Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

08/31/2006 at 10:15 AM ET

Last night’s episode eight of Project Runway gave the contestants the assignment of creating an outfit for an hip, international jet-setter- with the twist of them being the jetsetters! Kayne and Angela immediatelystruggled with the concept- Kayne equating jetsetters with Tara Reid and "Taradise" and Angela being from a rural farm in Ohio. Angela and Jeffrey  continued fighting over the last challenge, and Vincent decided to go pantless in the work room. After modeling their own garments, they were sent on a surprise trip to Paris. Guest judge Catherine Malandrino crowned Jeffrey’s rock-star ensemble the winner, and gave wide-eyed Angela the heave-ho. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
Why was there so much nudity?? Vincent without pants? Kayne without a shirt? Cover it up, guys! Jeffrey is just being as nasty as possible (although the "macaroni-gluer" zinger was totally hilarious. Admit it. You laughed too.) Michael continues to be amazingly talented, and Kayne continues to be tacky yet totally loveable. Got to give props to Laura- besides Heidi, what pregnant woman can teeter around in 4 inch heels through an airport? Can’t say that I am sorry to see Angela and those damn rosettes go. I hate to say it, but I thought Jeffrey’s was by far the best- he made that on $75 bucks? Damn, boy. And next week, more Paris! I’m putting down my prediction for the top three now: Michael (obviously), Jeffrey, and Laura.

Clarissa says:
Totally agree with you on that one, Melissa: The sight of Kanyne’s man boobs and the thought of Vincent’s boys hanging free was way TMI. Otherwise, the challenge itself was a little blah…after sitting through the mom/sister models last week and then the contestants themselves lurching down the runway this week, I’m ready to let the professional catwalkers get back to doing their thing. Go Nazri!!

Serena says:
Okay, so Angela has been admittedly annoying for much of the show but I felt truly bad for her with Jeffrey  bashing her mom — which he continued to do this episode. Uh, Jeffrey, get over it, dude! Stop the sadist act. And how about Angela jetting all the way to Paris only for her to turn right around with her rosettes between her legs. That was just cruel.

As for the fashions — even though Jeffrey is on my crap list for his putrid attitude, I’ve got to say he pulled off an impressive outfit. It looked a heck of a lot more expensive than $75 (loved the faux leather jacket). And Laura — stunning, chic dress, looked beautiful on her and she worked those heels. Michael, keep those tight ensembles coming — you’re on your way to the Final 3 for sure.

And can’t wait for more Paris hijinx. Fingers crossed that Tim rocks a beret!

Anne Marie says:
In honor of the U.S. Open, here’s a McEnroe-ism: You can’t be serious! Guys going shirtless or standing in to-the-knee boxers hardly constitutes nudity. I’m half-expecting one of you to bust out with "There’s entirely too much tootie being exposed," school marm Anne Slowey-style. (Or maybe this is the years of covering sports in locker rooms and averting my eyes talking.) Anyway, I can’t be the only one who was hoping Vincent would finally embrace his Austin Powers’ even dorkier older brother alter ego and make a velvet leisure suit with ruffled tuxedo shirt, right? Also, I literally yelled, "Yay!" when Jeffrey won—by my lights, he had the recyclable project nailed, and I gave he and Allison the edge in the INC challenge—and clapped triumphantly at the TV when Angela got the big black clunky knee-high boot. I couldn’t stomach her excuse that she lives on a farm in Ohio so she couldn’t conjure up a jetsetter look. You’re trying to break into high fashion, for organic turnips’ sake!

Angela says:
Am I the only amazed at how much the judges dissed Uli? I thought her dress was stunning, the way it flowed down the runway.  What about Laura? Till now she’s been making the same deep-V dress week after week! And some how the Judges love her.  Uli’s dress was lovely, and I bet that Catharine M. thought so too. Last week her Mom-outfit was the most flattering by far. I don’t care what the outcome of this show is… She is the one designer that I would actually buy from. Uli — if you’re reading this get that e-commerce site up and running! Kara Janx, look out!

Allison says:
Dive under your desks, I’m about to name-drop: When Anne Marie and I had lunch with Tim Gunn (yes, we did) I asked him why Runway never leaves NY for Paris or elsewhere, as Top Model has always done. His answer was basically, "$$$." 

Glad to see the Bravo folks have upped the budget to get out of the Parsons workroom, even if only to fly 9 hours to  . . . another Parsons workroom.  Loved when Tim appeared on the plane. Now lunch isn’t enough: I wish to kibbitz with him over the in-flight TV selections in first class over the Atlantic.

Also loved: Laura’s dress, and can’t believe she and her pregnant ankles flew in 4" heels. (Did you know she was 6′ tall? I learned this working on the PR story that appears in this week’s People) [LINK]

Loved that Vincent and his wrinkle-free monochrome still in (Yes, Pinenut, we agree that you are the twist.) Loved that Kayne is still in, though I believe he should burn that outfit, if it doesn’t combust on the flight home. (THAT was allowed on, and I can’t bring some freakin’ Purell???)

Fine, hasta la vista, Senorita Rosetta.

Annemarie says:
But going back to what Angela the Good said: Which designers would you actually buy from? For Season 1, it was hands-down Kara Saun. Season 2, Santino (I’m a sucker for McQueen) or Chloe (my Asian sister), though I’d consider Nick, Kara or Andrae. Season 3? Keith (honest to god, his tailoring was impeccable, and I don’t mind if my designer’s a lying cheating sob), Jeffrey or Kayne, as long as he’s concocting one of his fabulous gowns (loved the Marilyn and the Miss USA). What about y’all?

Cara says:
I agree totally. I thought Uli’s dress definitely met the challenge — make a dress for you, the jetsetter. Well, Uli is a jetsetter, and when she travels she goes to places where her dress was appropriate. I also loved Michael’s outfit. Is it just me, or did he look like Kanye West with those glasses on? Jeffrey’s rock star look definitely deserved to win, though. Tonight is the MTV Video Music Awards and he looks like he could easily fit in with the crowd, schmoozing with the stars. (Although, in his full get up,he looked like Dana Carvey when Dana would do his impression of Keith Richards on SNL.) But I digress… The main thing about last night’s episode that thrilled me was Angela. Is. Finally. Gone. YAY!! Once her rosette
affliction spread to her butt, there was no way the judges could keep her. Nevermind that the fabric was the worst-possible choice. Nevermind that shirt barely fit and her bra kept popping out. It was just the ugliest thing I’ve seen in ages.

Andrea says:
Jeffrey needed to get over last week! It was so annoying! While I am not an Angela fan at all, I did feel bad or her. Here she was trying to work and all he kept doing was making her uncomfortable, with that said it was still no excuse for what she produced. Those rosettes were awful! And where was she jet-setting to? I felt bad she got all the way to Paris to leave, but I knew it was coming. It was all in Michael Kors’ face on the runway. I did love Uli’s dress. It was so her and looked so comfortable, I would definitely wear it on a vacation to somewhere warm- maybe not Paris. Michael is just amazing and Jeffery really surprised me. Even though he is evil, he really did an awesome job. It had the potential to lean towards Kayne’s tackiness, but he pulled it off. I liked Laura’s dress, but I doubt I would ever travel in that. And Robert needed some creativity- so boring. Can’t wait to see them all working in Paris, but who is Jeffrey going to fight with now?

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Melissa on

Thank goodness Angela’s gone! She was all excited about the challenge just to completely bomb it. Jeffrey was being an ass, but hey, he was psyching Angela out which appeared to work. I think his outfit was hot and looked amazing. I agree with you all, I could have done without seeing Kayne’s man boobs and Vincent in his boxers. Hopefully he’s next to go, he makes the funkiest clothes. Michael continues to impress me, Uli’s was pretty but I agree with the judges that it didn’t look too ‘jetsetter’. So congrats to Jeffrey and good bye to Angela… have fun in Ohio with your rosettes!

Kelly on

I honestly liked Jeffrey’s outfit this week (from a former Goth/Punk rock kid). I would have made many a boyfriend wear that outfit. Very well done, although, I didn’t like the decals that were like a fancy cameltoe. :-/
I’m glad Angela is out.
I disliked Laura’s dress only because she made the same darned dress for every single freakin challenge! I don’t agree with the fact that they ragged on Uli for being a repeat and let Laura go. That bothered me.
Kayne…did look like Elvis. He’s my favorite person, but not my favorite designer. Unfortunatly, I have a feeling Kayne may be the next to go and I’ll sob into my over the top, poofy, sparkled beauty queen dresses…

Andrea on

did anyone else think that the judges were overly tough on Kayne. they did say to design something for themselves. so it is not their taste and it was over the top – it was for him not them. they said that the pants were great. can you tell i like him…
also why is everyone acting like just because laura is pregnant it is some amazing feat that she is able to work. i know MANY people that continue to work up until the day they deliver and look great also (some even carrying twins – me). can you tell i dont like laura.

Sophie on

First of all, just let me say this- while I’m glad Angela is gone because she’s a terrible designer, she was hilarious and added humor to the show. This sound mean, but it was fun to laugh at her!

Jeffrey actually did a good job! I was impressed with his his outfit, but everyone else made every piece of theirs. Did you see his rhinestone-encrusted shirt? How could he have made that? Also, those pants were WAY too tight for my liking- and he had that weird silver line down the crotch!But Michael made the best outfit…he deserved to win! Michael just blows my mind every episode, starting with ‘Road to the Runway.’ I knew he’d go far.

Okay, I am super upset that Laura has gotten so much praise every week for having THE SAME DESIGN in every outfit. Even when it’s not a dress…the Katherine Hepburn suit or the dog challenge outfit…all have the exact same high waist! I understand if that’s her ‘thing’ but COME ON. You need to stop making high-waisted skirts and pants that give you wedgies and make your butt look big and get in the real world, now Laura. And is anyone concerned with how thin she is? Everytime I see her, her breastplate is sticking out so far it could hit her in the face.

ULI! I love Uli. They criticized her for making a familiar dress, but it was gorgeous and beautifully made! They didn’t even comment on the amazing back! If they criticize her for using the same designs, Laura’s red hair is blinding them from seeing any of her outfits.

Kayne did look Elvis-y, but that’s Kayne for you. It seems like he’s either amazing or terrible. But this week he created something he would LOVE- and maybe the judge’s couldn’t take the full Kayne-ness on.

I love Project Runway.

Carmen on

I JUST LOVE MICHAEL!!! He is a great designer and I just love him. His design was great, I loved the top, but I think it was about time for Jeffrey to win one because he def had the trash challenge in the bag and they screwed him over. His outfit was hot, but the pants were tight!

Plus, I was so excited when Angela was kicked off because I can’t stand her and those stupid flower things she keeps putting her designs! The way those pants made her butt look were terrible too!!! I was glad to see her go!

Courtney on

I just LOVE Project Runway. They keep it interesting without compromising the integrity of the show – though I am still a bit mystified as to how Vincent has made it so far (and Alison didn’t – but I know we’ve discussed that to death). Anyway, yes, Jeffrey’s look was true to him and I suppose very rocker chic. But I loved Laura’s dress. I was more flirty than her usual structured garments and still well made. She doesn’t look pregnant either. I do wish she would have mixed up the hair and makeup. They gave her a more polished version of the red lips and pink cheeks we’ve seen for how many episodes. Look Michael and Uli too. Can’t wait for next week.

Beth on

I agree with Melissa when she writes that the final three will be Michael, Jeffrey, and Laura. I was amazed that Jeffrey created that look with only $75! I loved Michael’s look, as well, and felt that he did a great job creating an urban Hampton’s look. As a person, I like Michael so much more, but Jeffrey definitely turned it out for this challenge and designed “more for the money.” I find myself horrified by how cruel he is at times but then I also find myself laughing at some of his comments. Aside from that monstrosity of a dress that he made for the mother challenge, I think he is quite talented and LOVED the dress he made with the recyled products. Laura continues to create classic, clean designs. I think she is a brilliant seamstres but I would like to see her do something different, maybe designs that aren’t quite so safe. I don’t feel like she’s upping her game each week. I fear that Kayne will be “outed” soon. Sophie was right when she wrote that he either designs something terrible or fantastic. I wasn’t excited by his design but agree that it definitely fit his personatliy. Plus, he just has such a nice personality and is one of my favorites. I thought Uli’s dress was beautiful and did like Vincent’s monochromatic look; I think he looked sharp. Maybe I liked that look because that style is how my husband tends to dress. I can’t decide how I feel about Vincent. I like how he thinks outside the box and admire the way he stands behind his designs but I can’t say that I am in love with his designs. He definitely lives in his own world. I think that the way he designs outside the box could be a huge asset-many designers possess this quality. However, I don’t think he knows how to translate this to fabric yet. Maybe it’ll come in time; who knows. I am happy that Angela is gone, as I never quite “got” her. I don’t even know what to say about her design other then I thought it was ridiculous. Right now my favorite is Michael; I think he is creative, fresh, and seems to always grasp the nature of the challenge. Even if he doesn’t win, that boy is going places.

Bre on

I really liked Uli’s and Laura’s designs. I could see both in my closet. They criticized Uli for making her dress only appropriate for Miami and other laid-back beach settings but then praised Jeffery’s when his couldn’t translate to those places. I did like his jacket as well as his concept though. However, I think Michael should have won the challenge over all; Jeffery’s pants were a crime against fashion. Michael, on the other hand, demurely rocked it out in seersucker.

Tray on

I thought Michael’s outfit best exemplified a jet-setter. I absolutely hated Jeffrey’s outfit and did not understand how he wound up the winner. Oh well! Different strokes… Michael is definitely my favorite designer on the show. He is just solid and outshines everyone else. I love the show and can’t wait until the next new episode.

Brenda on

Can’t say I was sad to see Angela go — and that outfit was the worst EVER! Still, it seems awfully mean to fly someone to Paris just to send them back the next day. (Do you think they at least let her stay overnight to munch on a croissant or something?) In any case, I agree with Melissa that Michael, Laura, and Jeffrey will be the final three, only Jeffrey is so objectionable whereas Kayne is so appealing. Damn . . . though suspense is what makes Project Runway addictive.

Katie on

Well, first off, I was really happy to see Angela go. Finally! I don’t care what the judges said, I hated her Audrey Hepburn design. Besides it being black and a dress it didn’t look anything like something Audrey would’ve worn.
Second, Kayne I love you to death but that belt was just over the top even for you.
Jeffery is such a jerk and his style is butt ugly but I will say that it did travel well and it suited his personality.
Now Michael’s and Laura’s outfits were my favorites. These two just ooze class to me. Loved loved loved that Michael’s outift was all white and the pants were AMAZING! Laura’s dress was fabulous. It was beautifully made and I thought it flattered her. The only problem I had with it was the color. Not a flattering color on those who have pale skin.
So to finish I thought that Michael should’ve won.

Crystal A. Bennett on

First I want to say I love the show so CUDO’s all around. Second Angela should have been gone along time ago. She had no since of style and her execution was terrible. However, Jefferey should have never treated her mother the way he did last challenge. He was really rude and distasteful!! I hope Micheal or Uli (spelled wrong I’m sure) should win. They have fresh ideas and great attitudes. Can’t wait for the show next week!! By the way what was up with Kayne’s ELVIS outfit!!

Keli on

I agree that Uli was ridiculed needlessly. They, the designer, were to make up their jetsetter’s story, correct?
Her story was that she was jetting to places that this dress would be appropriate. OK, it may have lacked in creativity and looked a bit too much as she chooses to dress daily but that didn’t seem to be the judge’s complaint.
Someone earlier predicted the final three would be Michael, Jeffrey and Laura, I doubt anyone will disagree. Michael is my personal fave, Jeffrey is a talented designer but his inflated ego turns me off so much that I hate to see him succeed, Laura not because she belongs, because the judges have seemed partial to her all along. Her attitude annoys me no end. Yes, she can design some lovely, classic clothing but her personal sense of style rivals Kayne’s, it’s atrocious. Laura annoyed me at first but was beginning to win me over when she came to the defense of other designers. None of this will overcome my belief that she full well knew she was pregnant before the show commenced. She’s not ignorant of these things, she’s had plenty of experiance in preganacy and surely knew her condition before she began to show as she now has. This lie, omitting of truth or manipulation for attention’s sake, however you care to see it, should have disqualified her as did the cheat Keith’s actions. Surely there is something in the rules that would prevent a pregnant woman from endangering her unborn child with the stress and 24 hr days these contestants must endure.

donna on

i realize that tv reality shows need a villain and that jeffrey may currently fit that bill, but the show/game is only a few weeks long and then he gets the big heave ho back into real life. i fear for him once his role has come to an end, as none of us who works in fashion will ever want to have anything to do with him in the real world. fashion is a tough enough gig without egomaniacs and mannerless slobs like jeffrey weighing in. fern mallis, head of img/7th on sixth had it right last season when she told the designers the best piece of advice she could give was “never underestimate the importance of being nice.” sorry jeffrey……’re OUT!

mandy on

I just love watching project runway.I though Ulis dress was perfect for her, that is what the contest was about.Uli and the rest as jet setter designers.Micheal by far is my favorite, he comes thru each time,and if you ever watched Jeffreys face when Micheal is explaining his design, jeffrey has that pompass look as if he is the best designer.
I am very sure that he is afraid of Micheal and Lauras talent.Kayne may have looked like he was headed to graceland
,but he can make a beautiful stylish dress.As for angela thank god she is gone.As for Jeffrey, he could of done much better when he was designing for angelas mom.It looked like a giant garbage bag with a collar, he should of been voted off.As for vincent he is just kooky, which is good entertainment.Finall three:Micheal, Laura, Kayne

Julie on

Angela was the wildcard. She made a great outfit for the INC challenge but her outfit for the dog challenge was so ugly. Jeffery did an amazing job. It was totally him and it looked like something an A-lister would wear to like the VMA’s or Grammey’s. Laura’s dress is beautiful. It was a great outfit especially since they were going to Paris and it kind of had a European flair to it with the fabric. Did Vincent just take one of his own outifts on the runway? It looked just like something he would wear. It wasn’t even that good. Michael did a great job with his Hamptons look. He could get into Diddy’s white party wearing that. Kayne, remember, less is more. It was very well made though, but I live in a small suburban town and I couldn’t see anyone wearing that to travel. I could see people actually wearing Angela’s though. (Angela if you read this wear your hair straight more often, it looks nice) I couldn’t see them wearing Jeffery’s. I could see people wearing Michael’s and Vincents. I couldn’t see them wearing Laura’s or Kayne’s. I could see Kayne wearing his though.

Dhaniah on

I have to agree with Leasa. When I heard about Jia, Vincent’s model was in the final, I got a feeling that maybe Vincent’s in the top 3. And for the past 2-3 episodes, there were a few footages of Vincent saying that he’d make it to the top 3 (*subtle hints maybe). But hey, that’s just me.

beauty on

I did liked more Michael and not Jeffrey but hey they are the judges but if I were the judge I would choose Michael love those pants well, everything about him was good.

Carle on

ULI is phenomenal. She adores prints – – I can see her clothes at high-end stores… who else is known for her prints ? Dianne Von Furstenburg and ????
ULI has a Uniqueness. I like Michael as well. Laura is purely chick and classic. She would be a wonderful designer for Talbots.
So, those are my 2 cents for the final 3.

(Jeffrey ? hmmm, attitude and not always on track)

Tippybird on

Too bad Jeffrey is shooting his mouth off so much. He has such an angry, hateful personality. In this business, you have to work with others . . . especially when you’re starting out. His ego is his biggest enemy!

Cassandra A on

Jeffery made parachute pants with a studded fly. Uli made a dizzy patio dress. I am so over these two.

angela on

jeffereay is a assssssss

to me my mom and everyone!

Cathy on

I agree with the thought that Vincent will make the top 3 because of the reports about Gia, unless they switch models at some point. I can’t imagine that Vincent improves that much and certainly he can’t knock Michael or Laura out, that would be tragic. I suppose Jeffrey’s work is good, just not my style. My choice for the top three is Michael, Laura and Uli.

Erin on

The first thing I said (aloud, I watch this show almost religiously with my mom and sister, lol) when Jeffrey walked out onto the runway was “that’s hot.” Though in retrospect, I would have done without the sparkly nonsense on the crotch – maybe on the side of the pants instead? Either way, he really did look hot.

And I honestly don’t think he’s a jerk. Keep in mind this is, first and foremost, a reality show. He’s obviously playing a character. PR loves people who cause drama – Santino, anyone? ;)

But, for the record, Michael Knight was my fave since the audition special (that white muslin dress he made with the cutouts! Gasp, it was lovely). And he still is. :)

evelyn on

Final three:
Michael, Laura, and Jeff.

But maybe it will be Vincent as I too read about his model and her accident.

If Michael doens’t win, this show is fixed! Great talent. Loved him when Chloe liked him at the auditions. His coffee filter dress…AMAZING! He’s humble, talented, smart and adorable! I like his trademark fist pump then brought down when he wins.

Jeff! wow. If he treated my mom like Angela’s I’d have read him so fast his little tatooed butt would have been destroyed. My mother would NOT have had it. She would have made HIM cry!! He’s no Santino. Santino was way more talented and not as mean spirited.

diane chamblee on

OMG!!! If this is what jetsetters wear flying all the way to Paris I never want to be one! Jeffrey’s look like a Def Leopard costume put a little sugar on meeee! Uli’s was atrocious. I love her and probably the only one comfortable on the long flight. Micheal’s was very good however didnt like the straps on the legs draping like cafe curtains. Vincent’s omg look like a pair of scrubs only scrubs come in colors!!!! Angela’s (sigh) buh bye. Laura’s was perfectly beautiful and clearly the winner. SEND VINCENT HOME. PR is sinking. Guess they don’t care so I’m afraid the show will be a joke if Vincent does make it to the final three. Oh and Kayne’s shirt was a payne to even watch!!! Nick do the producers, judges even ask Tim’s opinion??????????


I liked Jeffrey’s jet setter clothes…..and I liked Uli’s. Laura’s? NO! Who in their right mind would fly in a SHORT dress that appeared more suitable for an evening at a friends having cocktails on the patio? But Laura does the same old same old pretty much every week. The one time she ventured from her style when she dressed Jeffrey’s Mother–the clothes were not flattering and did not fit.
Jeffrey was right, IMO, to speak out about Angela’s Mother stabbing him in the back when Gunn walked up. She was such a whiner! At least he was able to laugh, or smirk, when he walked to where she was changing clothes and heard Angela telling her to just say she hated the dress on the runway.
It was an ugly dress. But with so little time , I can see why Jeffrey had a problem designing for that lady.she was so boxy. I don’t think Jeffrey is mean……..notice how he was so upset,he cried when Robert got sent home. He said to his Mother that THEY are good people……(unlike Angela and her whiny Mother! ) He was really upset……he has a tender heart and I think a lot of his gruffness is a cover up for his insecurities and a big defensive layer for his own protection.
I hope Uli is in the final three………….and Michael. Jeffrey. I do like Kayne. And Vincent was able to make his pants fit nicely this week. Pants are hard to make…I’m glas I don’t have to make the choice.

Joyce on

Talent isn’t everything! Yes Jeffery is talented however, he is rude, arrogant beyond belief,insensitive and frankly at times borders on down right evil! In addition to talent, you need to be able to play well with others! As any professional knows talent will only carry you so far.

No matter how much I might like jeffery’s clothes I would not spend a single dime of my hard earned money on anything he produced. I would never knowingly reward that type of behavior. The world does not need another self centered insensitve, arrougant, crul person with money running around weilding power!

I live for Project Runway! But really folks, flying someone all the way to Paris just to send them home was really cruel! After being a loyal fan for 3 seasons I have to say on that episode I lost some respect for the producers!

I wait with baited breadth for this weeks episode in hopes that I will hear the words; “Jeffery you are be out”

ames on

I couldn’t hold back any longer. Things I hate about Jeffrey’s look: the crotch is just a little too bulgy, the pants make him look like a bow legged elf and his face. Okay, maybe that was harsh but I’ve fallen into the reality tv trap and hate the bad guy. I don’t mind the blazer and tee, but I’m sick of this look. It’s just off.

Elena on

Jeffry must be win!!!

You can check him
Let him do the pence like the show!

Chris on

I hope Jeffery wins….my husband likes Oley
there wasn’t anything I would wear that Jeff made

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