What Was He Thinking? Jeremy Piven's Ascot

08/28/2006 at 10:47 AM ET

Mark Sullivan/WireImage

There is a delicious irony that as Jeremy Piven’s Entourage alter-ego Ari Gold was losing his biggest client during the show’s finale, the actor was winning an Emmy for his portrayal of the uber-driven agent. Less delightful is Jeremy wearing a polka-dotted ascot to the awards. We know that the actor loves the ladies, but turning to Hugh Hefner for his style cues is not winning him any fashion awards. Why not take a page from another award-winning actor and hot bachelor George Clooney and swap the ascot for a classic bow-tie? Now, let’s hug it out.

Your turn: What do you think of Jeremy’s ascot? Is it a hit or miss? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Erica on

He looks fab. He can pull off the ascot! On E!’s pre-pre-show, Mr. Jay was saying that he was hoping to see some men in ascots. Poof! Along came Piven.

DW on

Jeremy is totally hot! He looks awesome in anything he wears!

givemeafreakinbreak! on

it couldve been worse…

Bunky on

Kudos to Jeremy for breaking out of the tie/bow-tie mold, just for kicks. Tuxedos are kind of dull, anyway. (And awesome that he won the Emmy he richly deserves.)

sheila on

I hated it. I was to much for him. Would of looked better on an older man. H would of look handsome with a tie.

sheila on

I hated it. It was to much for him. Would of looked better on an older man. H would of look handsome with a tie.

Kelly on

love it!

Courtney on

I just LOVE Jeremy Piven!! He was my favorite winner lastnight! It doesn’t matter what the hell he wears, his personality is awesome. Just love “The Pivs”!

nvalenti on

He is not a big enough star to think he can dress like this and get away with it. He should stick to the traditional.

brandi on

I love Jeremy Piven i think he’s hilarious on Entourage and I think he and his Ascot look pretty damn good…Go Jeremy!!!!

Krista on

Jeremy is so hot & always looks amazing. The ascot is no exception. If anyone can pull it off, the fabulous Mr. Piven can!

JD on

He’s HOT-in whatever style he wears.

jliz on

hes so cockey he is actually one of the few that can pull it off…

Mary on

What ascot? I was too busy looking at Jeremy’s beautiful face!!

Sarah on

I don’t know what qualifies as being ‘a big enough star to get away with it’, as nvalenti said, but I’ve seen several ‘big stars’ who looked awful last night (Kyra Sedgewick looked like a wedding cake gone very, very wrong). I do think that Jeremy Piven looked terrific!

He looked dashing and broke the boring tux after tux mold. Good for you, Jeremy!

Terry Myers on

I am not a big fan but I think he looks great! I don’t see this as a big risk, just a show of individuality. At least he is not paper doll copy of tradition, Done with class!

Alicia on

Definitely daring but made me wonder “where is his pipe and slippers?”

Melissa on

I love it, I think he looks hot…he’s a younger version of George Clooney.

Dina on

His ascot was FABULOUS! Let’s hear it for the occasional fashion risk-especially on a man.

Tresca on

He WON an emmy, why are you raining on his parade? The man looks SEXY!!

Shannon on

I like the ascot! Jeremy looks great!

Riptune2 on

Jeremy can wear anything he wants!! He is just too fine. HOWEVER, he couldn’t remember to shave before the big night??

Margaret on

It wasn’t his attire that bothered me. It was his ignoring his presenters while retrieving his emmy. I did not love the outfit but I am okay w/his idea that some rules can be broken.

Jessica on

I think he looks fab…. he is great.. and yes he is a big enough actor to wear what ever he wants!!! I love him period…. gooo Piven!!!

Jenn on

I think Jeremy looks HOT in this! Nice choice.

O on

Piven’s got the cohones to wear an ascot, and we’re all the better for it. Let’s take a step back and consider that he was the only one on stage all night who even knows how to act.

heather on

hey he looks awesome!…talk about breaking out of the mold with style!

Amy on

He is very hot, I say YES to this style….

Megan on

HORRIBLE! I was hoping Joan would yell at him the way she told Howie Mandel his shoes were ugly…and they were.

jodi on

He looks great. Could use a shave but a good fit for him.

alejandra on

i think he looks gorgeous anyway. He can wear whatever he wants.

kris on

I think if anyone can pull off a random ascot, Jeremy Piven can. The man is sexy no matter what. You could say his comedy transcends to his clothing!

Beth Berger on

Although the other men looked handsome in their Tuxedo’s, it’s such a nice change to see someone come out of the box and still look classy. It would be extremely boring to see each of the women wearing the same (or a similar) dress as the person standing next to them…good for Jeremy for mixing it up a little.

roxyseabreezee on


Denise on

It looked stupid.

Amy on

I think he looks DELICIOUS! Best looking guy on the red carpet, even beat Dempsey!

Cha on

I think he looks great in his ascot, Jeremy Priven is one of the best actors out there and he looked dashing also his mom as an accessory makes him even hotter !

Alison on

I’m so bored of men’s standard suits and tuxes. You’ve got to give him credit for spicing things up a bit.

Col on


Julie on

I think it’s nice to see something different in the gentlemens fashion category. All you ever see are tuxes and ties. Way to throw a little variety in the mix!!

suz on

LOVE HIM!!! He can wear anything and pull it off!!!!!!

Melissa Lipshutz on

I think Jeremy looked amazing!! He did a great job putting a spin on a traditional tux. He’s such a stud!

star on

I like it, something different. He’s hot and can pull it off.
The only dissapointment was his interview afterwards on E, this guy is
so NOT Ari, and being “Ari” makes him hot. Oh, well reality…

Star on

Please tell me though, you know this guy got some sort of hair replacement.
Doesn’t anyone remember him on Ellen?

Melissa on

He is gorgeous and would look fab in anything. love love love him!

Therebel on

I think that was his lucky charm!

Brooke on

I think this looks great! It’s individualistic as well as appropriate for the evening.

letit goh on

The Piv is should really be called The Perv. It’s been reported he’s a ladies man and all that, but he’s really just a dork with – come on people, doesn’t anyone else notice – a rug on his head! Note earlier work when he’s balding already in horseshoe haven. As they say, not just a member… Well, I’ve also met him a few times and he’s really sleazy. Anyway, since when should Emmys be handed out to people just being themselves? Oh and hey Piv, lay off the drugs, stop trying so hard, and remember many of us are indeed old enough to recognize that you’ve been celebrating your 39th birthday for some time now…! Congrats!

A on

I loved the ascot. It’s got such a cheeky attitude, it’s fun and made him look terrific and confident. Hat’s off to him!

Spiff on

He looks great! Way to break away from the mold Jeremy!

Teresa on

He’s adorable! I would like to see him with only the ascot on! He is great in Entourage…

Margenne on

I liked that he had the nerve to do it. Wasn’t enamored of it, but I don’t think it’s ugly, either. Thumbs up from me!
My friends and I noticed him snubbing his presenters, too, but then he sounded like he was going to start crying before he finished his thank yous, so we thought maybe he brushed them off because he knew he was getting emotional and didn’t want to crack. who knows?

rosemary on

I think he would look a lot better if he was wearing it correctly. An ascot should be worn higher on the neck and then drap into and under the shirt. The colors are good and contrast well and it would have worked if draped correctly.

Tia on

it’s cute, and so is he!

sarah on

I liked the ascot–he looked hot. The only thing is when he got up on stage to accept his award, his shirt shifted and we could see his chest around the ascot. (not that I’m complaining TOO much!!) He’s so cute.

Ashlee on

He is a kick back person in the real life, and that is reflected in his decision. I think its great.

Amanda on

I think it looks great. He is just bringing some life, laughs, and spunk to boring men’s formal wear

Kim on

I gotta say – I love it. I think he stands out amongst all the drab black suits/black ties. You have to give him snaps for taking a chance and standing out among the crowd. People aren’t talking about Seal and his boring ensemble today….

Lauren Bailey on

I think Jeremy looks great! The ascot is a daring move, but he pulls it off in grand style. He so deserved that Emmy, and he deserves to be on a Best Dressed List as well.

Michelle on

It was something different and he looked great in it.

Connie on

The ascot was different, not bad. I just think he should have shaved. I thought it was great he brought his Mom as his date.

Karen on

There’s no question that Jeremy Piven is very good looking. In spite of the ascot he looks handsome. But a classic look and a close shave would’ve taken him from merely good looking to insanely HOT,

cate on

personally i kinda like it! it looks good.

kay kay on

i LOVE jermey piven! his ascot was cute it wasnt sooo bold that it was distracting, i thought he looked adorable. and he so is a big enough start to wear that ascot!!

Tiny Dancer on

I thought he looked great. Nice to see something different on men then the same old same old.

mere on

LOVE Piven’s ascot! He fully pulls it off:)

Lisa on

Never mind the ascot, what was up with his “hyperactive” state of mind??

Heather on

I think it’s ridiculous that a man gets blasted when he actually has a sense of style and doesn’t have to wear the same penguin suit every other man on the red carpet is wearing. Way to go Jeremy, you look fabulous!!

Elizabeth McCrillis on

I thought he looked great! I can’t believe all the criticism he’s getting.

Brianna on


SJ on

Looks crappy, maybe he should of carried a pipe!!!

elizabeth on

He can totally pull off the quirky Amory Blaine look, and I say kudos to him for trying something different. He also wore it like it wasn’t there, which made it even better, and his genuine emotion upon winning the Emmy made the whole question moot, anyway.

Steve Carrell looked fantastic as well.

Terry on

He is great, he looks great…who cares what they wear!!
Leave what they wear out of it. It’s not what they wear
it’s how they act!!

Barbara on

I agree it’s not his best look, but I bet it’s a hell of a lot more comfortable than a tie!


Carly on

I love Jeremy. I always will….but an ascot??? At the Emmy’s? This wasn’t the BAFTA’s. He should have just skipped that look…….I was happy he won though. Just sad he didn’t look better because he’s sooooooooooo cute.

AB on

Loved it! Most men cannot pull off fashion risks, but he looked great.

sis on

Wow! I can’t believe anyone thought he looked hot, but that’s besides the point. The entire outfit was bad. I don’t have a problem with the ascot, but from head to toe his clothes don’t seem to fit they are all bunched and wrinkled, it should fit smooth from tip to toe no matter what neck acessory he chooses and make him look sophisticated, especially if he chooses an ascot, not crumpled and like he just walked out of a pub. A shave and comb, fake hair or not, wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Jessica on

Quite frankly, I didn’t think he looked bad at all! I didn’t even notice the ascot!! Jeremy is such a good looking man and definitely deserved to win. Ascot or not, he looked amazing! Congratulations on your emmy win!!

andreina on

he looks hungover!

yen on

the whole idea is good but not everyone can pull it of,jude law would look great in it

Kim on

I was shocked at first that he wore that instead of a tie, but I think he pulls it off! Jeremy looks great and wins a much deserved emmy!

Diane on

I thought it was a refreshing and fun change.

kate on

I LOVE it! I think he’s great! And I’m glad that there is still some originality out there. Especially in a land where everyone’s stylist makes them look “perfect”. Way to go Piven!

larry on

loved it! very fashion forward, but he looks great in almost anything.

alejandra on

He looks great in anything. I love it

mindy on

he looked amazing!!! without a doubt, hands down looked HOTTTT

sharon on

I wonder if he thought it was winter time. dressing in layers.

Jill on

Hubba hubba! One word? HOTTT

He is positively gorgeous! I find it so hard to believe he is 40. He does not look it or act it at all.

Oh, another word comes to mind. YUMMY…

jess on

jeremey looks rad. i loved everything about his outfit.

Getoverit on

You all need lives. Jeremy Piven is a great actor and deserved to win for his portrayal of Ari. Who cares what he wears? There are much bigger issues in the world than fashion.

Sarah on

i love it! jeremy has the looks & personality to pull almost anything off. i’m so happy he won the emmy, he totally deserved it! i’m such a big fan i named my dog Ari Gold!

Christina on

He is super sexy — I love him, but…THE ASCOT WAS NOT HOT on him. I expect true Hollywood glamour on the red carpet and in my opinion, he definitely did not make the right choice in wardrobe for the big night. He also needed to shave his neck. Looked like he woke up late, threw on some clothes and just arrived on time. Jeremy, Dress to Thrill next time Baby! I still love you!

ilovejohnmayer on

hot. he pulls it off.

Marguerite on

I think it looks great, and it diversifies the whole male look. So many guys wear ties, and it gets completely redundant. He looks very original, and very handsome.

Denise* on

I think he looks awesome…. of course I think he would look better if he was in his birthday suit ;)

Barn. on

he has to cover up the hickey’s somehow…

lexi on

LOVE the ascot.


Kendra on

I think it looks fine, in fact I liked it. It’s so much better than those boring tuxes with a tie or bowtie.

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