Maggie Gyllenhaal's Pregnancy Style

08/10/2006 at 01:17 PM ET

Have you seen these photos of Maggie Gyllenhaal at the recent premieres of World Trade Center and Trust the Man? She’s seven months pregnant and, wow, she looks phenomenal. At right, she’s wearing a low-cut, navy chiffon, tea-length dress by Zac Posen– and, uh, clearly she’s embracing her new cleavage. An asymmetrical braided hairstyle, intriguing earrings and killer YSL pumps finish her look. The copper Marni dress she is wearing on the left is equally stunning and stylish. Most pregnant stars cut loose from looking good during their nine months- blame it on taking a hiatus from work and their stylists. In Britney Spears’ case, I say we start a charity fund and hire that stylist back for her!

I can’t imagine Maggie in a cutesy “I’ve Got the Golden Ticket” tank top or a “Bun in the Oven” oversized tee. In fact, I find her commitment to style pretty inspiring, especially when she’s battling stretch marks and pregnancy heartburn. I’m curious if she can somehow keep it up even during these oh-so-trying ankle-swelling last months before the baby arrives. What do you think? Can she make it without one big fashion slip up? —Alison Gee

Photo: Robin Platzer/Twin Images; WENN

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Beth on

For seven months pregnant Maggie looks incredible … though I’m not a fan of her gold bathrobe looking dress, she looks radiant in the blue Zac Posen number. She just proves that you don’t have to throw style out the window when your pregnant. Britney could definatly learn a thing or two from this hip mom-to-be.

C on

Umm, I think she could do a lot better. yes, it’s nice that she’s staying dressy and looking groomed, but she’s young, she should be wearing something body accentuating, she’s looks so much better…I think you’ve given her a little too much credit. But alas, she is not even orbiting Britney’s sad realm of fashion, I think she needs a best friend to tell her like it is…I’d be more than willing.

mega on

hellllo! what about heidi klum! she should be featured here! she’s jaw-dropping gorgeous and she’s working on her third baby right now!! maggie does have a great glow and undeniable radiance now, and she was too thin to begin with, but she seems to be wearing a golden moo-moo above! sorry, not a great fashion pick!

Amy O. on

Maggie!!!! She looks so angelic, I’ve never seen a pregnant woman looks so beautiful. She’s glowing….I love her!!

Monique on

It’s one thing to dress fashionably but it much more tasteful to be married and then pregnant. Still, the blue dress does look prettier than the golden bathrobe.

Alicia on

I for one am very happy to see that she is looking so radiant and so much more stylish than many of the outfits we have seen her in pre-pregnancy. Both of these looks-even the gold bathrobe-ish one- are so much better than some of the frumpy styles she has been photographed in. I hope she keeps it up and doesn’t go back into hiding once the baby arrives.

caitlin on

i do love the blue dress. im not a very big fan of that golden thing. not sure whether its a dress or a bathrobe. but i do agree very much with that first comment. she should marry the guy before she has his baby.

Ariadne on

I think Maggie looks healthy and happy but I don’t know about the comment about stretch marks. Not all pregnant women get them!

Sammy on

We’re talking fashion here, people, not extrodinarily personal issues such as marriage. On that note, she looks fabulous but will be faced with less options once she gets to 9 months, she should call Gwen Stefani and get some of her maternity caftans, I loved those. BTW, I could agree w/ the Heidi Klum comment!

Mary on

Sorry, I am not a big fan of either of these looks. I think Heidi is the ultimate pregnant fashionista.

Brenda on

very sexy

sheri on

she looks like a dumpy housewife
she needs a better wardrobe – she’s always a mess.
not a character attack – just her wardrobe.

Chelle on

I think Maggie looks wonderful…she is such a radiant pregnant woman…however, i think there are several other pregnant women that have great fashion sence as well and need to be complimented on it (ie: Heidi, Gwen, ect.)…although the navy dress above is very beautiful and flattering on her the gold “bathrobe” has a lot to be desired

Sam on

First, Heidi Klum is remarkable and when it comes to fashion she knows it. We know she does–hello Fashion Runway her television show. Heidi will always look great third baby or fourth and she will always carry the torch for fashion. Maggie looks great. The Zac Posen dress is gorgeous on her. I am not a huge fan of the copper Marni dress, but she still looks good. I think she looked stunning for her World Trade Center premier. Brittany is well, Brittany. We saw how she looked while pregnant with Sean P. did we expect her to look better this second time around? No we did not!

Allana on

I think Maggie looks wonderful for 7 months pregnant, however her outfit makes her look larger than she actually is. I commend her for staying fashionable, but maybe she should choose something more form fitting…don’t hide the baby belly behind bulky clothing, love it instead and show it off.

Becky on

It’s ridiculous for anyone to pass judgement on her choice whether to marry or not marry before having a child. Is it more classy to Marry, have a child, then divorce the next year? Give me a break. She is obviously in a committed relationship anyway, but it’s really quite irrlevant, it does not make her a bad person at all. Sit there a judge, see who is REALLY tasteless in the end.

lenora on

All I have to say is she looks better then Britney Spears!

mega on

sam, sam … of course we know about heidi’s show and that she knows style. that’s why i mentioned her in the first place! we’re talking about glamour and pregnancy here. but i really shouldn’t throw stones, i was no pregant fashionsta. i’m just jealous of heidi! she can’t be human! fashion is only entertainment. but maggie is beaming and radiant. my best wishes to her and her little one.

Stephanie on

I think Maggie looks GREAT for being 7 months pregnant. She looks BEAUTIFUL in the blue dress, but i’m not a big fan of the gold Marni dress, it does not flatter her at all.

annie oakley on

Just because a girl is pregnant does NOT mean she should marry the guy! People who think that are ignorant.

Natalie on

I think that the blue dress looks fabulous on her – there is great contrast between the colour of her dress and her glowing skin. The gold dress/robe thing doesn’t look so great though. But she does look good for being 7 months pregnant!

may on

The copper Marni dress is definitely a 10 on Maggie. I hope she would wear more of this type of color, rich, earthy. Something like gold or rich brown, and not just during her pregnancy. The blue dress is pretty, but not exactly made for her. Please stay away from somber looking color like this.

Jennifer on

Monique – You obviously aren’t in the right day and age to make the comment “it much more tasteful to be married and then pregnant”. Would you rather her have an abortion because she wasn’t married? Get with the times. People get pregnant all the time without being married. Not being married doesn’t make you any less of a women or a mother.

P.S. Love Maggie in the blue dress, she looks radiant.

Deanna on

UH HELLO….HOLLYWOOD!!!! Who cares if baby comes before marriage. Hollywood lives by their own rules and morals and just because we disagree doesn’t mean we should judge. This is an entertainment magazine that chronicles the lifestyles of the rich and famous. If you so strongly disagree with the morals of the people in and creating the magazine then don’t read the magazine! Comment on the fashion, not the character of these people!

Jen on

I just wanted to say that I think that Maggie looks stunning in the blue dress (which seems to be a general concensus), even more so because it DOES NOT hug every part of her body. When pregnant, an empire waist is the way to go because the material under the waist flows beautifully over the belly, and still shows the world how proud you are to have a baby coming without leaving little to the imagination.

sarah on

I love pregnant Maggie, shes so lovely, but usually dresses frumply, pregnancy is agreeing with her, and I have to say I agree with Deanna, but I dont think too many will listen to her. Please excuse my horrible spelling, I can never seemed to remember my junior high learning lol

Katie on

Personally, the navy blue dress is cute but the gold one is a little un flattering even if she is pregnant.

michelle on

The blue looks really good on her. The gold thing is just awful.

shree Lynch on

She looks beautiful and glowing keep up the good work.

Brandye on

I have to admire a 7 months pregnant woman who can wear high heels! I agree that the gold outfit is a little odd, but in general she looks wonderful. It’s hard to make yourself look pretty when you’re that far gone into a pregnancy, probably feel awful, and are having to run around – making public appearances nonetheless. Good going.

BTW to those making remarks about Maggie needing to get married before the baby comes. Welcome to 2006. It’s not 1956. And it’s none of your business anyway. This blog is about fashion, not about life choices.

Lynn on

Ahhh! The silky bathrobe is not to be worn outside of her cozy home. Horrible. The navy 40’s style dress looks okay but surely there is better stuff out there to wear.

En on

The entry’s about Maggie Gyllenhaal… do her a favour and don’t bring Heidi Klum into the picture. The blue dress looks wonderful on her, or rather, SHE looks wonderful in the blue dress… and yes, it’s pretty admirable that she can actually wear heels while pregnant. Actually I do think that the Marni dress is quite nice, if a little ill-fitting… I think it’s those big sleeves.

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