just wash the baby with the water, and if the baby is old enough just sit her up son a bucket with the water for just a few minutes. It worked wonders on my daughter, she had the diaper rash for almost twoo weeks and after the oatmeal she didn’t even looked like she had it before, I was afraid there was going to be a scar but there was no sign of it. It’s simple enough, you don’t have to go and buy anything oatmeal is something every body has in the pantry, even the one minute works. What do you have to loose.

Bebe on

Maybe the diaper rash creams aren’t working for Shiloh because maybe it isn’t a diaper rash. Maybe she is having an allergic reaction to something like dairy?? The only way the rash will go away is by eliminating whatever is causing the reaction.

Beth Maschino on

In the 40’s my dad formulated a baby bottom ointment that is avaliable at Merrill’s Pharmacy in Mishawaka, IN ~ 800.726.5774. It is all natural and works WONDERS on diaper rash in just a day or 2. It is called “Dr Sirlin’s Baby Bottom Ointment”. Good luck!!!

Tasha on

Bag Balm. Originally used on cows udders. Funny, but true and it works wonderfully. Also, when I worked at a daycare center we had several mothers who carried a bottle of milk of magnesia in the diaper bag. (Dot it on the rash with a cotton ball.)

Tasha on

Bag Balm. Originally used on cows udders. Funny, but true and it works wonderfully. Also, when I worked at a daycare center we had several mothers who carried a bottle of milk of magnesia in the diaper bag. (Dot it on the rash with a cotton ball.)

noemi on

I’ve used everything for my sons diaper rash, butt paste, aveeno diaper cream, balmex and some other stuff after he had a nasty stomach virus and the best thing that worked overnight was old fashioned Argos cornstarch in the yellow box found in your local grocery stores baking isle. All you have to do is add a few teaspoons to a clean diaper and it’ll be gone in 24 hours max!!! If the diaper rash is extremely bad add a few tablespoons to a bath and soak for 20 minutes patt dry after soaking and add the cornstarch to the clean diaper.

B on

Argo corn starch!

Rosie on

Well bathing a baby at least once a day is important and frequent diaper changes are crucial! It could be anything from baby wipes, the soap you use to bathe that baby, or the brand of diapers that may cause diaper rash.

U have to go through all of those explinations why it might be happening.

Semantha on

I used corn starch on my daughter and instead of putting regular diapers on her while she has the ash I used cloth diapers. It’s kind of icky but it works well and the cloth is soft not scratchy like regular diapers.

cookie hilderbrand on

I am 63 years old and the best thing I have ever found for diaper rash is to brown some flour and sprinkle it on the rash. it works perfectly!

Jen on

Mupiracin prescription for staph infection. My pharmacist told me that it works great on diaper rash and he was right!!!

Jennifer Skidgel on

My 2nd daughter had very sensitive skin, so I could never use ANY kind of wipe on her, I bought the bulk washcloths and just used warm water on them, and used desitin after she had dried completely. A lot of babies cannot tolerate wipes, you would be suprised at how many babys have that reaction, and how many parents just keep using wipes without knowing.

Michelle K on

Just stop using baby wipes! They contain harsh chemicals. All you need are papertowels and a spray bottle and that diaper rash will clear right up!

Freda on

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. It works a miracle on my daughter. She had diaper rash so bad it looked like she had been blistered. The EA cream healed her in no time.


BAKING SODA! My baby had a horrible diaper rash and my mom sat him on some warm water with baking soda… the rash was gone the next day!

Kelly on


Jeanie Bennett on

Please try a product called “ZINCOFAX” I am not sure if it only sold in Canada but you can check your Drug Stores.

Lucy on

I’m so sorry to hear about the babies rashes. I rember when my babies were infants they had bad bleeding rashes. I suggest the best product I used and believe me I tried them all even prescription cream. The only product that worked was BABY GOLD BOND POWDER! You can get it anywhere and also let the babies have a few hours without the diapers also. Good Luck, and Congradulations on the new baby.

goochie girl on

there is this stuff called “fanny cream” the real name is dermacloud. it is the best thing for babies. its a dry white cream. it spreads on thick. you can even put shiloh an zahara pampers back on after you’ve put on the fanny cream…i promis you this really works. trust the North Carolina people. BRAD AND ANGIE PLEASE READ.

Brittany Seaver (Mom of 2) on

Hey my son had the same problem my pediatrician recommended Lotrimin, not sure if that is spelled right but that’s how it is pronounced. You can find it at any drug store or even Walmart & Giant Eagle. It’s for athletes feet, but the live ensimes help to heal the severe rash. Good Luck!!


In the olden days plain old corn starch(bought at Ralphs, Albertsons,etc.) was used to clear up diaper rash. Believe it or not, it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb Elias on

Before the ointments try to let her air out lay a blanket or towel out and let her lay naked for a couple times a day there is nothing better and she will love it. Oh and I dont know how to get thru to them I have a granddaughtr they would love she is just a doll and smart as smart kin be I would love to keep her but just can’t so if they love kids so much they would absolutly love her she talks as if she was a 5 years old and she is only 2 and her mom is a looser and dad just can’t seem to get it togeather but I dont suppose I could be that lucky to get them to even think about it I dare you double dog dare you to give them this message and let them make the choice.

Barb Elias on

Usually if you can not get rid of a diaper rash it is a yeast infection and you need a perscription cream for it.

Sam on

uh yeah, try keeping her butt dry!! i.e. change the diaper frequently. Keep the diaper off and let the air at her bottom, the poor thing, so her bum can dry out. If they are looking for a “natural” method, then this is the most natural method around. Yeah, it may end up being messy, but Pitt and Jolie are loaded, I’m sure they can afford someone to clean up after her.

sal on

I used a diaper cream but i can’t remember the name right now. I also used vaseline

Hershell Bradley on

Unfortunately, it sounds to me like both little girls have more than simple diaper rash. It sounds exactly like what my daughter suffered through last year… a topical yeast infection. After more than a week of fighting the horrible rash, our doctor finally recommended a simple regemin that haqs worked wonders. First, cut out use of over the counter diaper wipes… they burn. Use only luke warm water and soft towels or even paper towels for clean-up until the rash is under control. But the magic ingerdient is LotriminAF. If the girls are suffering from a yeast infectiion, the anti-fungal cream should work wonders ond show drastic improvement in 24 hours or less. The important thing to remember is that all diaper rash creams are just basically zinc oxide and will not help a yeaqst infection… Good luck to the happy new parents.


DR. SMITH DIAPER OINTMENT is the BEST. Number One diaper ointment in the State of TEXAS and is WORLD WIDE. This ointment will CLEAR DIAPER RASH OVERNIGHT!! Use light coating nightly for further protection. Made by Pharmacist in San Antonio, Texas and recommended by Doctor’s, nurses and MOM’s.

Nancy Schoeneberg on

CLOTH DIAPERS !!!!!!!!!!!! I found that disposable diapers can be the biggest culprit for diaper rash. DIAPER SERVICE IS NOT TOO MUCH FOR A BABY TO ASK FOR?!?

dana casillas on


hahaha on

Umm, the best thing is to keep the diaper off, but still put plenty of diaper cream on(any type). You could wear cotton panty for her and change as soon as she wets it. Most important is do not use water to wash her buttock. Just use aloevera wipe would do. You could see obvious improvement within 12 hrs.
Believe me, it worked well for my 3 kids.

Sian Lindsey on

:) The only thing that worked on my kids was Summers Laboratories Triple Paste. Awesome stuff!

Good luck!

Beckie on

Baby’s Butt Paste is the best thing ever invented!!

shelley on

every baby skin is different. I use balmex because it aloe in it, and personally I think aloe is a cure all. shelley

Valerie on

Best treatment for diaper is “to leave the baby’s butt air free”, no diapers as often as you can. Humidity cause diaper rash and frensh air will help kill bacteries. My son bearlly had diaper rash because at least 3 times a day for at least 15 minutes I will leave him with no diaper, never had any major rash…Good luck!

Kristina on



Cyndie McGuire on

Use by pediatrician’s RX only…ZAB Ointment (Zinc Oxide, Aquaphor, Burrow’s Solution) 3:2:1 mixture by pharmacist. Works wonders!! If the rash has been ongoing for some time, a bacterial & yeast infection should be ruled out by a pediatrician.


DR. SMITH’S DIAPER OINTMENT IS THE BEST AND WILL CLEAR IT UP OVERNIGHT!! MY PEDIATRICIAN TOLD ME ABOUT THIS AMAZING PRODUCT. Both my daughter’s would have horrible diaper rash from food allergies and I went through every product. When my dr. told me about DR. SMITH’S DIAPER OINTMENT I was completely blown away by how quick it worked! The ointment is sold in all grocery stores and pharmacies and online at I EVEN REQUESTED A FREE SAMPLE ONLINE AND IT WAS MAILED TO ME RIGHT AWAY! I hope this helps out some desperate mothers who need help with diaper rash for their little angels!

stefanie on

use liquid mylocx it’s wierd i know but it works

CJ on

Believe it or not, Super Duper Diaper Doo worked best for my kids when they were little. It was available through our local Wal Mart when we lived in Missouri, and we were able to order it through the WalMart pharmacy when we moved to SC.

Leeann on

One remedy that I was taught to use on my son is egg whites. It acts as a second skin so that when the baby is wet it doesn’t touch skin. Prevents and cures baby rash. And it doesn’t bother them at all!!! Good luck.

jessica on

Arbonne’s Diaper Rash Cream.

Sarah on

VUSION!! Very new, very effective, in fact, nothing like it is approved by the FDA in the US I believe. Specifically developped for babies’ skin.

April Lo Mauro on

When my little ones had bad diaper rash. The BEST thing to use is/was antifungus foot cream. It works wonders!!!!

handy tip on

1. never use scented products for babies because their skin is to sensitive and not used to the ingredients.
2. cornstarch powders works best and its natural and chemical free
3. use nappy liners so their bottom does not feel wet. the urine causes the bottom to itch
i have 2 kids and when my first child got a nasty diaper rash i took the advice of my child health nurse and worked within that day. My second never had a diaper rash since and so as my daughter.

Toni Arceneaux on

I’ve always called my grandmother with her Ol Wives Tales from the days and always worked. Simply use vasoline with baby powder on top to protect her little bottom. Always for me

SwankyBeast on

Bag Balm, in the green square can. Available at drugstores. Also great for your rough elbows, hands feet.

Bev on

Dr. Smith’s diaper rash cream from wal-mart, work within one day.

Margarita on

The oinment I have found is incredible for diaper rashes is RESINOL. It can be found at any pharmacy, you should ask the attendant if they have any on stock, no need for prescription. AFter the first application you will definetely see the difference. Apply powder right after so it will stick better to the little bottom. It will also relieve the pain associated with the rash. It’s great!

eyi on

the solution is to use aloe vera gel from the aloeplant. It works like magic.Make sure the chidren’s bum are always dry.

Lora on

DESITIN and also watch what type of diapers and wipes you are using. Pampers Sensitive wipes are the best. When you can let her lay on a towel with no diaper on. My daughter has such sensitive skin that when she was still in diapers, she would get a rash so bad sometimes it would bleed. My Dr. suggested Desitin and by the next evening she was cleared up. Good Luck!

Gwendolen Shickell on

Don’t use baby wipes. Buy a lot of nice soft cotton washclothes and wet them with warm water to clean a dirty bottom. Put them on their tummies with their bottom up and no diaper for a short period of time a couple times a day. Let air get to the skin to help it heal. There are several prescription remedies and ask your pharmacist. Both my children had diaper rash remedies from a pediatrician. They had extremely sensitive skin. I know that there is an Aquaphor and Questrim mix and a Stoma powder, desitin and lotrimin mix that I used. Each child benifited from one or the other. Also, try different diaper brands. Some diapers may cause skin breakdown. Cloth diapers are good for babies with sensative skin and a diaper service is a wonderful idea.

Gwendolen Shickell, Mother of two 9 and 7

Kelly on

My ped recommended “bag balm” to me 11 years ago, and to this day – that is all I use. When he first told me this, I was like – what? You find it in the pet department, it is for cow’s udders, to keep them from chapping. I’m telling you – it works great!

Ginenne on

BUTT PASTE!!!!!!!!! Even Oprah had it on her show.

Tracy on

scorched flour, just put it in a pan, scorch until lightly brown,(dont burn it) use like powder, works great! and inexpensive too!

Tiffany on

I never tried the Butt Paste yet and I won’t knock it however I have used Aveeno’s diaper rash that seems to clear up my daughter’s rash instantly. It was great!

Catlyn on

Aloe Vera gel off the plant. It works wonders for anything.

kandy graves on

Vasoline and cornstarch. works great. Place the vasoline directly on the infected area and then a fair protion of cornstarch on that. It should clear it up in a matter of days.

eilene on

babies usually get diaper rash from sitting in a wet or poopy diaper for awhile…..if you don’t want to put your baby thruogh that torture. change your baby more!!!!!

Roise on

Roise on the view said let them crawl around without a diaper and let your dog lick it, she sweared it worked

Shannon on

When my daughter was an infant she got a rash so bad that the skin was starting to break. One day lazing about without a diaper did the trick. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of towels on hand.

Maria on

I had a similar problem with my daughter and her skin irritation (diper rash) What was causing the rash was the kind of baby wipes I was using on her… change the wipes to another brand(Pamper brand worked great on her)(the Huggies brand was gave her terrible rash) or wash her off with water and mild baby soap completely when it comes the time of changing the diper and dry her really well.

Maria on

I had a similar problem with my daughter and her skin irritation (diper rash) What was causing the rash was the kind of baby wipes I was using on her… change the wipes to another brand(Pamper brand worked great on her)(the Huggies brand was gave her terrible rash) or wash her off with water and mild baby soap completely when it comes the time of changing the diper and dry her really well.

Megan on

Cornstarch works great. Make a paste with water and use it. It’s natural and it works!

Jen on

Crazy idea here. If some of the medications don’t work, take her to the doctor. It may not ever be diaper rash if both girls have it.

Sara on

I have used (honesty)yeast infection cream. It numbs the pain & helps clean the infection! You gotta try it it works wonders!!

monica on

After taking baby a bath or changing babys diaper do not but on a diaper just underwear for a while that way baby can get air and rash can dry out do it every time you change the diaper then put on ointment and diaper.

Kelly on

My son has never had a diaper rash in his two years of life because I change him the minute he poo’s. It doesn’t matter if the babes are just wet with urine, however it is a chemical reaction between the urine and the feces that causes the skin to break down and become irritated. This is a true scientific fact, one unfortunately, I was not aware of when my daughter was little and I spent a fortune on skin balms. Also the posting about using Candestan cream on a red rash that’s resistant to treatment is also good advice.

Anna on

Old Greek wives tale….Rub a little olive oil (or baby oil) to keep from staying wet (oil and water don’t mix) and rub a little diaper cream (with Zinc).

eman on


eva on

I work for a company that makes all natural products. The product is called bye bye diaper rash. It is a great prodcut that you will enjoy for Shiloh and Zahara. It is a topical skin spray for rashes, itching skin, swelling, and sores, all in a omega 3 oil base. Please contact us and we will be happy to send a free sample. Our phone number is 1-888-505-4283.

Shannon on

Use cornstarch on the rash, you need to make sure that the area is dry.

Patricia on

The best thing we found for our babies was ammens powder mixed with vaseline.

Jan on

Walgreens drug store sells a spray on dipar rash cream, It’s amazing, you don’t even have to touch there bum!!!

Joaana on

take her to the dr it could be yeast infection and try cloth diapers they do wonders as well

Kareen on

A & D Ointment. It works wonders on little ones.

Kareen on

The best thing to use is A & D ointment. It worked wonders on my little one. and lots of TLC.



Jill McCune on

My middle son had the worst time with diaper rash and yeast infection when he was small. The thing that helped the most for us was a cream called Corona Cream. They sell it in most drugstores. It comes in a red and yellow tube. It was wonderful, don’t think I would’ve survived without it! Good luck Brad!

betty on

I just wanted to say hat I love this picture of Zahara. She looks so cute there. She is getting really beautiful!

michele on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste plus Gold Bond Baby Powder. I get them at CVS Pharmacy. My son has Eczema and gets terrible rashes. This combo clears them right up. Nothing else works.

Tobian_Girl on

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Oh My God! you must going wal-mart get it for u. Is insane that!

Angie on

Ohhh,que pai dedicado!!!

Jilena Goodwin on

leave it off for a few minutes, no perfume wipes, and Butt Paste

Alissa on

Diaper Rash? Breast Milk. Air dry.

Doreen on

My grandson is 1 year old and has NEVER had a diaper rash. All you need to do is keep it clean and dry which means changing the diaper often.





Celestina Rodriguez on

A and D Ointment is the absolute best there is! I use it for everything, diaper rash, cuts, burns, all kinds of “outchies.” It’s the only thing that has worked consistantly with all of my children. It keeps their diaper area moist and rubs off very easily. Oh, and it smells good too! Try it out Brad and Angie. You won’t be sorry.

~Celestina Rodriguez
Brea, California

Kristi on

The best thing we ever used was Aquafor in the women’s cream area of Walgreens. It works great on both my children. Someone told me that in a restroom at the mall once and it is the best.

Shannon on

The best thing for diaper rash is equal parts of cold cream and liquid malox. It takes the burn out. It is usually kind of runny, so you dont have to wipe hard like with desitin or A&D to get it off during frequent diaper changes.
1tsp cold cream
1tsp liquid malox (any flavor will do)

sarah on

As a nutritional consultant , I would say that diaper rash is definitely a sign that there may be a food allergy or what the mother is eating (if she is nursing) is causing a reaction and the way that the body responds is through the rash. Unfortunately, foods need to be monitored and eliminated in order to know what is the cause and the rash may remain until that happens. For my daughters it was mainly citrus fruits and milk products. Any natural cream with calendula, lavender etc. should be some what soothing and healing.

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Jennifer on

The baby needs to be changed more often, and bottom needs to air out. I have worked in a nursing home for eight years as a nursing asst. Our residents had to be changed *every two hours, or sooner if needed. Along with a great cream that would repell the urine away from the skin. The cream was too expensive so the nursing home stopped using it, I no longer remember the name, sorry. Wish you luck. Jen S.

Michelle on

Corn Flour. Apply it like any other baby powder

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Mary Chavez on

Hey Brad,
I did not see any one put down Bag Balm!!! This is the best diaper rash ointment around. You can get it at walmart. Have someone go in their for you. It is in a green tin can. It works miracles!! You can even put in on other rashes that the children get, and they disappear. Trust me my sister and I used it on our children. Remember to ask for “Bag Balm.”

Ally on

Hola Brad and Angelina!!! Congrats with everything! I have a 4month old and DIAPER RASH is the worst thing that has happened so far. My doctor recommended Boudreaux. She said it works miracles on her children. I’m latin, and my mom recommended Desitin, she said she used it for me and my siblings. So mother knows best. Try asking your mom. BUENA SUERTE CON TODO!!!

Carissa on

I have always used “Bag Balm” It is sold at drug stores and in some pet departments. It was traditionally used for livestock but it is the best treatment for diaper rash. Literally you can see drastic improvements in a few hours. It works wonders for all skin scrapes etc… I would never use anything else!!!

Carolyn on

Being the grandma, I use a perscription called Greer’s Goo that the doctor prescribed for the boys. It was cleared up immediately within days. I also have used it on myself for yeast infections and it clears it up with 24-48 hours.

Linda C on

Saratoga Ointment is the best. It is an older ointment and hard to find. I had the pharmacist order it for me. Any time either of my girls got a rash I would use this, putting it on gererously, and the next morning the rash would be almost gone. Good Luck!!

Lisa on

For any rash (diaper or any chapped skin area), I use Aquaphor healing ointment. It works fast and is soothing to the skin.

Tammy on

An oldie but a goodie, is just plain straight corn starch. Worked for my grandmother, mother and me. Tired and true to work.

amy on

The best cure for a diaper rash, soak her little bottom in a bath tub filled with oatmeal. Works overnight.



jaclyn on

I always put diaper rash cream on my baby’s bottom, even when she doesn’t have diaper rash. My daughter hardly ever had rashes because I would change her every first sign of wetness……c’mon, that’s what diapers are there for.

Lamite Jean on

Just need to wash the area and put some of baby powder from ”burt bee” which is very good you should get a resolte in two or three days. Do it often and let the area breathing.


destiny on

Boudreaux’s butt paste, my brothers always had a diaper rashe when they were little and it worked like a charm!
Feel Better Shiloh, and brad, of course.

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Jessica on

Change her diaper more frequently…..leaving her wet for long periods of time will do it. Use gold bond baby powder.

Sandy Wittrin on

My youngest is now 42 and my Mother told me to give him more water, leave his diaper off for as long as possible from time to time, and use PENATEN cream on his rash…..cleared it right up quickly!!!

julie on

Super Duper Diaper Doo – it is the best! My kids never had diaper rash with it.

Maria Foracappa on

The sure cure for diaper rash, cuts, rash under neck from
milk or scrapes and burns is:


You can find it at Walgreens, Target or Walmart.

Good luck!

Kathleen on

Baby Powder.


Mr Pitt, just use Johnson’s Baby oil, with a cotton. Don’t have nothing better.

Tina on

My Son Gets Rashes all The Time And The thing that works for me Is Neosporin and Vasoline. that might help her as well.

Kathy on

Aveeno Diaper Rash cream works like a charm!

jessica on

For a more natural and super effective rash treatment try some tea compresses, not to hot not to cold, on the affected area for a few minutes on every diaper change, which must be done frecuently to keep the area as dry as possible, dry and finish with a zinc oxide ointment like Boudreaux.

maureen chiriboga on

I work in pharmacy Brad the solution is Triple Paste found at most local pharmacy’s the cost for a large tub about 21.00 bet well worth it especially with the fact that Shiloh will probably need it as well Alot of babies develope serious diaper rash due to teething and change of their diet as they develope

lisa on

best thing for diaper rash, vaseline. I have four kids and I discovered it when my son was in the ICU. My other kids have never had a diaper rash, you put it on after every change a nice coat to cover entire bottom. I especially used it when they were new borns every day regaurdless and never had a problem.

lisa on

The best thing to use after every diaper change is vaseline. You coat their bottom all over and you will never have a problem. This is a moisture barrier, I have 4 kids and used this everyday after every diaper change from new born to about 5 months old and never have my kids had a diaper rash. Also a tip for thrush, use a cotton tip to wipe the white milky gunk out of there mouth in between feedings, before, and after.

Tammy P on

Rex eme cream, it works wonders for my girls and it is sold at most drugstores,

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After the baby is done with her bath, be sure to completely dry her. Put some baby powder for rash on her bottom and leave her withput underwear for a few minutes. Be sure to regularly check her diaper and change her right away when she is wet.

Jodi on

Mix some plain Maalox and some Aquaphor(dry skin treatment) – smear that all over baby’s bottom and then a dry diaper. Kinda messy, but this recommended to me when my kids had bad diaper rash and cleared it right up…

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Heidi on

Shiloh may be getting a rash because she’s allergic to the wipes being used. Try making wipes at home with a roll of paper towels cut in half (so you get two small toilet-paper sized rolls), 1/3 cup of baby shampoo, 1/3 cup of baby oil and 2 cups of warm water. Add half of the liquids to a tupperware container or something else with a lid that will keep them from drying. After removing the cardboard fromt he roll, add the paper towels then pour the rest of the ingredients on the roll. This recipe helped clear up my nephew’s rash. Good luck!

Kelly on

Always use butt paste, or corn starch. Neither one of those will burn her bottom and it will be clear no later than the next day.

stefan on

I had diaper rash when I was young.The solution was not to use diapers from the mart.
You have to use woolen diapers,the ones you can wash with your clothes.You need no salve.That´s all.

AM on

Start with a clean, DRY tush. Apply a thin amount of A&D Ointment followed by Aveeno Diaper Cream (unscented). I discovered this through trial (of every product on the market) and error, because my son has especially sensitive skin. This works! Make sure to apply diaper cream after every diaper change and A&D at least twice a day – morning and night- for maintenance. I have done this routine for my 5 month old daughter since she was born and she has not had diaper rash once!

mom of four on

Do not ever use baby powder for diaper rash, desitin works the best and changing their diaper often.

Laura Hoffmeyer on

I am a registered nurse and a mother of two and I recommed Dr. Smith cream. I am from Texas and you can only buy it a H.E.B grocery store, I have recommed this to many parents and also to my elderly pt. when they start to have skin breakdown. If it gets so red it looks as if it wants to bleed it may also be yeast, and as weird as this may sound you should use Lotrim cream (athletes foot cream) I promise it does the trick. I used to be a treatment nurse in a nursing facility for two years I promise this works!!
Laura Hoffmeyer, TX

Linda on

When my girls had diaper rash I would give them a bath in Dreft Laundry Detergent.I would add a little to the bath water. The borax in the Dreft (powder) Detergent dried up the rash in a matter of days. Make sure you rinse soap off baby well after bathing. You can follow up with any diaper cream.

Irina on

Try Aloe Vera Gelly from Forever Living Products.

l on

breast milk works wonders for diaper rash.

Shirley Lory on

From an old fashioned lady, an old fashioned remedy. Long before talc, powders etc. the best diaper rash treatment was plain old corn starch…………..IT WORKS

Jennifer on

The best for a diaper rash is Arbonne Diper Rash Cream. It is one of the items available in the Arbonne Baby Care Set.

Tina Martello on

Diaper Rash….Well when my son had diaper rash once, the doctors provided every cream, I tried every other counter remedy, including Boudreaux’s paste, i took him to the doctor and they gave him a couple of prescriptions, including one prescribed for a yeast infection. But one doctor prescribed taking a cotton ball and applying Mint Malox, and then applying Aquaphor ointment (nothing penetrates through this lamb skin ointment). I swear by this remedy. It WORKS!!!!
When my son caught the roto virus and his little butt was litterally raw, I cried for him. He was even put in the hospital for 5 days because he had beome dehydrated. He was constantly have watery bowel movements and he cried that his little butt was hurting. Therefore, once again, I tried the remedy and overnight, 90% of the rash had cleard up. I was shocked that the nurses hadn’t heard of this remedy, because my pharmacist new about this as well and he swears by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. But I swear by Malox and aquaphor. I use that on my nine month old infant as well.

raquel on

both of my boys have very sensitive skin, both had eczema a young age, and i found that A&D ointment worked great for both of them, put it on even if there is no rash for protection. i also discovered that using wipes caused them to breakout easier, so if at home washing with good old baby soap and water, and drying thoroughly, kept the rashes away. if you can i suggest cloth diapers too. my mom did it with my brothers and i, and i did it for my kids too. it is a lot of work, daily washing, but i can honestly say rashes were not a problem.

maria on

the best solution for my 15 month baby, it was changing the diaper brand to “seven generation” natural…no more rash for 12 months already.

Susan on

My grandson had terrible diaper rash and I found that “Ozonol” ointment worked the best, honestly, the rash was gone by the next morning. Even if you use it for one of your own cuts, you’ll find that it doesn’t sting when you put it on like some ointments do. Take care and good luck! All the best…

Susan R.

Tisheenyu on

Hillary on

If the diaper rash is so bad that it is blistered, I recommend using Vaseline. Put it directly on it and sprinkle with baby powder so it won’t stick to the diaper.

Sam on

Bag Balm- You can buy it at any drug store. It is used on cows when they are being milked. It’s very thick, like Vasaline. Also fresh air. ANY time you can allow her to run diaperless is an added plus.

sylvia perez on

The samething happened to my baby the cream that work for her is the A&D.



KRA on

German made Linola Fett cream and Bath Oil. Definitely makes wonders.

Laura on

ILEX Skin Protectant Paste.

Jesse on

Mix Maalox and a lotion called Aqua Four together. It has cured the incurable for me and my 16 month old.

Susana on

Brad try Dr Smith ointment. It’s a very small bottle and has a picture of a Doctor on it. This product works quickly. The product is great. Hope I could help.

Cara on

If nothing else works, here is a great remedy. You put a cup of plain flour in a nonstick pan and brown it by itself. Put it in a shaker and that I promise will make the diaper rash go away and it won’t burn at all. You may think it is crazy but it works better than any cream.

sandra on

i have found that maalox and cornstarch baby powder or maalox and aquaphor heals up diaper rash real quick.

vicki foster on


Barbara on

When My daughter had her diaper rash I used Lotrimn.(the foot cream)and also a air bath…sit her on a towel in the sun with no clothes me it works..

Karen on

Listen to me !! None of the creams worked for my daughter at all INCLUDING Boudreux’s Butt Paste. She was taken to the Doctor constantly for the first 2 years of her life. They even had her on liquid medicine for her intestinal tract we became so desperate. I happened to notice a picture on the front of a pampers bag that intrigued me. They had an open soiled diaper on it. They are called PAMPERS CRUISERS ABSORB AWAY, they have a net like inside and it pulls the soil away from the child’s bottom. I bought them and my daughter has NEVER had another diaper rash. I don’t even have to use cream if I don’t want to anymore. IT’S THE DIAPER ! MAke sure you buy the right bag. Please pass this on to Brad, and end his daughter’s suffering. Everyone will get more sleep at night… Thank you

Micky on

The best is when they have a diaper rash clean there bottom when they mess with cotton and mineral oil. It helps heal the raw skin and doesn’t hurt the baby like a wipe does when they have a diaper rash. Then buy Triple Paste. It works much, much better and faster then butt paste. Good luck!

Amber on

I have four kids and have literally tried everything, Aveeno, buttpaste, desitin(all kinds), A &D, and even Aquaphor.
The one thing that REALLY heals it fast and stops it dead in its tracks is Bag Balm. This isn’t even for diaper rash and I tried it at the suggestion of a rancher. You can find it in Wal-mart’s Pharmacy. IMO, anything else is a waste of time in comparison. If Bag Balm doesn’t help significantly within a fewe hours, its not a diaper rash, its a yeast infection.

Jaime on

My baby has the worst butt sores from the acid in his poop. Nothing has worked, but something until now… it’s at any pharmacy behind the counter. it’s not a prescription. it’s called calmoseptine. my pediatrician recommended it after lots of things didn’t work. they use it on old people’s bed sores… it’s the strongest thing you can get/use. it’s very soothing to my baby’s bottom.

carrie nakashima on

Japanese mogicha tea! Make sure its lukewarm and poor it on the area without washing it off. Somehow the tea leaves dry up the rash very quickly. I went to Okinawa, Japan (where it gets extremley humid) in June and its a trick I learned from my aunt.

Stacy Foote on

Your going to think this is crazy but I have 3 girls and I swear by “Udder Butter” by Corona I got it at Intermountain Farmers (IFA) It would clear up diaper rash over night it is completely safe to use and it’s great for chapped hands too.

night on

Cloth diapers.

Diana on

My doctor recommended athlete’s foot cream, worked like a charm!

Sarah on

Burnt flour. Cures it in a day or two:)

Kristin on

I’m getting this in late but I have to add my vote for Arbonne International’s Herbal Baby Diaper Cream. I am a nurse and I’ve used it on both of my toddlers with great results. It’s reasonably priced and has been recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians. Arbonne offers exquisite Swiss skin care products for people of any age and they are available only through independent consultants. Try:

Denise Sutherland on

Hi, Brad has to try the all natural Baby Bottom Butter. It works wonders and is as gentle as it comes. He can find it at People have sworn that even when medicated products do not work, this will work and can be used every day to prevent rashes. It is 100% natural.

rita on

corn starch. dust the little bottm like you would a chicken and corn starch does the trick. the box with the indian maiden on it dressed up like an ear of corn. this is truly an old poor wife’s suggestion.

Elizabeth Cabada on

Boil avocado leaves in a small sauce pan with water. Let the water cool before wetting a small towel. Clean baby’s butt with the small wet towel after each dirty diaper. This will help their rash go away and make their skin less sensitive to diaper rash. I’ve tried it on both of my children and it works every time! (Grandma’s remedy)

jarah on

im a mom of 2(twins and i have always used epsom salt on my baby behind………

just a Mom on

Try changing their diapers more often. If you keep them dry they won’t get diaper rash. When they do have it try desitin or good old fashion baby powder. Dry, dry dry!!!

yvette johnson on

Brad all that paste stuff no good get some good ole flour
put it in a pan with nothing and brown it just like powder
get a container and put the brown flour in it and use as needed, of course you change the baby when they use the restroom and allow some air but this is an old fashion remedy and it works

Kimberly on

My son had diaper rash soooooo bad it bled. I tried everything including cornstarch. The reason for a rash is the skin isnt getting enough oxygen plus for a baby skin is in direct contact with urine and feces. While at home let em run naked as long as possible. When you cant wait any longer and you gotta have something to catch….uh you know, use cotton cloth diapers spinkled with cornstarch and change the diaper as soon as they poop or pee. Dont wait for it to “get full” like with disposible diapers. I checked every 10 to 20 min. You end up doing alot of laundry but it was worth it not hearing my son scream in pain with the slightest touch to his skin. Sometimes creams work, and sometimes the dont. ive tried all of them. They all have similar ingredients just different amounts.

Leigh on

It’s been a number of years since my youngest was born – so I am not familiar with the Boudreaux’s balm, but I do know that Paladin Diaper Rash Ointment works. It is available at most pharmacies – but also available online at their website.

As a mom with special needs kids, I have tried alot of things – the best in addition to a good diaper rash ointment is to make sure the babies are thoroughly dry after a diaper change – and stay away from powders/cornstarch as they can actually be harmful for babies’ breathing and can act as a medium for bacteria to grow.

So… I found laying my kids on a waterproof pad and letting them just get some fresh air (with the help of a hair dryer turned to cool) helped the most to heal those especially raw areas.)

Hope this helps:)

Crystal on

I find when you use zinc and vaseline, it does not clear up the diaper rash because the area infected continues to be moisten thus making the rash worse. I suggest going to a doctor and get him/her to prescribe hydrocortisone cream and the rash will clear up within a day and use it sparsely as it doesn’t take much to clear the rash. Trust me, it’s well worth it! (:

joyce shepard on

This really works, spread some flour onto a cookie sheet. put in the oven, and parch it(till it turns a pale brown. when parched, I put mine into an empty baby powder bottle, and just powder away. The next day it will be gone.
Poor baby, diaper rash is miserable. Change it’s diaper more often. Good luck

Denise on

Just caught this so sorry so late!!

Diaper Rash creams that include mineral oil are just using petroleum (gasoline by products) and since recommending ARBONNE Internationals’ botanical mineral oil free product, my clients will use nothing else!!

Also works for mosquito bites (babies & adults)!!

Doris Thomas on

If the Pitt’s are still looking for something to fix diaper rash they need to purchase Arbonne’s diaper rash. It’s awesome. I’ve even used it on the baby’s face for the rash they get when teething or sick. Over night it was gone. All natural.

Recinda on

Here’s a new product for you, it’s made with Emu and Kukui Nut Oil, all natural. It’s amazing for diaper rash, works quickly and no messy cream. My daughter had the worst diaper rash, I tried everything even going to the doctor. My friend heard of it and told me. It’s M’s Love Diaper Rash Oil made by the Homestead Company. This stuff works. It cleared it up overnight and I can’t say enough about these products.

Teresa Mom of 2 on

It’s a yeast infection most likely, baby boys and girls can get them. An over the counter yeast cream will fix it right up. After it has healed up be sure to use a zinc oxiode cream such as destine or a+d or butt paste EVERY diaper change to keep this from happening again. The next time it begins air is good for the bottom, it may keep the rash from getting as bad as the previous ones, good luck.

laura slaughter on

Suggestion for diaper rash for Brad and Angelina’s babies…
My 2nd child had severe diaper rash, would absolutely scream during diaper changes b/c it would burn so badly…it turns out that it’s a yeast infection (the same as athletes foot)…use regular LOTRIMIN cream over-the-counter…with every diaper change and it will clear up…mix it with whatever ointment you usually use so that it won’t come off easily. It should work.

Leisa on

If it is yeast infection, Nystatin. If not and after yeast infection is clear the following 2 things have really helped me. First cornstarch. Works great. But I was worried about my baby inhaling it. So I was able to stop using it as well by ditching the baby wipes. Best thing I ever did. Apparently the baby wipes could actually be causing the rash! I now use a baby wash cloth and plain old water. (I also try to change her just before or after every feed) No more tears for my baby or for me. Simply fill an old (cleaned out) baby wipes container with warm water before every diaper change, put the wash cloth in the water, wring out some of the exess water and use on baby’s bottom. Put the used wash cloth in a separate wipes container. Then wash the cloths when you start to run out or every 3-5 days. It’s an extra load of wash but cheaper than wipes and so much better for baby’s bottom. Also my girl likes the warm water so much more than the cold wipes and there’s no need for a wipes warmer! If you still need a diaper cream I use Critic-Aid at night since she sleeps 8-12 hours before I change her. It’s a paste and was the only thing that worked at all ( The creams Penaten Zincofax etc. came off too easily) Hope this helps either Brad and Angelina or anyone else who might see this post.

Jennifer on

Ok, if your still having problems or if something arises in the near future, my best friend gave me this recipe and let me tell you, WOW did it do the job!

“Magic Butt Cream”

1 large tube of Zinc Oxide – Desitin
1 oz. tube of Hydrocortisone Cream 1%
1 tube of Lortimin AF 12 grams
1 tube of Neosporin w/Pain Reliever
1 tube of lanolin aka Lansinoh (breast feeding moms use this)

Mix all of these in a jelly jar w/a good closing lid, use a knife or a spoon that you can toss once your done mixing it all together, apply directly to the infected area and after a application or two you should see it working. In the past I have tried other diaper rash treatments that didnt take care of the issue like this stuff does, so good luck to you and your wife, and may you get some sleep after your kids butt has been pampered w/”The Magic Butt Cream”.

Jaci on

is it meaty red?….get clotrimazole cream otc.(lotrimin)
get lots of air to the area…go diaperless!
do not use cornstarch!! this helps yeast grow!!

Kelly on

The best diaper rash cream money can buy is an amazing product called Arbonne. It’s a Swiss-owned company who’s products are all pure, safe & beneficial. I believe all babies deserve to have the best products used on their sensitive skin & and Arbonne is it!

Perdue on

Have you ever considered that the baby may be allergic to the diaper being used. I have 3 kids and none could wear Pamper brand diaper. It would literally make their skin peel off like a diaper rash run amuk. I ended up using Huggies on one, Luvs on the second, and cloth on the third. Whenever there was a diaper change I packed on regular vasaline as a barrier. Made sure they drank plenty of water to cut the strength of their urine. Washed the privates with soap and water every diaper change when at home. When away from home I used non-scented baby wipes. The scented irritated their skin and my skin.

Chrissy on

My daughter just got out of the hospital last night for a severe excoriated diaper rash and they have her on a every 4 hrs cleaning with surgical soap ( to kill the germs) and these ointments in this order:

Nystatin Oint.
Mupirocin Oint

It is already looking better!

alene on

my twins both cried when i used balmex or desitin. i think aquaphor is wonderful and works incredibly well.

Paulette Hobbs on

It sounds weird but Corona lanoline antiseptic cream. It is sold in farm stores for animals but I have never seen anything else work like it on diaper rash. My kids haven’t started barking yet.

Lori on

Triple Paste by summer labratories works the best. My son had a stomach virus when he was only 4 months and had bowel movements in his sleep several times a night. His posterior was so raw all traditional ointments would just slide off. The only thing that stuck was Triple Paste. You can only get it at CVS. If that doesn’t cure the diaper rash, or if the diaper rash is pimply in nature with white heads it could be a staph infection or a strep infection.

alia on

OH MY LORD!!!…I just cannot get over how many people commented on this page!!! 1,416 comments?!?…about diaper rash?!?…wierd…

arnethia on

ad&e ointment by equate. found a wal-mart for a dollar and some change. use it each and every time you change a diaper…which should be often. come on now!

ashley on

Use alcohol free unscented wipes!! It makes all of the difference and fixes the actual problem instead of just treating it with diaper rash cream.

Anne Howell on

The best thing I found for diaper rash is plain flour browned in a fry pay (no oil) then cooled and used like baby powder. Overnight success in most cases. I don’t know how to respond to ad of Brad Pitt so please forward my suggestion

Terri on

Oatmeal bath…. I hear that an oatmeal bath is great for baby eczema. Maybe it will work on a simple diaper rash.

Pam Wolf on


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